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The following is a collection of miscellaneous illustrations by JynX related to the Len'en Project.

Anniversary Illustrations[edit]

JynX occasionally makes illustrations on 11 November for the Len'en Anniversaries.

Seasonal Illustrations[edit]

JynX occasionally releases illustrations for certain festivals and celebrations, most notably Halloween and Christmas.

9 November 2014[edit]


An illustration of Sukune Katano & Sese Kitsugai for Halloween 2014.

I drew Tsubakura as a small study~!
They feel quite different from usual.
(骸骨).。oO(ネタが被った・・・)Oo。.(埴輪) (Corpse).。oO(Our outfits clashed...)Oo。.(Haniwa)
Today's Halloween!()
I wonder how Halloween is like in Mugenri?

25 December 2017[edit]


An illustration of the Shitodo siblings for Christmas 2017.

Merry Christmas.
I should draw these three once in a while.
悪党三人組クリスマスVer Scoundrel Trio Chrristmas Ver.
The trio carrying money around on this Holy Night.
Wonder where they got all that money from?

25 December 2018[edit]

2018 Christmas Illustration.jpg

An illustration of Sukune, Adagumo no Yaorochi and Saragimaru for Christmas 2018 on Twitter, which was also used at the end of the video Androids' Christmas.

I'll post the illustration used for the end card of the video here too~.
Messy handwriting font!

25 December 2020[edit]

2020 Christmas Illustration.png

An illustration of a Christmas tree for Christmas 2020 on both Twitter and Pixiv FANBOX, featuring decorations of Rei, Zelo, NiLU and Lin.

I'm still alive!
I made a Christmas drawing so I might as well post it on Twitter too~

Monochroid Illustrations[edit]

A collection of illustrations released on Rei and Zelo's Twitter instead of JynX's own accounts.

8 April 2018[edit]


An illustration of Rei on Twitter, parodying the cover image of the song "Seyana", a part of a popular trend at the time.

  • Twitter Post
レイくんは流行なんかに流されないアンドロイドなんだから Rei-kun's not the type of android to get swept up by trends.
  • Image Text
入力したこと何でも言ってくれるバーチャルアンドロイドレイくん The virtual android Rei-kun, who says anything you input.

21 April 2018[edit]


An illustration of Rei on Twitter, showing Rei working overnight.

  • Twitter Post
Rei-kun has been working day and night recently, sleepy-eyed and vomiting~.
It's light horror! ♪
  • Image Text
さぎょう おわんない Work never ends.

30 April 2018[edit]


An illustration of Rei on Twitter, showing a full-body image of Rei for the first time.

Hey there~! Rei-kun's full body has been revealed~!
It's going to take a bit longer until I can move, so please wait patiently~.

30 April 2018[edit]


An illustration of Rei on Twitter, which was used as the accounter banner for a period.

A disgusting image that was made for a certain reason, but I don't think it'll ever actually see use...
So I guess I might as well post it here~! ♪

1 May 2018[edit]


Three illustrations of Rei from two tweets, showing alternate summer versions of Rei's outfit.

  • Tweet 1 (Left Image)
静止画だったら結構うごけるようになったよ! Looking at this still image, Rei seems quite dynamic now!
  • Tweet 2 (Middle and Right Image)
It's been getting hot recently, so here's a few summer arrangements of Rei's outfit!
There's a skirt version and a pants version.
But it's kinda plain just like this, so I'd like to add a few accessories~.

1 May 2018[edit]


Three illustrations of Rei from Twitter.

はい、あざとーい Yes! How clever!

3 May 2018[edit]


Three illustrations of Rei from Twitter, showing one of Rei's new expressions.

差分を色々作ったからレイくん少し表情豊かになったよ~♪♪♪ We made a bunch of variations so Rei-kun is a bit more expressive now~! ♪♪♪

3 May 2018[edit]


Three illustrations of Rei from Twitter, showing Rei turning their face along the Y-axis.

顔のY軸回転ができるようになって勝ち誇るレイくん Rei-kun is proud that their face can now turn along the Y-axis.

7 May 2018[edit]


Three illustrations of Rei from Twitter.

GW中に作ろうと思ってプラモ3つも買っちゃった♪(・ω<) テヘペロ
"I bought 3 models to spend time building during Golden Week! ♪(・ω<)"
is what Rei-kun thought as they made this face (but they were so busy they didn't even build a single one)

5 Februrary 2018[edit]

Rei-Zelo Selfie.jpg

Three illustrations of Rei and Zelo from Twitter, showing Zelo without their hat.

Good morning~!(╹◡╹)
Today I got a request to "rip off Zelo-chan's hat" so I did!
Selfie with Zelo at the studio~!

Miscellaneous Illustrations[edit]

20 January 2013[edit]


An illustration of Sukune on TwitPic.

はんにわぁ~ Hanniwaa~.

9 November 2014[edit]


An illustration of Tsubakura on Twitter.

I drew Tsubakura as a small study~!
They feel quite different from usual.

22 June 2016[edit]


A teaser illustration for Monochrome World featuring Tsubakura on Twitter.


『レンエン モノクロムワールド』
This would probably be the next game in the Len'en series:

"Len'en Monochrome World".
I won't say anything about the content, except that it would not be an STG like the previous games.
It would probably be a 2D action game?

14 October 2016[edit]

Magritte Colour Eel Pie.jpg
Magritte Colour Ketchup.jpg

An illustration of Hoojiro Shitodo and Hal on the Wings of Magritte on Twitter, prior to their reintroduction into the Len'en Project in A World That Isn't Fantasy.

まぁいっか、公開しちゃえー I'm sure it's fine, I'll release it~!
ある…… ねぇ〜
They might be related to the Len'en series~.
Perhaps...... yeah~.

9 November 2014[edit]


An illustration of Jinbei, as a result of a Twitter poll.

It's a special occasion so I made a full illustration instead of just releasing a rough draft!
A rare shot of Jinbei, who normally prefers to stay off-camera.
ジンベイくんちゃん Jinbei-kun-chan
An illustration of the Senri Shrine's shikigami, Jinbei, which I drew based on the results of a Twitter poll.
They normally prefer to stay off-camera, but they were forced to have a photo taken of them.

17 August 2015[edit]

Interview 01.jpg
Interview 02.jpg

Concept art of Tsubakura and Yabusame, revealed in the Interview with JynX (2015).

6 October 2019[edit]

Nilu Teaser.jpg

An illustration teasing NiLU on Twitter, with the phrase "do Not, I Love U".

(世間は例大祭で賑わってるし、さりげなく連縁の意味深げな画像置いといてもバレへんやろ…) (The world is busy with Reitaisai, so I doubt anyone would notice if I quietly posted this image highly related to Len'en...)

11 July 2020[edit]

Prayer Picture (Pixel).png

An illustration featuring Medias Moritake, Yago Ametsukana, Kurohebi, Taira no Chouki, Kujiru Kesa, Para and Kaisen Azuma on Pixiv FANBOX, indicating that they would be excluded from a certain "side project" that JynX was working on at the time. Image is pixellated as the clear image was uploaded as a donors-exclusive image.