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The following material is hidden away from normal view to prevent spoilers.
It contains ending dialogue and thus hidden away so that it meets the requirements provided by JynX.
Please read at your own risk!
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You've committed a big mistake, yo.
Yabusame's Bad Ending

ヤブサメ 「・・・・・はっ! ここは・・・?」

Yabusame ".....Ah! Hey, where am I...?"


Yabusame's field of vision was suddenly cast into darkness.
Before they realized it, their body was spread out sideways and wrapped in a blanket.

ヤブサメ 「・・・なんだ、お布団か・・・」

Yabusame "...What? My bed...?"


They were lying there in their room, just the same as ever.
Yes, it was all just a dream!

ヤブサメ 「まったく・・・なんか今日は調子がわるいなぁ・・・」

Yabusame "Geez... I'm not feeling too great today..."

ヤブサメ 「夢オチなんて、冗談じゃないよ・・・

Yabusame "An 'it was all a dream' ending? Don't joke around...
It'll definitely turn out better next time, I think?"

ヤブサメ 「さーて、そうと決まったら二度寝だね!」

Yabusame "So! Now that that's decided, I'll go right back to sleep!"


Having said that, Yabusame plopped back down into their bed and closed their eyelids.

To be continued...?

To be continued...?

ROUTE1 Bad_End...
     次はノーコンティニューを目指そう! 難しくっても頑張ってみてね! ごめん!![a]

ROUTE1 Bad Ending...
     Next time, aim for a no continue! I know it's tough, but please do your best! I'm sorry!!


  1. This highlighted in grey was removed in v1.10a.