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This article describes the story of Earthen Miraculous Sword in detail.



Yabusame and Tsubakura are adjusting into the Senri Shrine. Tsurubami's familiar, Jinbei is the one who monitors them and makes sure they do youkai extermination properly. Tsubakura pulls a prank on Yabusame and Jinbei by giving them a suspicious black drink that they claim is coffee. After the prank is pulled, Jinbei notes that the weather has been cloudy recently and asks them to resolve it. However, only one can go so they decide who can go by playing a game of rock-paper-scissors. Meanwhile, Kuroji and their siblings built a cabin to live in while they stay in Mugenri. While Aoji and Hooaka laze around, Kuroji is looking for a way to gain funds for the house. They decide to resolve the incident too, in order to advertise their family.

Main Story[edit]


Bad Endings[edit]

The bad endings conclude with the heroes escaping the Ritual Chamber after being defeated by Yaorochi. They realize that with the Tasouken complete, the weather is back to normal. However, the heroes are disappointed that their lost.

Good Endings[edit]

The variation between the Good Ending A and Good Ending B depends if the heroes were able to stop the raging Tasouken or not. After defeating Yaorochi, they realize that the Tasouken's power has ran out. Suddenly, Sukune arrives trying to stop the heroes so the ritual won't be interrupted, but realizes that Yaorochi was defeated. The haniwa asks Yaorochi if their "sword-shaped bottle opener" is complete, causing Yaorochi to realize that the essence of the Tasouken was transferred to a bottle opener. Now the Tasouken is not a sacred treasure anymore, so Yaorochi blames Sukune for their poor communication. Shortly, they calm down, accepting that they never wanted to restore Yamata no Orochi's clan; they have an attachment to the sword and that is all. Sukune then invites Yaorochi and the heroes to drink sake together and put the bottle opener to good use.

Extra Backstory[edit]

A few days after the events of the main story, the sun is back in Mugenri and the clouds are gone. Yaorochi and Sukune go to drink sake at the shrine with Yabusame and Tsubakura. Yaorochi has already forgiven Sukune for the misunderstanding and is trying to adapt to the bottle opener of the Tasouken. Suddenly, clouds start appearing once again; however Yaorochi has nothing to do with this. Drunken Yabusame and Tsubakura and a sober Kuroji go to investigate, leaving Yaorochi and Sukune at the porch. Sukune then remembers the face of the person who requested them to restore the Tasouken, but pays no mind.

Extra Story[edit]

The heroes leave the shrine and proceed to look for the one who made Mugenri cloudy again. They encounter Lumen, who absorbed moonlight accidentally and is rampaging around. After defeating Lumen, they meet the one who summoned the clouds, Adagumo no Saragimaru. They are Yaorochi's younger sibling and wants to murder the heroes for ruining the Tasouken ritual and messing with Yaorochi's happiness. Since Tsubakura and Yabusame are drunk, they don't take Saragimaru seriously, while Kuroji is delighted to see a youkai with common sense and ignores Saragimaru's threats. In the end Saragimaru is defeated and the heroes invite them to drink sake.