Giant's Burrow

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巨人 (きょじん) (かく)あな
Giant's Burrow
kʲo̞ʑĩn no̞ ka̠kɯ̟ᵝɾe̞ a̠na̠
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Location Behind a waterfall of the River in the Sanctuary

The Giant's Burrow (巨人の隠れ穴, Kyojin no Kakure Ana) is located behind the River in the Sanctuary.

General Information[edit]

The Giant's Burrow is located behind a waterfall along the River and is a large cave system that ultimately leads back out near the end of the same river, the Spirits' Crossing. The cave system houses a vein of underground water.

The Cavern From Which Frost is Born[edit]

The Cavern From Which Frost is Born (結氷が産みし洞窟, Keppyō ga umishi dōkutsu) is a part of the caverns in which water froze over during the events of Reactivate Majestical Imperial. As this was an effect of the influx of souls, it no longer exists.

The Burrow's Appearances[edit]

Reactivate Majestical Imperial

Fujiwara no Iyozane went around the caverns collecting souls to revive the True Emperor, Taira no Masakado, until they were stopped by the protagonist teams.