Unlost Woods

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(まよ) えずの (もり)
Unlost Woods
ma̠jo̞e̞zɯᵝ no̞ mo̞ɾi
Unlost Woods
A path in the Unlost Woods in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle
Location Near the Shrine Road(?)
Official Games
  • Earthen Miraculous Sword (Stage 2)
  • Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle (Possible Stage 2 and 3 Location)
  • The Unlost Woods (迷えずの森 Mayoezu no Mori) is a strange forest within Mugenri. It's called the "Unlost Woods" because people couldn't get lost in the forest, and thus they began calling it the "Unlost Woods". People who still know it as the "Lost Woods" are very few. The forest has areas of ground where the sun never shines, and trees literally move about, which leads all intruders away. It's the home for youkai slugs, such as Shou Amanomori and Kujiru Kesa.

    General Information[edit]

    The woods might be a homage to the Bamboo Forest of the Lost Thwiki.png, because in the Bamboo Forest, you can easily get lost, whereas the Unlost Woods, it's the opposite. On two occasions, the woods has appeared as a stage 2 location, where the location of stage 1 is the Shrine Road; it can be presumed that the woods may not be located far from the road.

    Woods' Appearances[edit]

    Earthen Miraculous Sword

    The protagonist wanders around, trying to find the culprit of the cloudy weather. There, the hero encounters Shou Amanomori, who wants to avenge Jun Amanomiya for getting beating up by the player character. Shou attacks, but they were defeated.

    Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

    The woods appears on stage 2 of the Haze (left) route of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle. Taking the Neutral route (middle) from this stage will keep you in the woods at later stages, but you can go different ways for new locations depending on which route you take. As such, if you go left onto the haze route, you'll go to the Outpost Base Camp, but if you go right onto the Brilliant route, you'll end up back on the Shrine Road.