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The following material is hidden away from normal view to prevent spoilers.
It contains ending dialogue and thus hidden away so that it meets the requirements provided by JynX.
Please read at your own risk!
I understand and I wish to continue
You've committed a big mistake, yo.
Suzumi's Bad Ending

スズミ 「! ・・・・・・」

Suzumi (Hamee): "! ......"


Suzumi opened their eyes to find themselves in a strange, unknown place.

スズミ 「どうした? 急に目を覚まして」

Suzumi (Ardey): "What is it? You woke up so suddenly."

スズミ 「ん~、なんかね、

Suzumi (Hamee): "Mmm~. Well,
there was like, no reality to it, y'know? So I came back. ♪"

スズミ 「・・・・途中でか?」

Suzumi (Ardey): "......Midway through?"

スズミ 「うん♪」

Suzumi (Hamee): "Yup. ♪"

スズミ 「・・・・・」

Suzumi (Ardey): "......"

スズミ 「だって~、私にしては弱すぎたんだも~ん

Suzumi (Hamee): "Like, c'mon, that was way too weak for my standa~rds!
A history like that's just no good at all."

スズミ 「・・・いいから、もう一回行ってこーい」

Suzumi (Ardey): "...Whatever. Just dive back in one more time, will you?"

スズミ 「はいはい・・・・まったく、重労働は美容に悪いのに」

Suzumi (Hamee): "Yeah, yeah... Geeze. Heavy labor is the number-one enemy of beauty, you know."

スズミ 「健康にだって悪いからな、適度に休めよ」

Suzumi (Ardey): "It's the number-one enemy of good health, too. Remember to take rests every now and then."


As they mumbled to themself, Suzumi once again
rolled over and lost consciousness...

To be continued...?

To be continued...?

ROUTE3 Bad_End...

ROUTE3 Bad Ending...
Next time, aim for a no continue!