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The following material is hidden away from normal view to prevent spoilers.
It contains ending dialogue and thus hidden away so that it meets the requirements provided by JynX.
Please read at your own risk!
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You've committed a big mistake, yo.
Slaver Team's Bad Ending


At the Senri Shrine road...

クロジ   「くそっ、なんで私がこんなことを・・・」

Kuroji: "Damn it. Why am I even putting up with this...?"

サラギマル 「仕方ないだろ、負けたんだから」

Saragimaru: "Nothin' we can do about it. We lost, after all."

シオン   「えへへ〜」

Shion: "Eheheh~!"


Kuroji and Saragimaru, having lost the fight against Shion, were now being forced
to carry Shion back in the direction the little chimera told them.

クロジ   「それで、どうしてこんなところを通るんだ?」

Kuroji: "So, why are we passing through here?"

シオン   「だってこっちの方からニオイがするんだもーん」

Shion: "Cause this is the direction that the smell is coming from, duh!"

サラギマル 「犬か何かなのか? キミは?」

Saragimaru: "Are you a dog or something?"

クロジ   「このまま行くと、もう一匹の犬に会いそうだ」

Kuroji: "If we keep going this way, we're going to run into another dog."

シオン   「う〜ん、この道を真っ直ぐかな?」

Shion: "Hmmm. I think we should go straight along this road?"

サラギマル 「神社のほうだな」

Saragimaru: "Towards the shrine, then."

クロジ   「どうやらビンゴのようだ、まぁ奴等に押し付ければ楽になる、好都合だな」

Kuroji: "Looks like I was right on the money. Well, if we foist this little squirt off on those two, it will be pretty convenient for us."

サラギマル 「負けても利己的なんだな、お前は」

Saragimaru: "Wow. Even when you lose, you act all selfish."


Shion was apparently looking for something,
but Kuroji wasn't concerned in the slightest.


Instead, they were making full use of their pitch-black mind...

そのことに真っ黒な頭脳を酷使していた。 contrive a reason to pawn off the souls they'd collected on some poor sap.

To be continued...?

To be continued...?

ROUTE3 Bad_End...
<クリアおめでとう! 次はノーコンティニュークリアで会おう!>

ROUTE 3 Bad Ending...
<Congratulations on clearing the game! Let's meet again after a no-continue clear!>