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A Monochroid (モノクロイド, Monokuroido) is a virtual android in the Len'en Project that usually appear on JynX's Youtube channel, helping with explanations on videos related to Len'en.
All of their full names follow a set pattern:

Pattern: Monochroid[name] = _Type_iX number [character the monochroid is based on] ;
Example: Monochroid[Rei] = _Type_iX 01 [Tsubakura] ;

While their nicknames are based on the number zero from various languages:
Rei: Japanese "零" (れい, Rei)
Zelo: English "Zero"
Lin : Chinese "零" (Trad: Líng Cantonese: ling4)

Characters that are this species[edit]

  • Rei (Monochroid[Rei] = _Type_iX01[Tsubakura])
  • Zelo (Monochroid[Zelo] = _Type_iX02[Yabusame])
  • Lin (Monochroid[Lin] = _Type_iX00[Rei])
  • NiLU? (unknown type, if any) - their name follows the same pattern as the other three and, similarly to them, they have pale white skin. In addition, the 6th anniversary illustration shows the 3 monochroids excited at NiLU appearing in the anniversary video, akin to "a relative being on TV". It is not outright stated that NiLU is a monochroid, however.

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