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The following material is hidden away from normal view to prevent spoilers.
It contains ending dialogue and thus hidden away so that it meets the requirements provided by JynX.
Please read at your own risk!
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The autumn sunlight filtered down onto the clay ritual site.


That light, sometimes known as Rembrandt rays, shone down onto the roof.
Two figures lingered there.

ツバクラ 「ゲーム終了・・・神器にしちゃあ、随分と弱かったな」

Tsubakura: "Aaand game over... For a sacred treasure, that was pretty weak."

ヤオロチ 「馬鹿な・・・剣の力がまるで引き出せない・・・」

Yaorochi: "Ridiculous...! I can't draw out the sword's power at all..."

ツバクラ 「お前が神器を扱えるような器じゃなかったんじゃないか?」

Tsubakura: "Maybe you weren't a good enough vessel to wield a sacred treasure?"

ヤオロチ 「ぐっ・・・そんなハズは・・・」

Yaorochi: "Ghh... That can't be...!"


At Tsubakura's merciless jab, Yaorochi crumpled to the floor with a big "fllllllllump".


At just the same time, someone came running up the building's stairs and out onto the roof.

スクネ 「あー! いたいた、さっきの奴! 儀式の邪魔するなっちゅーにー!」

Sukune: "Aaaah! There ya are, there! From before! Don't ya go disruptin' the ritual, yanno!"

ツバクラ 「おっ、単純発見」

Tsubakura: "Oh. Simpleton spotted."

ヤオロチ 「蛇叢剣・・・・・」

Yaorochi :"Tasouken....."

スクネ 「あ、八尾呂智さんもいる、・・・けど、儀式はどうなったん?

Sukune "Huh? Ya here too, Yaorochi-san? ...But what happened to the ritual?
Is m'bottle opener complete?"

ツバクラ 「・・・・・・・・・・『栓抜き』? はてさて不穏な気配」

Tsubakura: "..........'Bottle opener'? Well, that's a disturbing sign."

スクネ 「ん? あぁ! あれあれ! 柄の先に栓抜き付いてるでしょ?

Sukune: "Hm? Aah! See, see! There'sh a bottle opener on the handle.
It's m'special 'sword-shaped bottle opener'!"

ツバクラ 「あぁ、本当だ・・・ってか気づけよお前」

Tsubakura: "Oh, you're right... Geeze, snakeface, pay more attention."

ヤオロチ 「な、なんっ・・・だっ・・・とぅ?」

Yaorochi: "Wha-what... did you... say?"

スクネ 「? それがどうかしたにゃ?」

Sukune: "Mm? What about it, nyah?"

ツバクラ 「栓抜きかぁ・・・・・神器なのに」

Tsubakura: "A bottle opener... Even though it was a sacred treasure..."

ヤオロチ 「そんなアホな・・・・?」

Yaorochi: "T-That's ridiculous....?!"

ツバクラ 「すげぇオチだな」

Tsubakura: "Whaaaat a twist."

スクネ 「なにがどうなってるん?」

Sukune: "What'sh the matter, anyway?"

ツバクラ 「これが本当の『蛇足』、つって・・・ねっ」

Tsubakura: "That's so unnecessary. Like legs on a snake... as they say."

ヤオロチ 「・・・・・言い返す気にもならん」

Yaorochi: "....I don't even feel like responding to that."

ツバクラ 「慰めてくれてもいいんだぜ?」

Tsubakura: "Do you need some comfort? I can help, you know."

スクネ 「? なんか良く分からんぎゃ、

Sukune: "...? I'm not sure I get it, gyah,
but how about we open up some saké to celebrate?"

スクネ 「丁度ここにある箱のような物にしまって置いた良い酒があるんじゃらほい

Sukune: "I've got some good saké over'n that box-lookin' thing in the corner, hoi.

ツバクラ 「うっ、大吟醸『ヤマタノヲロチ』・・・って」

Tsubakura: "Uhh. 'Finest-Quality Brew, Yamata-no-Orochi'... pfft."

ヤオロチ 「・・・皮肉か?」

Yaorochi: "...Are you mocking me?"

スクネ 「今日は僕の作品の完成記念日だね! あ、栓を抜くのやらせてね」

Sukune: "This'll be a day t'commemorate my first finished work! Oh, and leave the bottle-openin' to me."


Thus, the imperial treasure's power was transferred to a bottle opener.


Perhaps for that reason, it was impossible to draw out its true power as a sacred treasure.


However, Yaorochi may not have actually cared about that power.


It wasn't the sword's "power" that they loved, after all.


However, they did still feel rather conflicted about its utility being reduced to opening bottles.


Perhaps one might say that Yaorochi's wish was about 70% granted.


Despite all that, though, as they held the bottle-opener to their chest, Yaorochi's expression was like none they'd ever made in the past.


...But, doesn't opening saké with an imperial treasure seem a little disgraceful...?
.......Maybe it's actually luxurious.

To be continued ---- EXTRA_STAGE...

To be continued in the Extra Stage...

ROUTE2 ALL CLEAR!! <玄鳥の言うとおり、 すげぇオチでした>。
    <それにしても凄いねー! 長い耐久弾幕でしたが、お疲れ様でした!!>

ROUTE 2 ALL CLEAR!! <As Tsubakura said, that was one heck of a twist.>
<That aside, you did amazing! It was a really long survival card, so great job!!>