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Scoundrel Team's Brilliant Ending 1
Scoundrel Team's Brilliant Ending 2
Scoundrel Team's Brilliant Ending 3


~At the imperial capital, "Devanagara"


The Capital of culture and technology, progress and development, deceit and indolence, knowledge and corruption.


Even with the countless towering buildings of the Capital crowded together,
the eyes of humanity are drawn to a single one, the Pagoda of the Heavenly Mirror.


In the skies the pagoda stretches towards, so far above the clouds that you couldn't see it
from the ground, three little birds raised a meager shout of triumph.


Hooaka: "Victory is ours!"

アオジ 「あぁ・・・勝っちゃった...」

Aoji: "Huh... We actually won..."

クロジ 「わりと苦戦したな、さすがは名君 中々に強い」

Kuroji: "That was a pretty close fight, as expected of a wise ruler. Quite strong."

ミトリ 「大したものです・・・

Mitori: "This is a very special privilege...
You are the only people in the Capital who dares be so disrespectful towards Us."


Hooaka: "So Kuro-jii, what now?"

クロジ 「なにがだ?」

Kuroji: "What do you mean?"

アオジ 「本当に皇帝になるつもり?」

Aoji: "Do you seriously plan to become emperor?

クロジ 「んー・・・それも面白そうだな」

Kuroji: "Hmm... It does sound interesting."


Hooaka: "So you're serious?"

アオジ 「ってことは、僕たちも皇室になるってことだよね!」

Aoji: "Y'know, that would make us part of of the Imperial Family, too!"


Hooaka: "Oh yeah, we could stuff ourselves with delicious food!!"

クロジ 「・・・・・・」

Kuroji: "........"

ミトリ 「鵐 黒巫鳥・・・・・卿の狙いはなんなのですか?」

Mitori: "Kuroji Shitodo..... What is your real goal?

クロジ 「・・・どういう意味だ?」

Kuroji: "...What're you getting at?"

ミトリ 「戦えば分かります

Mitori: "It became clear to me during our battle
that you are not a person who desires power purely for your own self-interests."

ホオアカ「えぇー! そんなことないぞ」

Hooaka: "Eeh?! No way!"

アオジ 「私利私欲のために生きてるようなヒトですよ?」

Aoji: "Kuroji is the kind of person who lives for their own personal gain, you know?"

クロジ 「・・・・・・・」

Kuroji: "......"

ミトリ 「皇帝になって、あなたは何をするのですか?」

Mitori: "So what will you do after becoming emperor?"

クロジ 「・・・そんなことは、なってみてから考えるさ」

Kuroji: "...I can figure that out later."


With dark, stagnant eyes, Kuroji looked down on the Capital through a break in the sea of clouds and continued to speak.

クロジ 「今はただ、頂上の景色を楽しんでみたいだけさ」

Kuroji: "For now, I think I'll just enjoy the view from the summit."

To be continued...?

To be continued...?

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