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Cafe Management[edit | edit source]

Cafe management is separated into 3 main sections, "cooking", "waiting" and "dishwashing", as explained in the following text, shown by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the cafe screen:


Running the Cafe


◆ How to Cook
Tap an employee and then a kitchen to open up the cooking menu.
After selecting the dish you want to cook by tapping it, tap the [Start Cooking] button and wait until it's done!
Once its done cooking, tap the kitchen while having a unit selected to collect the dish.


◆ How to Serve Customers
Once a customer sits at a chair, idle employees will carry food from the serving table to them on their own.
※ Note that customers can only sit on tables that are "facing a table"!


◆ How to Wash Dishes
After a customer finishes their dish, a dirty plate will be left behind.
There's a limit as to how many plates are in the cafe, so wash them to replenish your clean plates before you run out!
After selecting an employee, tap a sink to start washing!


◆ How to Save
The smartphone versions autosave, so you can just quit the game!
Autosaves are less frequent in the browser version, so press the [Quit Game] button in the left-hand menu
and once you've confirmed that you've returned to the title screen, then you can close the window!

Cafe Screen Layout[edit | edit source]

The top bar of the cafe screen displays the following information:

Top bar of cafe screen
Cafe Level
EXP:Current Exp/Exp Needed to Level Up
Ink Gems
Cafe Name (Select to rename) DISH: Number of available dishes
WASH: Number of dirty plates
PLATE: Available plates/Total plates
Time (According to system clock)
Battery Display (Only on Android version)

When an employee is selected, the following information is displayed:

Character Name [Game of Origin]
Current Status
Abandon Dish Level (Max. Level)
EXP: Current Exp/Exp Needed to Level Up
Movement Speed
Cooking Speed
Dishwashing Speed

When an active stove is selected, the following information is displayed:

Image of dish Dish Name
Time until completetion
Abandon Dish Use Cooking Time Reduction Card

Serving Table[edit | edit source]

Once a dish has been collected, they will be automatically put onto the serving table(s), where idle employees will take dishes from to serve to the customers. The player may choose whether new dishes are added to the top or bottom of the serving order, as well as rearrange the serving order of the current dishes, by tapping the table.

Cafe Level Up Rewards[edit | edit source]

Every level-up rewards the player with 1,000 Gold multiplied by your current level and 50 Ink Gems multiplied by your current level, along with raising the player's combat stamina. For example, reaching level 5 would reward a player 5x1,000 = 5,000 Gold and 5x50 = 250 Ink Gems. Additional rewards are as listed below:

Popularity, Boss Customers and Recipes[edit | edit source]

Popularity[edit | edit source]

Popularity determines how busy the pedestrian flow outside the cafe will be, the chance that they will enter the cafe and how long the line outside of the cafe can be. The max popularity level can be increased by 10 for every type of dish available at the counter as well as every unique employee working at the cafe.

Boss Customers[edit | edit source]

The "boss customer invasion" button.

Occasionally, any of the employees may spawn as a "boss customer". If a boss customer enters and sits down in the cafe, the player may feed them a number of dishes until they are full.

Dishes are separated based on their flavour: Sweet (甘味), sour (酸味), salty (塩味), bitter (苦味), savoury (うまあじ), spicy!!! (辛ぃぃ), nasty (まずい) and happy (うれしい). Each character has their own favour preferences, and foods that they like are given a multiplier to how much it increases their fullness bar.

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the customer service:


Fighting a Boss Customer




◆ Boss Customers
Every now and then, an outrageous fella known as a "boss customer", who is different from the other ones, will visit your cafe!
These boss customers are absolutely gluttons who won't be satisfied at all with just 1 or even 10 plates of any old dish!
This screen is where you get to feed a truly absurd about of dishes to these gluttons.
Feed them lots to get their satisfaction level as high as you can, you'll get a prize when you send them home!
※ After 24 hours, the boss character will go home on their own, and leave a reward proportionate to their satisfaction level.

◆Flavour [TASTE]
The boss customers each have their own preferred TASTE.
And the dishes of course have their own TASTES as well.
Giving a boss customer their dishes with TASTES that they like raises their satisfaction level higher more.
Also, they have "favourite" dishes as well, separate from their preferred TASTES.
These raise their satisfaction level even more!
The categories with their preferred flavours are in green, while the ones with their favourite fishes are in yellow.
For details as to what they like, you can press the red exclamation mark (!) button to find out.

Boss customers come back almost immediately even after you change screens or mess with the layout, so there's no worries there!
It's extremely difficult to completely satisfy them, so I recommend that you just make some kind of compromise!

The following are each character's preferences:

Recipes[edit | edit source]

The following is a translation and transcription of the recipes as seen in the game, with their level 99 stats as seen at the gacha details menu.

Note that the actual cooking time is calculated based on the following formula: [Base Cooking Time] ÷ (Chef Cooking Stat × 0.01) × [Employee Passive Bonus (if any)]. The base cooking time can be found in the following list; and currently Hooaka Shitodo [EE] the only cafe employee to have a passive cooking speed buff of 0.9.

Cafe Layout[edit | edit source]

There are a number of practical and cosmetic options for customising the cafe, for details see:

Managing Employees and Enhancing Recipes[edit | edit source]

Enhance Cafe (Right-top Option)
Cafe Employee Selection (Right-bottom Option)

At the "Upgrades" menu, players are able to access "Enhance Cafe" (カフェ強化) and "Cafe Employee Selection" (カフェ店員編成). Players are able to view the employees detailed stats from either menu, when selecting employees.

New employees are obtained through pull gacha machines. For details, see the following:

Enhance Cafe[edit | edit source]

In "Enhance Cafe" are four further options:

  • Top-left: Core Augmentation [Increase Depth Level] (コア深化[DEEP強化])
  • Bottom-left: Core Enhancement [Leveling Up] (コア強化[レベルアップ])
  • Top-right: Mimetic Override [Overwriting Appearances] (擬態オーバーライド[外見上書き]) (Currently Unavailable)
  • Bottom-right: Recipe Augmentation [Strengthening Dishes] (料理の深い化[料理強化])
Core Enhancement [Leveling Up]

Cafe employees start at level 1 and level up by earning experience, which can be earned through most actions taken at the cafe, such as cooking dishes, serving customers or washing dishes. Players may also access Enhance Cafe Employees to use cafe employee EXP cards on them in order to speed up the leveling process.

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the Core Enhancement screen:


Core Strengthening (Leveling Up)


Here you spend EXP cards to raise employee levels.
All stats increase as they level up.
※ The stat increase with each level greatly decreases after level 9.

Core Augmentation [Increase Depth Level]

Cafe employees start with a max level of 9, this is raised by 10 through consuming 100 Employee Enhancement Memories corresponding to their rank, or a single corresponding character-specific enhancement memory, to increase their Depth level by 1. The maximum depth level is 10, for a maximum level of 99.

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the Core Augmentation screen:


Core Enhancement (Increase Depth Level)


Here you can consume Employee Enhancement Memories to raise an employee's maximum level.
※ You can raise it to a maximum of Depth level 10, level 99.
※ The stat increase with each level greatly decreases after level 9.

Recipe Augmentation [Strengthening Dishes]

Recipes start with a max level of 9, this is raised by 1 through either obtaining a duplicate of the recipe from gacha machines or consuming 100 recipe enhancement items. The maximum recipe level is 99.

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the Recipe Augmentation screen:


Recipe Augmentation (Raising maximum recipe level)


You can raise recipe's maximum levels here.
Recipes can reach a max maximum level of Lv99.
The max level can be increased by 1 through consuming 100 common or specific enhancement items total.
The max level will also be increased by 10 when you get a duplicate of the dish from a gacha machine.

Cafe Employee Selection[edit | edit source]

Cafe Employee Selection is where owned employees can be added to or removed from the cafe. Players get to add more employees to their cafe as they level up and raise the maximum employee capacity, and a maximum of 15 employees can be chosen by level 99. Duplicate employees can not be obtained, but they provide DEEP discs for that character when pulled again.

The following is a translation and transcription of the employee stats as seen in the game, with their level 99 stats as seen at the cafe gacha machine details menu.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The fried blasphemy is refered to as a Takoyaki in the game's files.
  2. Kagami mochi is traditionally broken into small pieces before eating.
  3. "Hinna" (ヒンナ) is Ainu for "delicious". The phrase was popularized by the Japanese comic series Golden Kamuy, in which the protagonists Saichi Sugimoto and Asirpa commonly utter the phrase "Hinna! Hinna!" when eating delicious Ainu food.
  4. Shichimenchou (七面鳥, lit. "Seven-faced bird") is the traditional Japanese name for the turkey.
  5. A play on Amanomiya (天ノ宮, Lit. Heavenly Palace), Jun's surname, and the phrase "Candy Palace", ame no miya (飴ノ宮). In addition, ame is also how the word for "rain" () is pronounced.
  6. Mizuame (水飴, Lit."Water Candy") is a type of sweetener typically used in traditional Japanese sweets.
  7. On top of the cake is a dimensional portal, a calligraphy brush and a knife, likely a reference to the three protagonists of the series: Respectively Yabusame Houlen, Tsubakura Enraku and Suzumi Kuzu.
  8. A reference to Kanae Tabinoki's 1st debut anniversary stream, [PAON] "Horror" vs "Spice", Valentine's Sure Is Lovely ❤ [Kanae Tabinoki], where he bought and ate a pack of 10 pieces of chocolates of which 2 have habanero peppers inside of them.
  9. The maximum temperature of the sun's core.