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The Senri Shrine.
Souls had been wandering around the shrine grounds as usual, acting like they owned the darn place.


The ceaseless chill didn't disappear either, and since the head priests had failed to resolve the incident,
the shrine's shikigami was very displeased.

ジンベイ 「それで・・・・なんなんですかそれ?」

Jinbei: "So... what, exactly, is that?"

ツバクラ 「捨てキメラ幽霊、拾ってきた」

Tsubakura: "We adopted a poor, abandoned chimera soul."

ジンベイ 「拾ってきたって・・・猫じゃないんですから」

Jinbei: "Adopted...? It's not a cat, for goodness' sake."

ヤブサメ 「ツバに懐いちゃったの」

Yabusame: "They took a liking to Tsuba!"

シオン  「ふにふに〜」

Shion: "*rub rub*"

ツバクラ 「瞳の部分には触んないでやってくれよー」

Tsubakura: "Don't touch the eye in my hat, please."

ジンベイ 「なるほど・・・今日から食事が一人分増えるわけですか」

Jinbei: "I see...That means we have one more mouth to feed."

シオン  「シオンは何も食べなくてダイジョーブだよ」

Shion: "It's alright! I don't have to eat anything."

ヤブサメ 「経済的だね!」

Yabusame: "How economical!"

ツバクラ 「代わりに俺の魂をツマミ食いするけどな」

Tsubakura: "In exchange, though, they keep nibbling on my soul."

シオン  「おいしぃーの」

Shion: "It's soooo tasty!"

ジンベイ 「まぁ死なない程度にヨロシクお願いしますね、

Jinbei: "Well, I ask that you keep your nibbling to a non-fatal level.
They're responsible for this place, you see. Technically."

ヤブサメ 「ツバが責任者ってことは、じゃあボクは?」

Yabusame: "If Tsuba is the one responsible for stuff, then what am I?"

ジンベイ 「え〜と・・・・・じゃあマスコット」

Jinbei: "Um... let's say you're the mascot."

ヤブサメ 「わーぃ!!」

Yabusame: "Hooray!"

シオン  「シオンは?」

Shion: "And what am I?"

ジンベイ 「・・・・ペット」

Jinbei: ".....The pet."

シオン  「わーい!」

Shion: "Yay!"

ツバクラ 「俺の負担は?」

Tsubakura: "How about my burdens?"

ジンベイ 「増し増しです」

Jinbei: "They're increasing."

ツバクラ 「わーい」

Tsubakura: "Yaaaay..."


In the end, Yabusame and Tsubakura ended their search without learning where the spirits came from.


——"Well, we'll find out some details if we just go ask the guys we met earlier."


So Tsubakura thought, hoping to foist the search on someone else,
but in the end, the fact remained that the clean-up work afterward would still be their job.


And they were yet still ignorant of the fateful connection they would encounter there...

To be continued ---- EXTRA_STAGE...

To be continued in the Extra Stage...

<おめでとう! けど異変はどうすんの?(EXへ続く)>

Congratulations! But what about the incident, anyway? (Continued in the Extra Stage)