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Big Boss
Big Boss and Shinkuu
Big Boss (left) in Emergency Everyday
Character Titles
Strong-Willed Child of Man
Species Human
Abilities Being completely interceptible while hiding inside cardboard
Music Themes
  • Secretly Stealthily Sneaking Snake (Pre-EE)

Big Boss (ビッグボス, Biggubosu) is a member of Lapxus as well as the first stage boss of Emergency Everyday.

General Information[edit]

Big Boss is from Emergency Everyday, which is a game that predates Evanescent Existence. The character was created by Daijin and not by JynX. Judging from his appearance, he may have been the basis for Kurohebi.



Background Information[edit]


His full name is Big Boss (ビッグボス), which is a clear reference to the character of the same name from the Metal Gear franchise. Like most of the cast of Emergency Everyday, Big Boss has a name similar to that of a real-life person who had a hand in creating the game; in this case, a close associate of the real Daijin, and the person who initially uploaded the video that made Emergency Everyday's existence known to the public, making Big Boss a self-insert character of sorts.


Influences for future Len'en characters[edit]

Many of Big Boss's designs and concepts would eventually be used for the characters created by JynX for the Len'en Project:

  • Kurohebi: Much like Kurohebi, Big Boss is a stage 1 boss whose ability pertains to hiding; Unlike Kurohebi, Big Boss has perverse ulterior motives when it comes to using his ability (which is more of an obvious reference to the Metal Gear series than Kurohebi's more subtle design references), and is very loud-mouthed and upfront in conversation, whereas Kurohebi is much more reserved when speaking with anyone that isn't Tsubakura Enraku or Suzumi Kuzu.



Spell Cards[edit]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 2
爆牌「破砕擲弾」 Explosion Card "Disintegration Grenade" Likely uses Big Boss's power Pre-EE St. 1
霊鳥「スィームルグ」 Sacred Bird "Simurgh"[a] Likely uses Shinkuu's power Pre-EE St. 1


  1. Simurgh is a benevolent, mythical bird in Iranian mythology and literature.

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