Human Village

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Human Village
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Other Names The village ()
Location Near the Unlost Woods, within the radius of the Sanctuary

The Human Village (人里, Hitozato) is a small village of humans located within the geographical confines of the Sanctuary,[1] which is connected to the Shrine Road via a road, simply called the "Path from the Shrine Road to the Human Village".[2]

General Information[edit | edit source]

Nothing much is shown about it or the humans that live there, except that they live in ignorance and in fear of the dictator priest Tsurubami Senri. The village is home to the financial company Gappori and the barrier shop Azumaterasu[1]. It also has a graveyard and a marketplace, which has imported goods, such as coffee beans, from Devanagara on sale along with other goods. Haiji Senri's spell card shop is located on the village's outskirts.[3]

Human Village's Appearances[edit | edit source]

Earthen Miraculous Sword

The village was mentioned in the game on several occasions:

  • Kuroji Shitodo's Prologue: Kuroji plans to build a schoolhouse for the children at the village and resolves to solve the incident in order to improve their reputation amongst the villages. They sent Hooaka to the village to gather clues.
  • After defeating Shou Amanomori, the hero decides to head towards the village via the Path from the Shrine Road to the Human Village, where they encounter and defeat Lumen Celeritas.
  • It is mentioned that Yabusame gets their groceries from the village, while Tsubakura buys saké from the village.
Reactivate Majestical Imperial

It was mentioned in the game that the village graveyard has been having a graverobbing issue, due to Sese Kitsugai digging them up for bones, and that there was a bounty for capturing them.

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