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Celestials (天人, tennin, , lit. "sky person", "heaven person", or "Deva") are a race of heaven-dwelling beings that ascended from a Human or Hermit.

Celestials in the Len'en Project[edit | edit source]

It is implied that most Celestials live in the Heavens. Souko Shirami is one of those exceptions, they spend the majority of their time on the ground, and try to avoid conflict with Youkai with various magical tools and repellent charms. In the Len'en Project, one has to be born as a Celestial and cannot decide to become one by choice. In a conversation with Taira no Fumikado and their crew, Souko mentions how they have connections to a god, but it's unknown what god this is.

Characters that are this species[edit | edit source]

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