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Yabusame's Good Ending 1
Yabusame's Good Ending 2
Yabusame's Good Ending 3
Yabusame's Good Ending 4


At the ritual site; light filtered down through the sky, and the clouds were beginning to clear.
Two figures were visible where the light shone down.

ヤブサメ 「勝っちった・・・本当に・・・?」

Yabusame "Oh my gosh... I really won...?"

ヤオロチ 「そんな馬鹿な・・・剣の力がまるで引き出せない・・・」

Yaorochi "Ridiculous...! I can't draw out the sword's power at all..."

ヤブサメ 「どうやらあちらに不具合があったらしいね、ラッキー♪」

Yabusame "Looks like there was some kind of defect on your end. Lucky me! ♪"

ヤオロチ 「ありえぬ・・・」

Yaorochi "Unbelievable..."

???  「ああぁ! 八尾呂智さん! それに侵入者! 

? ? ? "Aaahh! Yaorochi-san! And the intruder!
Don't ya go disruptin' the ritual, yannooo!"

ヤブサメ 「あ、さっきのハニワちゃん」

Yabusame "Oh, it's that lil' haniwa from before."

ヤオロチ 「宿禰・・・」

Yaorochi "Sukune..."

スクネ  「あれ? その手に持ってるんは・・・僕の『栓抜き』!

Sukune "Huh? That thing you're holdin'... It's m'bottle opener!
Did the ritual finish safely an' everything?!"

ヤオロチ 「うむ、だが・・・って、えっ?

Yaorochi "Hmm, yes, but... Huh?
W-Wait a minute, what did you just say?"

ヤブサメ 「栓抜き・・・?」

Yabusame "Your bottle opener...?"

スクネ  「ん? 栓抜きにゃよ? それ ほりゃっ、
柄の部分に栓抜きが付いてるでしょーに? 僕の自信作『剣型栓抜き』にゃ」

Sukune "Hm? Yeah, it'sh a bottle opener. Look, see, it's got that part
stuck to th' handle? That there's my mashterpiece, the 'Sword-shaped Bottle Opener'!"

ヤブサメ 「そんな栓抜きイヤだ・・・」

Yabusame "Why would anyone ever need a bottle opener like that..."

ヤオロチ 「え?・・・な・・・栓抜・・・き?」

Yaorochi "...What?... It's a.... bottle opener?"

スクネ  「? どうしたんだい?八尾呂智さん?」

Sukune "Hm? Somethin' wrong, Yaorochi-san?"

ヤブサメ 「あ〜、そのー・・・・・、あっ!

Yabusame "Um, well, you see... Oh!
They said they were tired from the ritual or something. ♪"

スクネ  「そりゃいけないにゃ!  ささっ、お疲れ様でしょーにょ〜、

Sukune "Aw, that ain't no good! Here, here, ya did a good job~.
How 'bout we all have some drinksh to celebrate? I can open the bottles! Just watch!!"

ヤブサメ 「神器で空けたお酒か、ちょっと呑んでみたいな〜 お腹も減ったし〜」

Yabusame "Saké opened with an imperial treasure? I do kind of want to try that~. I'm pretty thirsty and all, too~."

スクネ  「呑みたいかいー? そんなに呑みたいんかいー? よ〜し良いだっちゅ、

Sukune "Y'want a drink? Y'really really want a drink? Okay, chuu!
Today'sh the memorial day fer my first completed work, after all! It'll be my treat!!"

ヤブサメ 「わぁい! デブっ腹だね! じゃあお言葉に甘えて・・・」

Yabusame "Woohoo, let's drink 'til we're stuffed! I'll take you up on that offer..."

ヤオロチ 「栓抜き・・・」

Yaorochi "It's a... bottle opener..."

スクネ  「本当に大丈夫かいにゃ? 八尾呂智さん」

Sukune "Hey, are y'alright, nyah? Yaorochi-san?"


Thanks to Yaorochi's misunderstanding(?), Yabusame was luckily saved.


Having become a mere bottle opener, the imperial treasure may very well
have lacked any appropriate usage besides opening saké bottles.


Yaorochi remained in a state of shock for some time, but at last they stood up,
and held the imperial bottle-opener dearly to their chest.


It seemed that Yaorochi hadn't coveted its power as an imperial treasure;
they simply loved the sword itself.


Sukune, who was particular about surface appearances, and Yaorochi, who was particular about the meaning found beneath...
Perhaps the two of them were actually quite the compatible pair.


Well, you could just as easily call them incompatible...


Yabusame thought about these things,
but was entirely distracted a moment later by the saké and Sukune's feast.

To be continued ---- EXTRA_STAGE..

To be continued in the Extra Stage...

ROUTE1 ALL CLEAR!! <おめでとう!  酷いオチでした。>

ROUTE1 ALL CLEAR!! <Congratulations! What an awful twist ending.>
<That aside, wasn't your bouquet a little too sparse for meetin' a loved one?>


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