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鳳聯ほうれん 藪雨やぶさめ
Yabusame Houlen
ho̞ːɺ̠ẽ̞ɴ ja̠βɯᵝsa̠me̞
Yabusame Houlen
Yabusame in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle as a team member.
Character Titles
Flawless Thoughtlessness
Chef Unbound in Any Direction (in chef form)
Other Names Yabusame Houren (alt. romaji)
Species Human (presumably)[1]
Abilities Crossing dimensions
Birthday 26 November
Occupation Youkai exterminator, Protector of Mugenri
Location Senri Shrine
Music Themes
  • 時空を越える翼 〜 M_theory (EE)
  • 鳳雛天奔 (EE, their version of the Extra Stage theme)
  • ダブルキーパー ~ 魄い盧のつがひ鳥 (RMI, shared with Tsubakura Enraku)
  • 常軌の外に飛ぶ羽 ~ Eleven-dimensional (BPoHC)

Yabusame Houlen (鳳聯 藪雨, Houren Yabusame) is a strange, rather ditzy individual with the power to cross into other dimensions, who lacks a lot of common sense. They are an honorary priest of the Senri Shrine, hailing from the Outside World and tasked with the protection of Mugenri. They are one of the main protagonists of the Len'en Project and a playable character in all games.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Yabusame is one of the main protagonists of the Len'en Project, first appearing as the only initially selectable character in Evanescent Existence. Always appearing as one of the main characters in the shoot-em-up games, they are practically an icon for the series. However, even though that is the case, they currently seem to lack major links to the realm of Mugenri and their backstory is shrouded in mystery, even by the standards of the Len'en Project. Therefore, it would be considered acceptable to instead view Tsubakura Enraku as the protagonist, at least at this point in the series.[2]

Yabusame hails from the Outside World, and came to Mugenri on their own accord after learning that Tsubakura and their acquaintances disappeared. Their disappearance along with the rest of their acquaintances is known to have made a huge news story in the Outside World.[3] Through the process, they became an honorary[4] priest of the Senri Shrine after Tsurubami Senri tested their strength (along with Tsubakura) to see if they were capable of being substitute priests. After a game of rock-paper-scissors, Tsubakura became the priest who takes care of traditional priest roles, whereas Yabusame takes care of house chores - such as cooking, cleaning and general housework - avoiding the shrine's stiff rituals.[5][6] Despite being a priest, they do not seem to have a full understanding about how the Senri Shrine works,[7] or even how to maintain balance in Mugenri.[8]

Overall, both Yabusame and Tsubakura have been finding life in Mugenri much more enjoyable than that of the outside world,[9] finding it to be nicer.[10] Yabusame doesn't feel like leaving Mugenri.[11] They don't seem to be doing much in terms of work,[12] and they're usually strolling around or napping at the shrine.[13] Although it's said that they're tasked to go solve incidents without understanding them, they're a person who somehow gets the job done regardless.[14] They could choose to slack off if desired, but may cause a lot of people to be upset.[15] With recent incidents, they choose to tag along with Tsubakura Enraku as it seems interesting.[4]

Mysteriously, Yabusame knew about the spell card system prior to Evanescent Existence, before they and their acquaintances from the Outside World entered Mugenri. How this came to be is unknown.[16]

An important aspect of Yabusame's character is that "common sense does not apply to them".[17] They eat unusual food, wear unusual clothing or speak weird remarks that the average person might see no sense in. Therefore, it is safe to assume Yabusame's words have no deeper meaning. An example to this is Yabusame casually mentioning on cooking "dark matter ramen".[18] Tsubakura claims that Yabusame can do just about anything, as long as they know how to.[19] They also supposedly suggest that Yabusame is "one-of-a-kind".[20] Tsurubami calls them a "flying natural wonder".[21]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Yabusame is described as a plain and boring person,[14][22] an outrageous weirdo who may be more of a thoughtless idiot.[4] It is said that if one is not able to tell what Yabusame is thinking, then they are not thinking of anything.[23][24] They are also described to be willful and reckless.[25]

They have a hobby of talking,[26] often making bizarre and apparently nonsensical remarks and using odd vocabulary.[24] They sometimes seem to overlook the obvious, leading to others thinking of them as stupid.[5][27][9][6] They're cheerful and friendly towards many people throughout the series, rarely showing any dislike for others (exceptions being characters such as Clause), and having danmaku fights with such characters is a means of playing around for Yabusame. They are also prone to giving various characters nicknames derived from their characteristics or shortened names, such as referring to Adagumo no Saragimaru as "Salami" or Sese Kitsugai as "Boney", be it either to show fondness or because they don't remember their names.

However, at other times they'll reveal an extremely perceptive side and will also sometimes display an extraordinary level of knowledge. For example, in Evanescent Existence they were the quickest to realize Tsubakura was actually Tsurubami in disguise,[28] and they're aware of the nature of Mugenri's connection to the outside world, describing it as "front" and "back".[29] They also have some grasp on barriers, although they find detailed explanations of their inner workings confusing.[30]

They prefer snow over cloudy weather,[14] choosing to wear lighter clothes during winter than what they'd usually wear during summer.[22] Yabusame tends to wear sandals or even be bare-footed in the wrong weather simply because they feel like it.[31] They will mess around outside regardless of temperature.[22] They also like to sleep,[26] preferring to laze around and not get out of their futon.[27]

Yabusame is fond of cooking. They like sukiyaki the most out of the different types of nabe,[22] and are known to also like soba. They also like other foods such as hodgepodge stew, lamprey and mudskipper. However, Yabusame's oddities extend to their tastes in food, such as eating raw salt,[14] and tasting snow with their eyes.[9] Depending on their mood, Yabusame could get food poisoning when eating normal food, although this might have yet to happen.[32] As for drinks, they like black tea[26] and saké. When drunk, Yabusame can easily sober up quickly, albeit with a hangover.[33]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Yabusame is thought to be a fairly strong character. Tsubakura recommended Tsurubami Senri to not hold back against Yabusame,[21] and suggested that they'd be fine against Shion even without Yabusame fighting too seriously.[9] Given their unorthodox powers, JynX excluded them and Tsubakura when asked to rank the strongest characters in the series.[34]

Yabusame has apparently had experience with flight even prior to the events of Evanescent Existence, possibly due to having travelled to a dimension which allows flight.[35]

Crossing dimensions
Confused Origins "Screen Shuffle", a spell card example of Yabusame using their ability

Yabusame can cross dimensions at will. They can barge into another dimension and interfere with events, but since they're not very smart, they can't use their power very well without the help of Tsubakura Enraku.[23][22] Tsubakura made them a "Two-Dimensional Cloth" with zero thickness, preventing Yabusame from flying off into different dimensions unprompted.[14] It's one of JynX's favourite abilities in the series and the one they consider the most dangerous, although the reason for the latter is unknown.[36]

The most common application of Yabusame's dimension manipulation abilities is opening "Hyper-dimensional pockets",[37][31] which act as portals between two places. They're able to use them for their attacks or simply to store things, from legendary weapons (they own the Mjölnir according to Tsubakura) to drinks (A Blue Hawaii cocktail[9]), as well as grabbing souvenirs from different dimensions.[38] Yabusame is also able to import items from them, such as coffee.[39] They are also able to send someone else through dimensions.[40]

They commonly use this ability to teleport danmaku in front of the opponent, as well as splitting and shifting the screen. In Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, upgrades related to this ability include warping from one side of the screen to the other, and increasing one's barrier shield.

Yabusame can also access places that by all rights they should not be able to, such as Tsurubami Senri's space corridors and the Mugenri Barrier.[28] Yabusame describes the experience with sound effects.[41] Tsubakura suggests that the Mugenri Barrier would be hard to cross from inside even with Yabusame's ability,[9] but it's implied that they could leave if not for the fact that they don't actually want to.[1][11] While they can use various applications of their ability consciously, their bad ending in Evanescent Existence makes it seem as if they need to be asleep to shift to other dimensions.[42]

Yabusame's dimension-crossing ability was jokingly used to break the fourth wall in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle's tutorial mode featuring them and Tsubakura explaining the mechanics of the game: while Yabusame claims that they and Tsubakura are "parallel" versions of themselves, Tsubakura quickly remembers that Yabusame possesses the ability to cross dimensions, being cut off before they can point out that the "parallel" Yabusame is most likely the real one.[43] Apparently, only one Yabusame exists for all dimensions, though this wasn't always the case.[44]

Yabusame already had their ability prior to Evanescent Existence and didn't gain any new ones upon arriving in Mugenri.[45]

Immunity to Suzumi

It's not clear if this is related to their main ability, but Yabusame is nearly immune to Suzumi Kuzu's abilities. Arde points out that rewriting memories only slightly affects them and that they would presumably stay dead if killed before a timeline rewind, making them the only character with this distinction. They can also sense Suzumi's other personalities and respond to them as if their presence was completely natural.[46] This allows Yabusame to remember Suzumi's presence when other characters such as Tsubakura Enraku will have their memories erased, giving Tsubakura the advantage of remembering Suzumi from Yabusame.[10] However, Yabusame is not able to see through Suzumi's disguises, where in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, Yabusame believed to have truly met Tsurubami Senri just like everyone else.

Smell and Taste

Yabusame has an unusual skill of describing things based on taste and smell. They described themself as "tasteless and odourless",[9] and the flavour of dimensions as that of tartar sauce.[30] When confronting Suzumi's disguise as Tsurubami, Yabusame was convinced that they 100% smelt like Tsurubami.[10] This is similar to Shion's perception of others, but they have a different range of smell.[39]

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Concept art of Yabu with Tsubakura Enraku in Interview with JynX (2015)

Origin[edit | edit source]

Yabusame's odd, carefree behavior and ability to cross dimensions are very likely to be inspired by Serintsu - the first playable protagonist of Emergency Everyday, which served as the basis for the Len'en Project. JynX created a poll on Twitter about revealing some information about the Len'en Project, with one option being a reveal of Yabusame's origins of inspiration. However, it was not voted for. Yabusame's character as a whole was created after Tsubakura Enraku,[47] and even Suzumi Kuzu.[48]

Title[edit | edit source]

Yabusame's title thoughout the series is Flawless Thoughtlessness (天衣無縫の能天気, Ten'imuhō no Nōtenki). While it may refer to Yabusame's simple personality of being a fool not understanding much, 天衣無縫 is a yojijukugo, meaning something that is perfect and natural, without any traces or flaws.

Name[edit | edit source]

Their full name is Yabusame Houlen (鳳聯 藪雨). Yabusame (藪雨) is the Japanese term for the Asian stubtail, a type of bird from East Asia. Taken individually, the kanji mean "grove" and "rain" respectively. The kanji in their family name Houlen (鳳聯) literally mean "phoenix" and "link" or "group" respectively, in addition to being pronounced the same as houren (鳳輦) - imperial carriages​ with phoenix decorations on the roof used in ancient Japan. As such, Yabusame is the bearer of a Bird's Name. Unlike other characters, their name has links to two birds that don't belong to the same family that are immediately apparent without any wordplay.

According to JynX, Yabusame had over 50 different name candidates during their character development, and 10 had significant meaning before finalising the name.[49] Throughout the Len'en Project up to the trial version of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, Yabusame's surname has always been romanised as "Houren". However, this was rectified to "Houlen" in the trial version of said game. It was further confirmed by JynX that this was the intentional romanization since the very start of development, but they forgot to keep it in mind. A partial reason to this is that it reflects the name of the series - Len'en Project.[50]

Design[edit | edit source]

Yabusame has been shown to have silver-grey eyes and short silver hair that is fluffy and whose ends do not conform to gravity. They dress in black and green clothing, covered in a light brown coat adorned with a brown scarf-like cloth tied together at the front. They also wear a pair of dark green shorts. In the first two games, they wear light brown shoes, in the third game they are barefooted and hold a bug catching net and in the fourth game, they wear brown, sandal-like straps around their feet. Their boss portrait in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle also shows them wielding a pair of dowsing rods.

Yabusame is thought to be taller than both Tsubakura Enraku and Kuroji Shitodo.[51]

Danmaku Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Yabusame's Shot-Type

Yabusame is a standard playable character throughout the series, being best suited for beginner players due to their high range and large bomb count. They have slow speed, but have a small hitbox. Their shot-type makes use of spread bullets and homing lasers, providing high firepower when close to the enemies. Their bomb, "Dimensional Detachment", deals fairly little damage in comparison to many other playable characters, but covers the entire screen and has a long duration. Their flash bomb, called "Maiden Pit", appears as a black circle shape around Yabusame for a moment, handy for a dangerous situation.[52] In Evanescent Existence, their danmaku toy's name was revealed as "Dimensional Fragments".

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Evanescent Existence[edit | edit source]

Yabusame Houlen
Yabusame Houlen
Yabusame in EE as a playable (left) and a boss (right)

Yabusame appears as playable character of Evanescent Existence. Being the only selectable player upon a new save, unlocking the other playable – Tsubakura Enraku – requires defeating the Extra Stage boss with Yabusame. The gist of Yabusame's story is that Tsubakura is spirited away from the Outside World to a strange land called Mugenri, so Yabusame becomes worried and uses their power to cross dimensions in order to search and find Tsubakura.

Main Scenario
Yabu's playable sprite throughout the series

They found out that all their acquaintances are trapped in spaces throughout the Dimensional Cave, not able to get a clear picture of their whereabouts. They first met Kurohebi in the cave, then with Aoji in their personal space, whom are told about a "goal", leading them all to battle for various reasons. After defeating them, Yabusame entering an unauthorised corridor which allowed them to run into "Tsubakura" on Stage 3. They found that "Tsubakura" was acting very strange and was talking about a "prize" if they defeated everyone. They asked each other questions, then ended up fighting. They were using talismans for their attacks, foreshadowing that Yabusame was actually fighting Tsurubami. After the fight, "Tsubakura" disappeared without warning, leading Yabusame to chase them further. If the player was playing as Tsubakura, then the Stage 3 boss will instead be Yabusame. The same scenario plays out except from the perspective of "Tsubakura", having Yabusame cast out various spell cards.

After meeting and defeating Hooaka Shitodo and Kuroji Shitodo along the way, Kuroji told Yabusame not to go to "the sun that casts a shadow". Unfortunately for them, it was there where the most annoying of annoying people they know is found: Clause. Clause believed that getting out first and going through the "Black Star" will give them power. Wasting Yabusame's time, they fought and Yabusame is victorious. The Ending had Yabusame proceeding through the star because they didn't have other options.

After entering the black sun, Yabusame went down a long Shrine Road. After dealing with Clause again, they casually transported to the Mugenri Barrier without permission and find the true mastermind, Tsurubami Senri. Yabusame realised that they are a priest who has been impersonating Tsubakura in order to test their powers, since they want a strong person to replace them. Annoyed, Yabusame demanded Tsurubami to tell where Tsubakura is, but Tsurubami insisted on a battle, instead. "Defeated", Tsurubami informs that Tsubakura has already "defeated" Tsurubami previously and planned to reveal them, but Tsubakura was already gone, not before leaving Yabusame a mocking note. The priest was considering for Tsubakura to be their replacement, but after witnessing Yabusame's potential, they handed both of them their job as a youkai exterminator. After that, Yabusame and Tsubakura settled in Mugenri.

Earthen Miraculous Sword[edit | edit source]

Yabusame in EMS

Yabusame appears as a playable character in Earthen Miraculous Sword.


Shortly after settling in Mugenri, Yabusame and Tsubakura are adjusting to a new life in the Senri Shrine. Tsurubami's familiar, Jinbei, is the one who monitors them and makes sure they do youkai extermination properly. Tsubakura pulled a prank on Yabusame and Jinbei by giving them a suspicious black drink that they claimed was coffee. After the prank was pulled, Jinbei notes that the weather has recently been cloudy and asked them to resolve it. However, only one can go, so they decided on a game of rock-paper-scissors. Yabusame lost and was forced to resolve the incident.

Main Scenario

Yabusame wonders around not really knowing where to go. They first take on Jun Amanomiya thinking they're the culprits, then threw salt on Shou Amanomori after deciding to go to the Human Village for groceries, then encountered Lumen Celeritas to confirm which of the two are the culprit, and finally encountering Hibaru Kokutenshi who wanted to take it out on Yabusame for being associated with the Senri.

Eventually, Yabusame found themself at the Ritual Site, where they met Sukune Katano. They tried to chase them off from interrupting an "important ritual". Failed, Yabusame entered the building and climbed the stairs to find Adagumo no Yaorochi, who was holding a ritual to transfer the Tasouken's spirit into a clay sword that Sukune made. Realizing that this is actually the Sword of Kusanagi, Yabusame doesn't wish to fight, but Yaorochi wanted to put their new sword to use. However, after Yaorochi is defeated, the sword attacks Yabusame on its own. Fortunately, the clay vessel was too much for the Tasouken and it stopped. After everything was cleared, Sukune reveals that the clay replica is actually a sword-shaped bottle opener, much to Yaorochi's chagrin. In the end, Yabusame drinks some saké with them.

The night after Yaorochi's defeat, Yabusame had a drinking party with Yaorochi, Sukune and the other heroes inside the Ritual Site, which has been repurposed into a banquet hall. Running out of saké, the three protagonists decide to fetch more from the Senri Shrine, deciding who will go with a game of rock-paper-scissors. Yabusame loses and heads out. Drunk, they dealt with an overpowerd Lumen Celeritas, who blasted themself away with a powerful attack. Eventually, they meet Adagumo no Saragimaru, Yaorochi's younger sibling, who had been lying in wait to kill Yabusame for ruining the ritual and messing with Yaorochi's happiness, but found it unethical to do so because they were drunk. Yabusame is unable to understand, but gets attacked by Saragimaru thinking that they've sobered up. After Saragimaru is defeated, Yabusame invites them to drink together and not paying attention to their concerns.

Reactivate Majestical Imperial[edit | edit source]

Yabusame in RMI

Yabusame returns as a playable character in Reactivate Majestical Imperial, although this time teamed up with Tsubakura Enraku. During gameplay, the two can swap turns between shooting and passively collecting souls, either through bombing or dying. Yabusame in particular will automatically move towards the falling items for easier collecting. They are also a possible Stage 4 boss teamed up with Tsubakura if the player chooses to play the Slaver Team.


There is a long winter that is out of season and a sudden flow of spirits, so Jinbei forces Yabusame and Tsubakura to head out.

Main Scenario

Yaubsame and Tsubakura started with ignoring Sese Kitsugai then beating up Tsugumi Umatachi for collecting souls. Arriving at the Giant's Burrow cave, they encountered Fujiwara no Iyozane, who refused to answer questions after the team learn that they are manipulating the spirits. After dealing with them, they bumped into Sukune Katano and Adagumo no Yaorochi, who told the humans to go home. Yabusame wanted to resolve the incident together, but everyone refused. Defeating them, the team left the cave onto a river, where Taira no Fumikado was trying to take advantage of the sudden influx of spirits to revive Taira no Masakado. However, their plan was foiled as something else was attracting the spirits. After defeating them, they found out that all the spirits are attracted to the Harujion in the Withered Grove. There was a newborn chimera soul, who Yabusame gave the name "Shion" to. Shion could sense people's minds by smelling them, and is particularly interested in Tsubakura, wanting to consume it. Realizing that the Harujion was causing the long winter, they defeat Shion.

In the ending, Yabusame and Tsubakura returned to the Senri Shrine, bringing Shion with them, much to Jinbei's chagrin. Shion indicated that they were attracted by the essence of the shrine and that they were still interested in consuming Tsubakura's soul. Even with the Bottle Opener and Slaver Teams ending, Shion would still end up at the Senri Shrine with the same results.

Boss Encounter
Yabu's boss sprite throughout the series

On their way through the Giant's Burrow, Kuroji Shitodo and Adagumo no Saragimaru bump into Yabusame and Tsubakura, who are curious about their partnership. Kuroji tells the two to go away, but provoked a fight. Yabusame and Tsubakura take turns fighting seperately before teaming up for the final spell card. Kuroji beat Yabusame and Tsubakura, who were actually going easy and now have an excuse to return to the shrine, leaving Kuroji and Saragimaru to deal with the incident.

Extra Scenario

A few days after the events of the main story, Fumikado ends up at the Senri Shrine and confess that they only took advantage of the affluence of spirits coming through a hole in the Mugenri Barrier. Jinbei tells the team that a few months ago, they asked a friend and skilled barrier builder, Tenkai Zuifeng, to repair the barrier. Jinbei would like to check Tenkai's progress on the repairs, so they ask the heroes to regroup and consult with them. Arriving at the Road Traveled by Light, Yabusame and Tsubakura confront Tenkai, while the latter is curious if the two are strong enough to replace Tsurubami Senri as protectors of Mugenri. Tenkai is defeated, but was left satisfied and fixed the barrier during their battle. On the way back home, the team are ambushed by Sese Kitsugai, who absorbed the spirits the heroes had been recollecting and transforms into a much more powerful form, but they are still defeated and the spirits leave their body.

Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle[edit | edit source]

Yabusame in BPoHC as a team member

Yabusame returns as a playable character in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, as part of the Shrine Team along with Tsubakura Enraku and Shion. The player can choose Yabusame to either be a main (the shooter), a sub (bombing) or a support (providing skill upgrades). Their upgrade is to increase the maximum barrier power, and they have three skills that slowly recovers health, provides two extra starting barriers, and crossing from one side of the screen to the other.


Taira no Fumikado and Fujiwara no Iyozane arrived at the Senri Shrine to warn about the upcoming war, as tension between the Youkai Alliance and Devanagara have increased. After they left, the Shitodo siblings were attacked by a mysterious person, so they go to the Senri Shrine to aid Hooaka's injuries. In return, Kuroji shared with them the rumour that had been circulating Mugenri. As they left, Kuroji tossed a few coins onto the shrine's veranda as further compensation. Yabusame noticed the coins were all standing on their edges. Jinbei said nothing to the others and went into the shrine. Eventually, Jinbei tells Tsubakura to go out to deal with "something dangerous", which they won't specify. They reason that it would be safer to travel in larger groups due to the ongoing war, so they loosened Shion's seal to allow them to leave the shrine with Tsubakura. Yabusame, Tsubakura and Shion left the shrine and heads for the battlefields.

Brilliant Route

If the player chooses to go right, then they will head towards the imperial capital, Devanagara. Hoping to stop the war, Yabusame and co. head there. They defeated Mitsumo, who threatened to possess them, along with various people from the Imperial Army on the way (Medias, Kunimitsu, Kaoru and Sanra). They climbed the Pagoda of the Heavenly Mirror to reach the Heavenly Mausoleum, where they witness the emperor Ooama no Ake no Mitori break the Great Mirror. Mitori explained that they did so to lift the curse it put on the capital's people, as well as the reason they orchestrated a coup d'état to overthrow the previous Fujiwara dynasty. Realizing that the "mirror breaking" mentioned by the rumor isn't about saké after all, the protagonists decide to leave after requesting that Mitori withdraw their troops. However, Mitori, wanting to test the priests' powers and to demolish the Senri Shrine in order to conquer all of Mugenri, challenge the protagonists to a duel.

After Mitori's defeat, Mugenri is once again enjoying peace while our heroes enjoy their free time at the Senri Shrine. Mitori and Sanra visit them, imploring them to go talk to the Dragonfly Army as well, so as to make sure the flames of war are completely put out. Tsubakura agrees with them and the three set out once more, with the unresolved rumor still looming over them.

Haze Route

If the player chooses to go left, then they will head towards the Dragonfly Castle. Hoping to stop the war, Yabusame and co. head towards the origin of the youkai troops after defeating Souko Shirami, who Tsubakura wanted to defeat in order to keep their secret of making fake charms for Souko from being known. Along the way, they learn that they belong to the recently-formed Dragonfly Army, lead by the new emperor as chosen by the Dragonfly Castle. They defeat their followers (Kujiru, Kaisen, Garaiya and Para) as they progress and finally reach the throne room of the castle, Ukifune's Room, where they meet said new emperor, Taira no Chouki. Tsubakura asks them to stop the war, but Yabusame compares their name with Fumikado's, who Chouki sees as their enemy. This angered Chouki and they fight.

Mugenri is once again enjoying peace and our heroes enjoy their free time at the Senri Shrine. Chouki comes by to bother them, demanding that they give back the Dragonfly Castle, which followed our protagonists home after they defeated Chouki.

Neutral Route

If the player chooses to go the middle route (or not go full-left or -right), then Yabusame and co. will wander around Mugenri, trying to find the saké that the rumour speaks of. They will randomly meet just about anyone they've already encountered from previous games, each having various reasons to battle. Most notably, they will learn more about the war, the rumour, the person that attacked the Shitodo siblings and how these affected the residents of Mugenri.

If the party has beaten every final boss of the game, and played a full run while remaining on the Shrine Road, then they would meet Suzumi Kuzu (Hamal Cine). Here, the protagonists contemplate the true reason Kuroji shared the rumor with them, which Tsubakura figures out that it was bait for them to head out. Thus, they bump into Suzumi, who "reminisces" about the times that they had spent together. Yabusame is not pleased to see them. Suzumi says that it is still too early to fight the protagonists, but do so anyway. After the party defeats Suzumi, they erase their memories of the fight by showing them a book, leaving Suzumi to disappeared.

Extra Scenario

After the three got their memory erased by Suzumi, they continue on the Shrine Road, a strange feeling looming over them. Yabusame, however, did not have their memories erased by Suzumi, but failed to tell Tsubakura.

  • On the Brilliant route, they run into Haiji Senri, who challenges them to a spell card battle in order to get the trio's spell cards.
  • On the Haze route, they run into Yago Ametsukana, who battles them to test their power. They win and Yago deems that something or someone's future is in safe hands, although they wouldn't reveal what.
  • On the Neutral route, Tsubakura wonders if Suzumi entered Mugenri, which prompted Yabusame to clarify that they encountered Suzumi earlier. Suddenly, they then run into the "dangerous thing" that Jinbei warned them about, Xeno a. They explain that Tsurubami used to be their sparring mate and that they miss fighting with them ever since they left Mugenri. Xeno a challenged the trio to see how powerful Tsurubami's successors are. They lose but express satisfaction after fighting them.

After fighting Xeno a, Tsubakura tells Yabusame that their and Shion's memories were tampered with by Suzumi. Yabusame told the others that they fought Suzumi and Tsubakura explains that Suzumi's powers don't work on Yabusame. Thanks to Yabusame's mention of the fight, the others recover their memory. Tsurubami suddenly appears, announcing that since they've returned from the Outside World, the new priests need to "disappear". The two parties fight, with Tsurubami "promising" to give the outsiders their freedom if they win. Eventually however, Tsurubami reveals themself to be Suzumi (Arde) in disguise, with Yabusame firmly believing to have been the real Tsurubami. Tsubakura and Suzumi decide to fight due to personal grudges and the former wins. Tsubakura demands answers from Suzumi but Suzumi uses their ability to alter reality and disappears. It once again doesn't affect Yabusame, but no one believes that they fought Suzumi since they are unable to recall the event after Yabusame reminds them of it. Believing that Yabusame is just being ditzy as usual also made Yabusame question if it all really happened.

Boss Encounter
Yabusame in BPoHC as a boss

If the player is playing as any other team of the game that's not the Shrine Team, then Yabusame can appear as a possible final boss of the game, appearing on stages 6:-2 and 6:-3, randomly on 6:0 if Suzumi is not unlocked, or randomly on 6:4 if playing as the Pre-School Team. Yabusame will be chilling around the Dragonfly Castle or the Shrine Road without any real motives.

  • With the New Emperor Team, Yabusame thought that Taira no Fumikado was the one who initiated the war on the Youkai Alliance's side, leading Yabusame to attack the trio in hopes of solving the incident.
  • With the Preschool Team, the trio discuss whether Yabusame and Tsubakura are fit for their new position when they run into Yabusame, who is out on a picnic. Sukune Katano and Sese Kitsugai decided to join in and the three start sharing their lunchboxes. Unable to accept Yabusame's carefree behaviour, Tenkai attacked them in order to teach them a lesson, bringing the picnic to an abrupt stop.
  • With the Scoundrel Team, Yabusame thinks that Kuroji Shitodo is up to no good again, so they attacked the trio.
  • With the Secret Team, Suzumi Kuzu run into Yabusame, who Arde points out their abilities do not work on and is very problematic. Yabusame figured that Suzumi is up to no good again and attacked, leading Suzumi to fight back in retaliation.

Yabusame casts six spell cards, with five re-used from Evanescent Existence. They are eventually defeated, although left unknown with what the outcome was with each team.

Book of the Café[edit | edit source]

Yabusame in BotC as a unit.
Yabusame's Chef alt in BotC as a unit.

Yabusame is a starter café employee and starter combat unit in Book of the Café. They also feature in the battle mode Back Issue stages for Evenesent Existence (Yabusame's Route) as a required character. They are based on their appearance in Evanescent Existence.

There is an additional form for Yabusame obtainable from the gacha system of the game. In this form, Yabusame is dressed like a chef and boasts differing attributes to the normal Yabusame.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

By virtue of being one of Mugenri's main incident solvers, Yabusame has been shown to interact with most characters in the series.

Tsubakura Enraku

Yabusame and Tsubakura Enraku have been friends since long ago, although it is suggested that their relationship is troublesome and that the two have been through various things.[23] Being gullible and slow, Tsubakura tends to pick on them a lot, much to Yabusame's chagrin. Yabusame tends to not understand what Tsubakura is saying.[9] Even though Yabusame likes Tsubakura, apparently Tsubakura dislikes Yabusame.[26]

Suzumi Kuzu

Yabusame hates Suzumi Kuzu, since they have been at the receiving end of their sadistic mind games due to Yabusame being best friends with Tsubakura and Suzumi's obsession with the latter.[53] On the flipside, however, Suzumi thinks that Yabusame is nastier than themself.[10] Suzumi finds Yabusame to be very problematic due to Yabusame being immune to Suzumi's abilities.[46] Additionally, while it's unknown whether these are intentional links or coincidences, both Yabusame and Suzumi have been shown to trigger their abilities through dreaming,[42][54] and Arde's fourth non-spell pattern in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle bears resemblance to Yabusame's midboss non-spell from Evanescent Existence.

Kuroji Shitodo

Yabusame doesn't mind the animosity between Kuroji Shitodo and Tsubakura and is on friendly terms with them, calling them "Kuroji-san". On the other hand, Yabusame does consider Kuroji to be vicious and self-centered, like everyone else. They even understand that Kuroji would try anything to make money.[37]


Being the shikigami of the Senri Shrine, Jinbei is Yabusame's shikigami, although they don't listen to everything Yabusame tells them.[55] Jinbei will occasionally tell Yabusame to solve incidents. Yabusame thinks Jinbei is adorable (possibly owing to Jinbei's childlike stature).[5] Jinbei describes Yabusame as the shrine's mascot.[56]


Yabusame gave Shion their name,[9] and they generally get along well due to having a similar childish personality, though Yabusame will get annoyed at Shion for butting into their conversations with Tsubakura.[57]


It is shown that Clause is acquainted with Yabusame, but not much is known in detail. They claim that they've known each other for a long time. Yabusame despises Clause even more than Suzumi Kuzu[53] and treats them with contempt because of their habit of being long-winded. Clause describes Yabusame as "barbaric", to which Yabusame retorts that they only treat Clause in this manner.[58]

Tsurubami & Tenkai

Yabusame seems to be on decent terms with the old dictators. Tenkai Zuifeng is stern with the substitute priests, as they believe the two can't maintain peace as well as Tsurubami could. However, they're still keeping an eye on their growth, as Tsurubami also had difficulties starting out,[8] and they share small gifts with them.[6] They are able to have conversations about barriers.[29][30] In the case of Tsurubami Senri, they took a liking for Yabusame throughout Evanescent Existence, assigning them as Mugenri's substitute priest. It's implied that the reason why Tsurubami agreed to let Yabusame stay is because their powers are similar to Tenkai's. While Yabusame initially found Tsurubami annoying to begin with, they seemed to at least be neutral with them, referring to them as "Tsurubami-san" later on.[10]

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

  • In the game's manual of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, Yabusame is labelled with a "" next to them in an explanation of the game screen's layout. This references the manual for Phantasmagoria of Flower View, which labelled Cirno in the same way.
  • Yabusame's first theme refers to M-theory, the theory that combines all the different types of super-string theory.
  • Likewise, Yabusame's birthday (November 26), might be a reference to dimensions in different types of string theory: M-theory calls for 11 dimensions, while bosonic string theory requires 26.
  • JynX might make games that doesn't have Yabusame and Tsubakura as the main protagonists.[59]
  • Lumen Celeritas has a spell card called "Flash Cross", which JynX confirms that Lumen stole the spell's name from Yabusame's spell card Intersection "Flash Cross".[60]
  • When JynX compared characters for their self-worth, they didn't compare Yabusame to anything in particular.[61]
  • Yabusame's title themes, "Wings That Transcend Spacetime ~ M theory" and "Feathers Flying off the Beaten Path ~ Eleven-Dimensional", may have a connection to the Wings of Magritte.[62]
  • Yabusame shares the same spell background with Tsubakura, which features silhouettes of Asian Stubtails/Sparrows, Swallows, Phoenixes and Cranes. The bird names of Yabusame/Suzumi, Tsubakura, Yabusame and Tsurubami respectively.
  • Yabusame apparently had help with naming some of their spell cards. In particular, it is known that their bomb "Dimensional Detachment" (「次元剥離」) was named by "Tsubakura Enraku" and that they wouldn't have been able to come up with complex kanji like the latter two on their own. Curiously, it is also noted that it is technically not Tsubakura who did so.[63]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Spell Cards[edit | edit source]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 29
「次元剥離」 "Dimensional Detachment" Bomb EE
光牌「レーザーレイン」 Light Card "Laser Rain" EE
St. 3: E/N
St. 6: E/N
光牌「レーザーグリッド」 Light Card "Laser Grid" EE
St. 3: H/U
St. 6 H/U
交差「フラッシュクロス」 Intersection "Flash Cross" EE
St. 3: E/N
St. 6: E/N
交差「スターシェル」 Intersection "Star Shell" EE St. 3: H/U
元牌「空間剥離」 Origin Card "Spatial Detachment" EE
St. 3: E/N
St. 4: H
St. 6: E/N
元牌「顕界遊離」 Origin Card "Reality Separation" EE
St. 3: H/U
St. 6 H/U
飛移「ワープ王国」 Teleport "Warp Kingdom" The Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle upgrade is simply titled Warp Kingdom (ワープ王国). EE
St. 3: E/N
St. 6: E/N
反復「ループ王国」 Recurrence "Loop Kingdom" EE
St. 3: H/U
St. 6 H/U
間牌「ターボエリア」 Space Card "Turbo Area" EE
St. 3: E/N
St. 6: E/N
間牌「空間削落」 Space Card "Spatial Erasure" EE
St. 3: H/U
St. 6: H/U
「次元断裂」 "Dimensional Division" EE St. 3: E/N
「次元連裂幻」 "Illusion of Repeated Dimensional Rupture" EE St. 3: H
混元「スクリーンシャッフル」 Confused Origins "Screen Shuffle" EE St. 3: U
「メイデンピット」 "Maiden Pit"[a] [b] Flash bomb EE
『自由奔放』 "Freewheeling" RMI Standby Skill
転移「弾幕クローン」 Transfer "Danmaku Clone" RMI St. 4: E/N
転送「次元複製」 Transmission "Dimensional Duplication" RMI St. 4: H/U
「じげんはくり」 "Dimension Detach"[c] RMI St. 4: E/N
元牌「次元剥離」 Origin Card "Dimensional Detachment"[d] RMI St. 4: U
元玄「墨と銀」 Mysterious Origin "Ink and Silver"[e] Co-owner with Tsubakura RMI St. 4: E/N/H/U
交差「スターシェル」 Glintersection "Star Shell"[f] BPoHC St. 6 H/U
「次元解放」 "Dimensional Liberation" BPoHC St.6: E/N
「次元崩壊」 "Dimensional Destruction" BPoHC St.6: H/U
ヒッグスジュース Higgs Juice BPoHC Upgrade
薄めの次元断層 Slight Dimensional Fracture BPoHC Upgrade
ばーりあ Baaarrier BotC Inherent Trait
次元カッター Dimension Cutter As Yabusame Houlen [Chef Form]; Bomb BotC Use
ばりあー Barrierrr As Yabusame Houlen [Chef Form] BotC Inherent Trait

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. According to JynX, the "Maiden" in Maiden Pit has two meanings, "of the young girl" and "dimensional", with the latter being the more important meaning, although the connection between Maiden and Dimensional was not revealed.
  2. Twitter user @neu1006: "What does Yabusame's flash bomb "Maiden Pit" mean? "xxx of the maiden"???"
    JynX's Twitter: "That's exactly it, but it also means "dimensional xxx" d( ̄▽ ̄)"
  3. Same name as Yabusame's bomb (次元剥離), though written in simple hiragana rather than kanji.
  4. Same name as Yabusame's bomb (次元剥離), with a new card title.
  5. A variation on Tsubakura's third spell card from Evanescent Existence.
  6. A pun on "light" (, kou) and "intersection" (交差, kousa).

Official Profiles[edit | edit source]

Official profiles

  鳳聯 藪雨(ほうれん やぶさめ)
  Houren Yabusame



  大抵何にも考えてないのだろう。 凡人というより馬鹿より。

◯ Flawless Thoughtlessness

Yabusame Houlen

Species: Human
Ability: Something like crossing dimensions

They're an altogether plain and boring person.
However, they're also an outrageous weirdo who's come barging into another dimension.
Originally, they were able to cross dimensions and interfere with phenomena,
but since they're not very smart, they can't use their power very well
without a certain person's help.

They had a troublesome relationship with Tsubakura Enraku since a long time ago, and they've been through various things. Or not.
When you can't understand what they're thinking,
they're probably not thinking of anything at all. They're really more of an idiot than just a plain person.

 ◯3面ボス  天衣無縫の能天気

  鳳聯 藪雨(ほうれん やぶさめ)
  Houren Yabusame



◯ Stage 3 Boss — Flawless Thoughtlessness

Yabusame Houlen

Species: Human
Ability: Something like crossing dimensions

They're a (feigned?) thoughtless idiot.
It seems that they've barged into this world by a different method than the others.
They can cross dimensions and interfere with phenomena,
but perhaps they're actually capable of doing something even more amazing?
They only know weird vocabulary for some reason.


  鳳聯 藪雨(ほうれん やぶさめ)
  Houren Yabusame




◯ Flawless Thoughtlessness

Yabusame Houlen

Species: Human
Ability: Something like crossing dimensions

They're an altogether plain and boring person.
A weirdo with a reputation for crossing dimensions.
Even if they're told to go off and solve incidents they don't understand,
they're a person who somehow gets the job done anyway.
They wear a "Two-Dimensional Cloth" with zero thickness (made by Tsubakura),
so that they don't fly off into another dimension on a whim.

They like snow better than cloudy weather.


  鳳聯 藪雨(ほうれん やぶさめ)
  Houren Yabusame




◯ Flawless Thoughtlessness

Yabusame Houlen

Species: Human
Ability: Something like crossing dimensions

They're an altogether plain and boring person.
A weirdo who can cross dimensions and interfere with phenomena.
They're always messing around regardless of whether it's hot or cold outside.
Although it's winter, they're wearing even lighter clothes than they do in summer. Are they some sort of idiot?

As for nabe, they like sukiyaki.


鳳聯 藪雨
Houlen Yabusame





Flawless Thoughtlessness

Yabusame Houlen
Something like crossing dimensions; etc.

The airheaded Honorary Priest of the Senri Shrine.

Has the ridiculous ability to cross dimensions
and interfere with phenomena.

They're once again working hard to resolve the current incident.
...well, actually they're just tagging along with
Tsubakura because it seems interesting.

A plain person who's more stupid than plain.


  鳳聯 藪雨

  趣味:おしゃべり 料理 昼寝
  好きなもの:そば 猫 散歩 紅茶 ツバクラ
  嫌いなもの:難しいこと 面倒くさい 臭いもの

Flawless Thoughtlessness

Yabusame Houlen

Species: Human
Ability: Something like crossing dimensions
Hobbies: Talking, cooking, naps.
Likes: Soba, cats, walks, black tea, Tsubakura.
Dislikes: Difficult things, annoyances, smelly things.
Estimated date of birth: November, 26.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Text in grey existed in the trial version but was removed for the full release.

Official Sources[edit | edit source]

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