Yago Ametsukana

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天目津金 (あめつかな)  ヤゴ
Yago Ametsukana
a̠me̞t͡sɯᵝkã̠na̠ ja̠ɡ̃o̞
A Thousand Blades and a Thousand Arms
More Character Titles
Species God
Abilities Creating weapons
Music Themes
  • 道を打つ刃金 ~ Cyclops Tech (BPoHC)
Official Games
  • Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle
    • Extra Stage Boss (Haze Route)
  • Yago Ametsukana (天目津金 ヤゴ Ametsukana Yago) is a god able to forge any weapon and who supplied weaponry for both the Dragonfly Army and Devanagara during the war between both factions. Their ultimate wish is to create a weapon suitable for themself. They are the extra stage boss of the Haze route in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.

    General Information[edit]



    Creating weapons

    They have the ability to create any kind of weapon, but only such weapon is completed when it finds a suitable owner for use. Presumably, the weapons that surround them in their portrait are those that they have created. In Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle they provided weapons for both factions, while remaining as a neutral party. It's stated in their profile that Yago is responsible for the creation of the Tasouken, and JynX also stated that Yago created Kunimitsu Ooya's weapon, the Bankuru.[1]

    Background Information[edit]


    Their full name is Yago Ametsukana (天目津金 ヤゴ). Their first name, Yago (ヤゴ), is the Japanese word for dragonfly larvae, nymphs or naiads. Their last name, Ametsukana (天目津金), may be a reference to Ame-no-mahitotsu no kami (天目一箇神), the one-eyed god of the heavens. A god of iron making and blacksmithing, which may be why Yago has an eye covered by a mask. Also called Ame-no-mahitotsu tsune no mikoto (天之麻比止都禰命) and Ame-no-kushimahitotsu no mikoto (天久斯麻比止都命), amongst many other names. Their last name may also be a reference to Tsukane (津金), a port area of Nagoya, in the Aichi prefecture.

    According to JynX, "Yago" is written as "水蠆" in Chinese[2], which is the Chinese for dragonfly larvae, nymphs or naiads.


    Yago Ametsukana wears a short, red kimono with brown, black and white straps and a black dress with white stripes. They have a brown eye, the other is covered by a white cloth with light blue dots. They have brown hair and wear a red hyottoko mask. They are carrying a sheathed sword with gold decorations and various knives float around them. They also wear a knee pad and have some metal covering their calf. They wear 2 different shoes: one that is covered in metal and somewhat resembles a knight's footwear and a maroon-coloured shoe.



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