Fujiwara no Iyozane

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藤原ふじわら 伊代真いよざね
Fujiwara no Iyozane
ɸɯᵝd͡ʑiɰᵝa̠ɾ̠a̠ no̞ ijo̞za̠ne̞
Fujiwara no Iyozane
Character Titles
Anachronistic Ambitious Person
Other Names Iyozane Fujiwara
Species Human
Abilities Crossing over waves
Location Somewhere in the Gloomy Straits
Music Themes
  • 幽暗海峡ヨーソロー (RMI)
  • 幽霊うごく波と風 ~ not steady body (BPoHC)

Fujiwara no Iyozane (藤原 伊代真, Fujiwara no Iyozane) was the true throne successor to the Capital City, but after being killed by Ooama no Ake no Mitori and later brought back to life by an unknown source, they fell from grace and now work as a humble boater. Currently, they are working with Taira no Fumikado with their goals to become emperor, in the hopes that they will become an influential person again.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Iyozane was the first successor to the throne for the emperor in the Capital City. They were close with their relative Fujiwara no Mitori and their friend Kunimitsu Ooya. However, they were unhappy with their "gilded cage" lifestyle, so Mitori decided to mercy-kill Iyozane by poisoning. Mitori gave them a state funeral in secret[1], but after they were revived through unknown means, Iyozane decided to start over as a normal person by doing menial jobs, such as carrying baggage and letters and working as a boater.

When Taira no Fumikado escaped from the Capital City in order to escape from assassins, they decided to cross the Gloomy Straits when they met the boater Iyozane. The latter tried to break the ice and make conversation by telling about their own story, which concluded with Iyozane playing the flute for Fumikado. After that, they learned each other's names and realized that they belonged to enemy families, but at that point it didn't matter any more. Fumikado explained that soon, a big hole will open in the internal side of the Mugenri Barrier, and lots of spirits will enter the barrier. They decided to work together, with Fumikado giving Iyozane a replica of a youkai tool, the "Saeda" flute once carried by Taira no Atsumori, so Iyozane could be able to control and guide the spirits to them.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Laid-back, straightforward and gentle, Iyozane is never comfortable with whatever they are doing. Though they're a good person, Iyozane is also bad at lying and keeping secrets (except for the truth about them being successor to the throne). Perhaps due to being part of the royal family once, Iyozane is ambitious and wants to become an influential person again, but with the freedom to do what they want this time. After their death and resurrection, Iyozane wished to become a pirate, but upon meeting Fumikado, they wanted to become their chief advisor.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Crossing over waves

Their ability to manipulate waves is convenient when they want to move their boat around the straits. The true extent of this power is unclear.

Manipulation of spirits through the Saeda

Iyozane received the flute "Saeda" (小枝, lit. "small branch") from Fumikado, which creates music that attracts spirits but can only be used by those who have crossed over life and death. Having been assassinated and brought back to life; as well as having learnt how to play a variety of instruments, including the flute, as a part of their emperor studies[2], Iyozane was one of the few people who were capable of using the Saeda. The flute seen in-game is a replica made by Sukune Katano upon Iyozane's request.

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

Iyozane is likely based on Fujiwara no Sumitomo (藤原 純友), a famous noble and pirate from the Heian period who had started a revolt against the royal court. Sumitomo was a local official of the Iyo Province (伊予国), where Iyozane got part of their name from. Originally tasked with suppressing the pirates of the Seto Inland Sea, he later turned to instead lead the pirates in a revolt against the Japanese imperial court. Iyozane's previous dreams of becoming a pirate and previous workplace at the Gloomy Strait are likely based on Sumitomo becoming a pirate and having acted around the Seto Inland Sea, itself a strait .

Sumitomo's revolt happened around the same time as that of Taira no Masakado's, and the two revolts are often mentioned together as the Jōhei Tengyō no Ran (承平天慶の乱, Lit. "Disturbance in the Jōhei and Tengyō eras"). While the two revolts were separate events, there is a legend that tells of Masakado and Sumitomo as youths planning together to take the capital, swearing an oath to one another that if they succeeded, Masakado would become emperor while Sumitomo would become his Kampaku, chief advisor to the emperor, a position Iyozane themself are aiming for.

Name[edit | edit source]

Their full name is Fujiwara no Iyozane (藤原 伊代真). Their last name Fujiwara (藤原, "Wisteria field") is an actual and a common surname used in Japan - it should be noted that while this is one of the evidence which proves the political influence of the Fujiwara Clan, there are some Fujiwaras that aren't related to the Fujiwara Clan. The hiragana character no () used here indicates a "belonging", thus the English equivalent of their name would be "Iyozane of the Fujiwara". In ancient Japan times, it was common for aristocrats with a clan's name to have no between their clan's name and first name. The characters for Iyozane (伊代真) literally mean "true generation". The first kanji is shared with the Iyo Province, where Sumitomo led his own revolt in the year 939.

Design[edit | edit source]

Iyozane has short silver-blue hair and eyes of the same color. They wear a black headband and Japanese clothing. They are also often surrounded by spirits. In Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, the spirits around them appear to resemble the Bakebake.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Iyozane in RMI
Reactivate Majestical Imperial

Fumikado convinces Iyozane to work for their resurrection ceremony, in exchange that they will become their chief advisor. Filled with ambition, Iyozane agrees and with their boat, rides towards the Gloomy Straits playing their flute as it attracts the spirits. The flow of spirits upsets the heroes, who then confront Iyozane.

Yabusame and Tsubakura encounter Iyozane and accuse them of controlling the spirits and provoking a long winter, much to the boater's confusion. After being coerced by Tsubakura, Iyozane tries to explain their own motives, but is interrupted by Yabusame, who wants to play with the flute. After being defeated and getting a hold of the flute, Iyozane says that it doesn't matter, since their part in Fumikado's plans is done.

Iyozane encounters Sukune, who are revealed to be good friends from the Capital City. When the haniwa asks why they are using a flute to herd the spirits, the boater answers that someone important promised that if they cooperated, they will make Iyozane a chief advisor. Yaorochi accuses them of being the mastermind and attacks. After being defeated, Iyozane reveals that they are serving Fumikado and guides them to the location.

Iyozane encounters Kuroji Shitodo and Adagumo no Saragimaru, who proceed to interrogate them about the amount of spirits and ask why is Iyozane gathering them. The boater reveals Fumikado's plans, saying that they only agreed to cooperate because Fumikado promised them something big in return. Believing it to be money, Kuroji demands it, but Iyozane says that they are penniless currently but can give them postpay later. Angry, Kuroji and Saragimaru fight them. After Iyozane is defeated, they say that they will remember it. When the team reaches Fumikado's resurrection ceremony, Iyozane tries to stop them, not out of concern for Fumikado, but because they want to be their chief advisor if their plan succeeds.

Iyozane in BPoHC as a player
Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

Despite their fall from grace, Fumikado plans to take over Mugenri. Together with Iyozane and Tsugumi, they go to resolve the incident. Iyozane is now doubting about being allied with someone who is now a rogue fugitive but helps them nonetheless.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Taira no Fumikado

Iyozane ferried Fumikado when they were escaping assassins. Fumikado asked Iyozane for their assistance and gave a tool to guide the spirits to Fumikado. Iyozane believed that they would become Fumikado's chief advisor and helped. They now question their relationship with Fumikado, but tries to help them anyway. After the events of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, Iyozane decides to stay at Fumikado's side.

Tsugumi Umatachi

They are Iyozane's partner whom they sometimes bickers with. They both work together to try and fulfill Fumikado's plans.

Sukune Katano

Iyozane once commissioned a replica Saeda from Sukune and despite defeating Fumikado and ruining Iyozane's chances to become a chief advisor, they're still on good terms.

Kunimitsu Ooya

Iyozane and Kunimitsu used to be friends in their youth, but seem to have distanced after Iyozane left the Capital City to become a boater. It doesn't help that Iyozane is allied to Fumikado, who is now a rogue fugitive from the Capital City. Kunimitsu didn't recognize Iyozane at first, until the boater called them by the pet name of Micchan (みっちゃん, Micchan), which only Iyozane uses.

Ooama no Ake no Mitori

Mitori and Iyozane were both from the Fujiwara clan and were close friends in their youth. Mitori learned of their true parentage and decided to plan a coup d'état, eventually killing Iyozane. However, judging by their dialogue with Mitori, they seem to have cooperated, only complaining that the poison hurt a lot more than Mitori claimed it could. Mitori was delighted to see that Iyozane was alive, and apologized for killing their parents, but they insisted it was something that needed to be done. Iyozane, however, didn't seemed to care about it.[1]

Fujiwara no Shirogane no Sanra

Sanra was Iyozane's sibling[3]. It's unknown what was their relationship in the past, but Sanra calls them "Iyo-sama". At Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, Sanra didn't recognize Iyozane (since like most people from the capital, they believed Iyozane was dead) and was shocked upon finding that Iyozane was alive all along.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

  • Iyozane appears to have above-average perceptual abilities, as they were able to sense Kurohebi's presence when no one else could, despite Kurohebi's ability.[4]
  • Having died and lost their soul once seemingly made it so that their soul is easier to extract, with Shion comparing it to being more "drinkable" than "edible".[5]
  • Iyozane is good at making chilled tofu (冷奴, hiyayakko) and chilled Chinese noodles (冷奴, hiyashi chuuka).[6]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Spell Cards[edit | edit source]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 15
霊牌「誘いの輪廻」 Spirit Card "Enticing Samsara" RMI St. 3: E/N
霊牌「螺旋京極門」 Spirit Card "Spiral Kyougoku Gate"[a] RMI St. 3: H/U
川守「三途川ラッシュ」 River Protection "Sanzu River Rush" RMI St. 3: E/N
黄泉「スティックスオーバーフロー」 Yomi "Styx Overflow"[b] RMI St. 3: H/U
波牌「伊代の波」 Wave Card "Wave of Iyo"[c] Bomb RMI
St. 3: E/N
St. 3: E/N
覇牌「海峡狭窄」 Domination Card "Strait Stenosis"[d] RMI
St. 3: H/U
St. 3: H/U
霊火「ホムラガエシ」 Spirit Fire "Blaze Reversal" RMI
St. 3: E/N
St. 3: E/N
霊焔「蒼蓮の交わり」 Spirit Blaze "Blue Lotus Fellowship" RMI
St. 3: H/U
St. 3: H/U
霊流「黙に消える灯篭」 Spirit Flow "Lanterns Vanishing in Silence"[e] RMI St. 3: E/N
輪霊「海に還る光」 Wheel Spirit "Lights Returning to the Sea"[e] RMI St. 3: H/U
「无帆船【ノア】」 "Sail-less Ship [Noah]"[f] RMI
St. 3: E/N
St. 3: E/N
「大海賊【イヨザネ】」 "Great Pirate [Iyozane]" RMI
St. 3: H/U
St. 3: H/U
叛乱「関白砲」 Uprising "Kampaku Cannon"[g] Flash bomb RMI
St. 5: E/N
霊砲「出世バズーカ」 Soul Cannon "Promotion Bazooka" Upgraded flash bomb RMI
St. 5: H/U
霊体化 Activate Spirit Body BPoHC Upgrade

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Kyougoku likely refers to the "Kyougoku Clan" (京極家) of the kuge aristocratic class, famous for their "Kyougoku Style" of Japanese waka poetry. They belonged to the Hokke Branch of the Fujiwara Clan, who Fujiwara no Sumitomo, Iyozane's basis, belonged to as well.
  2. In Greek mythology, the souls of the dead must cross the River Styx, which divides the Earth and Underworld.
  3. A reference to both Iyozane themself and the ancient Iyo Province (伊予国) of Japan, where Fujiwara no Sumitomo, Iyozane's basis, was active around.
  4. A reference to both the Gloomy Strait and the Seto Inland Sea, the latter of which Sumitomo and his pirates had control over during their revolt. It is suggested that the name Seto (瀬戸) came from the word "narrow gate" (狭門 or 迫門, seto), which indicated that it was a narrow strait.
  5. 5.0 5.1 A reference to the Japanese Bon Festival practise of Tōrō nagashi (灯籠流し), where paper lanterns are set afloat on the sea in the belief that they will help guide the souls of the departed to the afterlife.
  6. A reference to the Biblical story of Noah's Ark, as well as Iyozane's own sail-less boat mentioned in Fumikado's profile.
  7. A reference to Sumitomo's revolt against the Japanese royal court, and an accompanying legend that claimed that they were aiming to become Kampaku, chief advisor to the emperor, the position Iyozane themself are aiming for.

Official Profiles[edit | edit source]

Official profiles
 〇3面ボス 時代錯誤の野心家

  藤原 伊代真(ふじわらのいよざね)
  Hujiwara no Iyozane



◯ Stage 3 Boss — Anachronistic Ambitious Person

Fujiwara no Iyozane

Species: Human (aspiring pirate)
Ability: Something like crossing over waves

They teamed up with a certain person, and is leading the spirits together in order to fulfill some plan.
They dream of becoming an influential person, but although they have great ambition,
they haven't really decided what they will do once that ambition is fulfilled.
For the time being, they want to become the "chief adviser to the emperor".
They control spirits by skillfully using a replica of a youkai tool, the "Saeda" flute.
They hate the cold, so this whole scheme is proving to be troublesome to them.


藤原 伊代真
Hujiwara no Iyozane





Anachronistic Ambitious Person

Fujiwara no Iyozane
Human (aspiring pirate)
Something like crossing over waves

An ambitious person who's plotting to help Fumikado become the
new Emperor, thereby becoming a chief advisor themself in turn.

However, after getting to know Fumikado's personality and intellect better,
they are starting to regret that they might've chosen
to serve under the wrong person.

They used to be a ferryman and aspiring pirate, but since there was already plenty
of competition in that field, they gave up on that particular dream.

They wield the "Saeda" flute, which can control souls.

Official Sources[edit | edit source]

Official sources

References[edit | edit source]