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Len'en anniversaries are celebrated every year on the 11th of November, because this is the date the Len'en Project was born, in the year 2013. Usually during this time of the year, JynX will post an illustration on pixiv and thank the Len'en fans for all their support towards the project. So far, they've created four illustrations, along with a transcript of a conversation amongst some of the Len'en's characters.

9th Year Anniversary[edit]

9th Anniversary Video.jpg

On 11 November 2022, JynX uploaded a video celebrating the Len'en Project's 9th anniversary.

8th Year Anniversary[edit]

8th Anniversary Video.jpg

On 11 November 2021, JynX uploaded a video celebrating the Len'en Project's 8th anniversary.

7th Year Anniversary[edit]

7th Anniversary Video.jpg

On 11 November 2020, JynX uploaded a video celebrating the Len'en Project's 7th anniversary, a trailer for the β version of Book of the Cafe as well as an announcement for Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle -Golden Chapter-.

6th Year Anniversary[edit]

Congratulations! 6th Len'en Anniversary!!
The monochroids getting excited at NiLU's appearance, as if "their relative was on TV".

On 10th November 2019, one day before the 6th anniversary, JynX uploaded a video in celebration.

JynX posted an illustration on Twitter on the day of the anniversary, and on pixiv the day after.



I drew this illustration!!!

It's the three[a] of them during yesterday's premiere.
They vomited up a mess afterwards.

JynX also set up a pixiv FANBOX [1] to let fans donate and contribute to the Len'en Project.

5th Year Anniversary[edit]

5th Anniversary Video.jpg

On 10th November 2018, one day before the 5th anniversary, Rei drew attention to two Twitter accounts, those of Haru and Hoojiro Shitodo, and had a small conversation with them known as the Mugenri Revitalization Committee.

On the day of the anniversary, JynX uploaded a video in celebration, teasing upcoming merchandise and even a music CD.

4th Year Anniversary[edit]


Twitter post[edit]



I drew this on Len'en's fourth anniversary~!

When I realized it, a few years have already passed, it's time to express my appreciation to all the fans~
I'm living working hard so that Len'en can continue for an eternity.

3rd Year Anniversary[edit]


Twitter post[edit]




It's Len'en's third anniversaryyyy!!

Thank you, fans!!!

Thank you for celebrating Len'en's third anniversary!

Pixiv post[edit]



Another year from the second anniversary...

It was long, yet quick (cold-eyed).

2nd Year Anniversary[edit]


Twitter post[edit]



I gave it to theeeem.

It's Len'en's second anniversary! (Pocky & Pretz Day)

Pixiv post[edit]




It's Len'en second anniversary.

In celebration, I managed to create a Halloween ending-like image of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.
The New Emperor Team tries to profit by selling Halloween candy at the event.
In celebration of Halloween and Len'en's second anniversary, I included both Pocky and Pretz here.

It would be nice to finish the new work as soon as possible (other people affairs).


  1. The three of them being Rei, Zelo and Lin, who is in the trash can.