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たび かなえ
Kanae Tabinoki
Kanae Portrait.jpg
Image of Kanae from their Twitter.
Title Gamedev Vtuber
Gender Male
Circle(s) Trick Nostalgie
Occupation Vtuber

Kanae Tabinoki (旅ノ木かなえ, Tabinoki Kanae) is a virtual YouTuber created and played by JynX. He holds roughly hour-long livestreams every night starting from 22:00 to 23:00 (JST).

General Information[edit]

Kanae is a Vtuber personality created by JynX who debuted in the YouTube video A Pointless Very Important Announcement (Len'en TV Episode 4). In the video, it is revealed that the Vtuber has entered into a "collaboration" with the Len'en Project, promoting it and talking about its development on their livestreams, and that he is in reality played by JynX.

In his debut stream an hour later, Kanae explains why a separate character has to be created for these streams. He explained that the name "JynX" is too heavily intertwined with the world of Len'en, putting it in an awkward position to speak and act too freely with, as everything he does and says as JynX has to have gone through careful consideration in regards to Len'en's lore and setting, hence the creation of Kanae as a more casual character closer to the fans. Additionally, creating a vtuber simply seemed fun. There are other reasons, but he decided to keep it a secret for now.

The livestreams are mainly meant to provide a time for everyone, Kanae (JynX) and the viewers, to be able to focus on doing something for an hour with the help of mutual surveillance. This can be anything, ranging from work to studying to reading. JynX is also considering streaming their own gameplay of what they play during their breaks during the hour. He also noted that since compiling information from the streams would be difficult, he would refrain from talking about the Len'en series' lore during the streams.

Additionally, Kanae also has a Twitter account, where JynX will share updates related to his daily life, and a Marshmallow account, which is a service that allows users to anonymously send questions and other thoughts to someone, functioning like an ask box.

Background Information[edit]


Kanae is heavily based on the Eurasian wryneck, a wryneck in the woodpecker family. The bird specifically inspired the Wryneck genus name "Jynx", coming from the Ancient Greek word for the Eurasian wryneck, "iunx". The Eurasian wryneck is known to twist its snake-like head as a threat display, and as a woodpecker has long tongues with which to reach into trees to extract their food. Many of the bird's features are reflected in Kanae's design and theming. Kanae himself is apparently quite fond of the bird, finding them cute and looking vaguely like dinosaurs.[1]


A stylized logo of Kanae's name.

His full name is Kanae Tabinoki (旅ノ木 かなえ). In his surname, "Tabinoki", tabi () means "journey, travel, trip, etc." while ki () means "tree(s)", thus it could be interpreted as "Tree of journeys". His given name "Kanae" is a common Japanese given name that could be written in a number of ways, here it is written purely in hiragana.

His Twitter account's name is "Kanae Tabinoki 🌳🐍🪶" (旅ノ木かなえ🌳🐍🪶). The tree references how the Eurasian wryneck feeds from the insects it finds in them, the snake a reference to its snake-like head which it uses to ward off threats, and the feather a direct reference to the bird itself.


References to the Eurasian wryneck, and birds in general, are plentiful in Kanae's design:

  • The wings extending out from inside the hat are modelled after that of the Eurasian wryneck.
  • The feathers around the top of his sleeves are also modelled after those of the Eurasian wryneck.
  • The red hoops of cloth wrapped around Kanae's arms are based on the snakes which the Eurasian wryneck imitate, in the way that they wrap around his arm, and also on its extremely long tongue, in the way that it is red.[1]
  • The back of his clothes resemble three tufts of feathers making up the Eurasian wryneck's tail.
  • The pattern on his knee-high socks features a long vertical line that splits into three prongs, a common cartoonish way to draw birds' feet.

On top of Kanae's hat is JynX's avatar in a lounging position, a reference to how JynX is the person behind Kanae. From the inside of his hat extends out two bird wings. The traditional Japanese-like vest(s) Kanae wears has a visual resemblance to Rei's, perhaps a reference to the fact that they are both vtubers (although Rei turned out to not truly be one). On Kanae's obi sash is an accessory with an Eye of Senri design, and the banner tied to the sash reads "Curse one person and you'll need two graves" (人を呪わば穴二つ), a Japanese idiom that warns against harming another, as it incurs something bad upon oneself as well.


Thumbnails for Kanae's three types of streams

Productivity Streams
Chatting Streams
Gaming Streams

Types of Streams[edit]

Kanae mainly does three types of streams:

  • Productivity streams: Kanae and the viewers announce at the beginning what they'll be focusing on, focus on working for an hour during the stream and announce their progress after the hour.
  • Chatting streams: Kanae chats with the viewers and answers questions he received on Marshmallow.
  • Gaming streams: Kanae streams himself playing games for leisure.

For brief summaries of each stream, see:

Rules, Hashtags and Other Terminology[edit]

On the second chatting stream (21/01/2023), Kanae decided on a number of rules for the streams which they now add to the description of every stream, they are as below:

・最低限のマナーは守って~ (誹謗中傷、暴言、スパムなどなど)

Lenient Stream Rules "The Tabinoki Constitution"
・No spoilers about the game we are playing through please!
 (I'll say "Tell me!" when I want you to tell me something~!)
・Maintain the bare minimum level of manners~! (No slander, verbal abuse, spam, etc.)
・Don't mention irrelevant topics,
 and don't mention other streamers' names~!
・Try to refrain from talking amongst yourselves in the chat~.
 (It's fine during the work hour in productivity streams though.))
・Light ban on mentioning what other streamers in similar situations did. (It'll have to depend on the severity?)
・Backseat gamers are thrown to the bamboo shoots!!!
・It's fine to talk about JynX~!

On his first chatting stream (16/01/2023), he decided on a number of hashtags, signature phrases and terms with the help of the chat:[2]

  • Tags for the streams:
    • Japanese: #旅ノ木ライブ (#Tabinoki_Live)
    • English: #Tabinoki_live
  • Tags for fanart:
    • Japanese: #旅ノ木あーと (#Tabinoki_Art)
    • English: #Tabinoki_art
  • Tags for clips from the stream:
    • Japanese: #切りぬ木かなえ (#Clipped_Tree_Kanae)[a]
    • English: #Tabinoki_clips
Signature Phrases
  • Kanae's self-introduction: "What tree is this tree? It's Kanae Tabinoki!" (この木なんの木、旅ノ木かなえです!, Kono ki nan no ki, Tabinoki Kanae desu!)[b]
  • Starting a stream: "Good treevening~!" (こんのきー, kon no kii)[c]
  • Saying goodbyes: "Thanks for the hard work, Kanae~!" (おつかなえー)[d]
  • Waiting: "Tree on standby..." (たい木, taiki)[e]
  • Name for fans: Tree Shrooms (木ノ子さん, kinoko-san)[f]
  • Name for haters: Bamboo Shoot Bastards (たけのこ野郎, take no ko yarou)[g]


While Kanae does his best to read every comment in chat, due to being new to streaming he is very prone to missing comments during the streams themselves. However, he makes sure to go back to read over the comments after each stream, even trying his best to translate and understand the English ones, although he does apologise for likely misunderstanding the English comments due to the use of slang in them.[1]

YouTube Shorts[edit]

Additionally, Kanae also makes shorts highlighting key moments throughout the streams in the week:



Kanae jokingly refers to JynX as his "Core Personality" (コア人格). He isn't exactly sure how separate the two characters should be, and is fine with leaving it up to individual discretion. Personally, Kanae personally considers himself someone who "helps with work on the Len'en series," rather than the creator of the series himself. In his mind, they are "both the same person and separate people, a very ambiguous but convenient relationship".[1]


Additional Information[edit]

  • Kanae is the first character created by JynX to have a name written entirely in hiragana.
  • Kanae seems to be particularly fond of and associated with this tree emoji 🌳, with JynX using it whenever Kanae is mentioned and Kanae himself using the emoji a lot in his tweets.
  • Kanae's streaming setup features a cat-themed microphone, a laptop monitor and a melon soda ice cream float.
  • Kanae's Fall Guys character wears the upper Tropical Tree costume, likely a reference to the character's tree theme.
  • Although Kanae announced that he is male, he doesn't mind no matter what fans want to call him, and they are fine to think of him as female or ambiguous in gender, like with Len'en characters.[1]

Official Sources[edit]


  1. A pun on "to clip" (切り抜き, kirinuki) and "tree(s)" (, ki), the latter of which is also found in Tabinoki (旅ノ).
  2. A reference and pun on the title of a famous advertisement song, "What Tree Is This Tree" (この木なんの木, kono ki nan no ki).
  3. A portmanteau of "konnichiwa" (こんにちは, "Good afternoon/evening") and "Tabinoki" (旅ノ木, Lit. "tree of journey(s)").
  4. A pun on the Japanese phrase "otsukare~" (おつかれ, "Thanks for the hard work/good job today") and "Kanae".
  5. A pun on the Japanese word for "standby" (待機, taiki) and "tree(s)" (, ki), the latter of which is also found in Tabinoki (旅ノ).
  6. Literally means "tree child" but is a pun on "mushroom" (キノコ, kinoko).
  7. A reference to the Japanese chocolate snacks "Mushroom Mountain" (きのこの山) and "Bamboo Shoot Village" (たけのこの里), and the accompanying rivalry between fans of the two.