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Tsubakura's Bad Ending


At the Senri Shrine. Although the sky was sunny, Tsubakura and friends still had overcast hearts.

ツバクラ 「ひえー、なんともまぁ、おっかない奴だったなー」

Tsubakura: "Eeek. Oh my gooosh. They were so scary."

ヤブサメ 「っで、逃げるだけで精一杯だったの? ツバらしくもない、弱虫」

Yabusame: "...So it took everything you had just to run away? That's so wimpy, Tsuba. It's not like you."

ツバクラ 「なんつったって相手は神器を使ってきたんだぜ? 反則だろ」

Tsubakura: "C'mon, the opponent was using a sacred treasure against me. It was totally unfair."

ヤブサメ 「ツバだって似たようなモノ貰ってるじゃん、先代から」

Yabusame: "You got something sorta similar too, right? From the former priest."

ツバクラ 「この帽子のことか? 生憎、居眠り中らしい」

Tsubakura: "You mean this hat? Unfortunately, it seems to be sleeping in."

ヤブサメ 「・・・眠るものなの、それ?」

Yabusame: "...It sleeps?"


Tsubakura managed to flee from Yaorochi's mad dance, which almost seemed to churn the skies themselves,
but they were still wondering about one thing.


Was that sword really an imperial treasure?
If that was the case, then they might've had to work a lot more seriously to get away.


But there had been no such need. They did run away while calculating that night's dinner with mock statistics,
but they'd at least managed to return safely. They didn't have a single injury.


And yet, the atmosphere had been more than overwhelming.


So, what in the world was that sword...?


The next time they met Yaorochi, they'd try "playing" a little more seriously.
They'd surely understand it then.


Tsubakura firmly believed so.

To be continued...?

To be continued...?

ROUTE2 Bad_End...
     <次はノーコンティニューを目指してみよう! ファイト!>

ROUTE 2 Bad Ending...
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