Road Traveled by Light

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Road Traveled by Light
çika̠ɾi ɡa̠ to̞ːɾi ɕi mit͡ɕi
Road Travelled by Light
Creator Lumen Celeritas
Location Somewhere in Mugenri, nearby Mugenri Barrier
Official Games

The Road Traveled by Light or Road Travelled by Light (see spelling differences) (光が通りし道 Hikari ga tōri shi michi) is a long, straight barren road with trees lined along the sides. It was created by a berserk Lumen Celeritas, and as a result, the light in the area is warped to a degree that it makes the sky appear larger and wider. Though it was Lumen who was responsible for causing damage to the Mugenri Barrier, the hole that the site ends at was created by Tenkai Zuifeng. The road may be so long that it takes hours to cross end-to-end, as shown in the Extra and Extra+α stages of Reactivate Majestical Imperial. At a distance, the rare kanji mu (, lit. "nothing") can be seen.

Road's Appearances[edit]

Reactivate Majestical Imperial

The road is both the Extra and Extra+α Stage of Reactivate Majestical Imperial. Here, the heroes go on a long journey down the path to search for the person who caused a lot of spirits coming to Mugenri from the Outside World, which turned out to be Tenkai Zuifeng. They made this happen by accident because they didn't like the trivial task of fixing the Mugenri Barrier, thus causing a prank by making a hole in the barrier. The heroes and Tenkai have a duel, but the latter was defeated. When the heroes were about to leave, Sese Kitsugai interrupts and absorbs all the spirits that the heroes have gathered, thus becoming very strong (all with little reason). After casting some spell cards and getting defeated, they once again became weak.