Ooama no Ake no Mitori

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大天おおあま あけ 壬鳥みとり
Ooama no Ake no Mitori
o̞ːa̠ma̠ no̞ a̠ke̞ no̞ mito̞ɾi
Character Titles
The Throne Dyed in Vermillion
Other Names Fujiwara no Mitori (藤原 壬鳥, former name)
Species Human
Abilities Governing the heavens and subjugating the earth
Location Devanagara
Music Themes
  • 大天 ~ Spirit of nagara (BPoHC)

Ooama no Ake no Mitori (大天 朱 壬鳥) is the current emperor of the Capital City, Devanagara. Originally they were only the third successor to the throne but organized a coup d'état after finding out that they were an illegitimate child. They are also the Grand Field Marshal of the Imperial Army.

General Information[edit]


Mitori is described as a well-intentioned yet troubled individual, due to having been treated poorly by their family other than Iyozane and Sanra just for being a bastard. They absolutely hate hypocritical people, probably due to the fact that everyone in the royal family treated them with false kindness or animosity for the same reasons, and they also hate vulgar people, such as the Shitodo siblings. They tend to have a pretty stubborn side, often insisting on things, even seemingly insignificant ones, such as the way hold their bow.[1] They are very belligerent, they never refuse a fight, often complain that the past dynasty was far too weak and unsatisfying to overthrow, and even said that they wanted to fight Tsurubami or their surrounding for quite a long time.[2] Mitori also believes that whoever has the most strength should become the emperor. However, Mitori tends to be idealistic about the future they want to bring to Devanagara, their dearest wish being to make this place a place that wouldn't be false[3], and refusing to let innocent citizens get hurt. They are also described as skilled at convincing other people and at psychology[4], and have seemingly conviced a majority of people to join their side, although the previous emperor was already generally disliked.

Notably, Mitori usually speaks with the royal we, reflecting their stance as the emperor.

Additionally, they express themself using a rich vocabulary, and talk in a polite, yet awfully bold way. According to Aoji Shitodo, just like Kuroji Shitodo, they can be polite and courteous at first glance but can be ruthless and vicious if required so. However, they tend to show child-like reactions to things, such as when complimented by Kuroji[5] or when speaking about their love of sweets. They referred to themselves as "I" after their defeat by the New Emperor Team,[6] indicating they might refer to themself in first person in informal situations depending on circumstances.


Governing the heavens and subjugating the earth

This is more so a description of an inherent trait of their character, rather than a concrete ability. "Governing the heavens" may refer to their usurping the imperial throne, thus enforcing a new era of royalty. "subjugating the earth" may refer to their ambitions to rule over the entirety of Mugenri.

Wielding the Rudhira to great effect

The imperial bow Rudhira grows stronger the more people hold its user's blood in high esteem, and the stronger those feelings are. Under Mitori's use, it becomes one of the most powerful weapons in Devanagara.


Originally born as "Fujiwara no Mitori" (藤原 壬鳥), they lived a semi-normal life, but with their parents being dismissive and most of the people treating them with false kindness. Mitori was friends with Fujiwara no Iyozane and Kunimitsu Ooya, and most likely on good terms with Sanra. Unhappy about how Iyozane was forced by their parents to hide in the castle and live like a bird in a gilded cage for protection, Mitori killed Iyozane (though they seems to have cooperated judging by their dialogue with Mitori) by poisoning them and disposing of the body afterwards, during a state funeral given in secret.[7]

One day, while climbing the Heavenly Mausoleum, they found the Fujiwara family records and found out they were not related to the clan at all and that the emperor had numerous bastard children. Mitori, finally understanding the reason why the people at the royal family treated them with animosity and false smiles, seeing the world the lived in more and more as a comedy, wishing dearly to make Devanagara a far better place, and relived to know they actually didn't share any kind of blood with the emperor, decided to organize a coup d'état against the Fujiwara dynasty.[3] They killed the emperor and empress, treated their siblings in a case-by-case basis, executing some of them[8], and then executed various corrupt leaders, such as the ones of the old military, politicians, the ones of conservative sects, and various others political groups (Mitori also claimed to have killed the owner of an ice cream store who charged about 500 yen, which they judged as "too much"[9]). According to Mitori, this only brings their kill count up too 100 people top.[1] Although they never cared much about their position after overthrowing the dynasty, they ended up becoming the emperor of Devanagara.[2] But, despite their good intentions for Devanagara, it seems that Mitori clearly didn't think about what to do after taking over and as soon as they rose to power, the economy fell down and also ordered the annihilation of the forces not loyal to them or those Mitori deemed untrustworthy (probably due to Mitori's hatred for hypocrisy).

Since finding the truth about their origin, Mitori doesn't consider themself to be part of the Fujiwaras and insists they're part of the real dynasty of Devanagara, and renamed themself "Ooama No Ake no Mitori" (大天 朱 壬鳥).

Background Information[edit]


Mitori may be loosely based on Emperor Tenmu, born Prince Ooama, who reigned from the year 673 to 686. Emperor Tenmu famously took the throne in the Jinshin War, where he won against his nephew Emperor Kōbun.


Previously, they were known as Fujiwara no Mitori (藤原 壬鳥), but they officially changed their own name to Ooama no Ake no Mitori (大天 朱 壬鳥) when they became the Emperor. The hiragana character no () used between their name to indicate a "belonging"; this was common in ancient Japan for aristocrats to have no between their clan's name and first name. Due to having a double no, the English equivalent of Mitori's name would be "Mitori of Ake of Ooama" or "Mitori of Ooama, the Vermilion/Dawn".

Ooama (大天) means "great heaven" or "arch heaven". The word is also found in their character theme, "大天 ~ Spirit of nagara". The name itself is likely in reference to Mitori's status as Heavenly Emperor, as well as the Pagoda of the Heavenly Mirror. The same kanji, when pronounced "daiten", are also the Japanese spelling of the Sanskrit Mahadeva. The name is also a homophone of "Ooama" (大海人), the birth name of Emperor Tenmu.

Ake () means "blood", or "vermillion", and is likely in reference to several things: Mitori's backstory, in which they had several people executed in a coup; their character title (The Throne Dyed in Vermillion (朱に染まった玉座)), in which the kanji can also be found ("朱に染まった" can also mean "blood-covered", again in reference to their backstory); Mitori's outfit, which features red as a predominant color; as well as their bow, Rudhira.

Finally, their given name Mitori (壬鳥) consists of two kanji with individual meanings. "" is the 9th celestial stem of the Chinese calendar and is associated with water, north, and yang. It is also the first kanji of Jinshin War (壬申の乱, Jinshin no ran), a succession dispute that Emperor Tenmu brought about. "", on the other hand, means "bird", in keeping with many other Len'en characters whose names are references to birds, but it could also be an association with their status as Heavenly Emperor and their ability etc., much like "大天".

Additionally, their courtesy and given names can be combined to make "Akamitori", an alternate way to read "Shuchou" in the Shuchou Era (朱鳥), which was started by Emperor Tenmu and ended with his death. The era name makes reference to the Vermillion Bird (朱雀, Chinese: "zhūquè"; Japanese: "suzaku") of the Four Symbols from Chinese mythology. Coincidentally, the reign of Emperor Suzaku (朱雀天皇), whose posthumous name references the same mythological bird, oversaw the Jōhei Tengyō no Ran (承平天慶の乱, Lit. "Disturbance in the Jōhei and Tengyō eras"), a collection of two rebellions that inspired part of Taira no Fumikado and Fujiwara no Iyozane's story and characters. This was referenced in Fumikado and Iyozane aiming to take the Devanagaran throne, which currently belongs to Mitori.


Mitori has shoulder-length blond hair with two braids extending past and matching golden eyes. The skewer-like items seen at the end of their braids are for piercing enemies by flinging their hair and are stiff in order to help with this, as seen in this tweet.[10] They notably have a unique heart motif, with the two pieces of hair sticking up on their head, the top of their bow, and even the whites of their eyes resembling hearts. Mitori wears a sleeveless red dress with a golden breastplate over it and a tabard-like cloth underneath depicting a pagoda. Seemingly attached to the aforementioned red dress is a red cape that is white on the inside. A black sash hangs at their waist and they were white footwear. The red and black striped Imperial Bow is also carried by them. Attached to the bow is a red piece of cloth wrapped around their left arm, with an ornament cuffed at the wrist.


Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle[edit]

Now as an emperor, Mitori orders their followers to annihilate those who were not loyal to them. After receiving information from Suzumi Kuzu, they started a war against the Dragonfly Army, and ordered the annihilation of the Senri Shrine crew, who was going to invade the capital soon, again according to Suzumi. They also decided to summon Tenkai Zuifeng in the capital, after hearing of them. During most of BPoHC events, Mitori is in the Heavenly Mausoleum, either for their coronation, or to talk with the old dynasty's emperor and empress, and getting ready to go in the front lines. As one of the teams reach the Pagoda of the Heavenly Mirror, Mitori breaks the Great Mirror, and then introduce themself to the teams, revealing that they were the one who broke it and that they were the one behind the coup d'état and overthrew the past dynasty, killing the emperor and his wife, a part of the royal family, and leaders of various corrupted political groups.

Shrine Team's scenario

When meeting the Shrine team, Mitori explains the Great Mirror's proprieties and mention the various kind of people they killed during their coup d'état.Tsubakura ask Mitori to withdraw the Imperial military, andYabusame suggest going back home. Mitori stops them, wishing to fight. A fight ensues.[1] After being defeated, Mitori come at the Senri shrine, as they wished to see it by themself, and announced the withdraw of their forces, along with the request to have someone be an intermediary for them, as the Gloomy Sea Bridge's construction was still being sabotaged [11]

New Emperor Team's scenario

When meeting the New Emperor team, Mitori and Iyozane recognize each other, while Fumikado ask for a ceasefire. Mitori refuses, not caring about the youkai from the Sanctuary, and reveals that someone informed them about Fumikado's plan to revive Taira no Masakado. After that, while explaining they were talking to the previous emperor, Mitori asks Iyozane if they're mad about his death. While answering, Iyozane let slip that they were the 1st throne's heir, before they were killed by Mitori, making Fumikado and Tsugumi confused. A fight ensued. [7] After being defeated, Mitori ask to be killed, but Iyozane asks to let them free. The team agrees, as long as Mitori doesn't attack the Sanctuary anymore, despite their warning that they won't get to beat them a second time.[6]

Preschool Team's scenario

When meeting the Preschool team, Tenkai mention Mitori's bird name and the expectation for Mitori to do something big, as the latter said that they didn't care about being the emperor, and complained that the previous monarchy was too easy to overthrow. Mitori reveals that an informant told them that the Sanctuary was about to attack the capital, then ask Tenkai to join them on the frontline. Tenkai refuse. Mitori tries to get Sukune and Sese on their side by offering candies and bones, Tenkai gets angry and refuses again to work for anyone else than Tsurubami. Mitori explain that they've wanted to fight against people like Tenkai and Tsurubami for a while, and said they have summoned Tenkai for this reason. A fight ensues.[2] After defeating Mitori, Tenkai makes another comment on Mitori's bird name, before leaving the place with Sukune and Sese, while getting nostalgic about the Pagoda, remembering how Tsurubami appeared to really like it.[12]

Scoundrel Team's scenario

When meeting the Scoundrel team, Kuroji mock Aoji's and Hooaka's respectfulness toward Mitori. After Mitori explained about their coup d'état, Kuroji ask Mitori to give them their money, to which Mitori answer that they don't use the national treasury as private property. Kuroji makes fun of Mitori, and once again asks for money. Mitori refuses to betray the citizens and gets angry out of the siblings' vulgarity. Kuroji reveal that they wanted to become the emperor themself and fight Mitori personally. Mitori admires how Kuroji triggered their fighting spirit, and accepts Kuroji's request, under the condition to have the Shitodo work for them if they lose. A fight ensues.[5] After defeating Mitori, Kuroji becomes emperor of Devanagara, their siblings being happy about it. Then, Mitori asks what Kuroji truly desires, but the latter gives no answer. Their siblings get confused, and Mitori explains that they realized during their fight that Kuroji is not a person who desires power purely for their own self-interest. Mitori asks them what will Kuroji do as an emperor, to which they answer that they will see them later.[13]

Secret Team's scenario

When meeting the Secret team, Mitori gets surprised to see Suzumi, but also suspicious of their way to talk. They tell they have to go to the battlefield and have no time to waste. However, Hamee stops Mitori and reveals that they are going to kill them. Mitori is impressed by Suzumi's ambitions and accepts to fight. A fight ensues.[14] After being defeated, Mitori praised Suzumi's strength, while injured on the ground. Hamee and Ardey started to have a discussion. However, what seemed like to be Suzumi talking to themself confirmed the suspicions Mitori had, and the latter figured out that Suzumi had multiple souls. Hamee make a comment on Mitori's bird name, and started to laugh at them, before making another comment about one of their memories. Mitori asked how much did they know, and after giving a confusing answer, Suzumi erased Mitori's memory, telling them that they said too much.[15]

Golden Chapter

On February 28th, 2021, JynX revealed in a FANBOX post that Mitori was going to be a playable character in BPoHC's Golden Chapter. After revealing Sanra as another playable character in another FANBOX post, they confirmed on their Twitter that Mitori and Sanra were going to be on the same team.[16]


Fujiwara no Iyozane

Mitori and Iyozane both were siblings from the Fujiwara clan, and also were close friends in their youth, until Mitori killed Iyozane using poison. However, they have no ill will towards each other and Mitori is delighted to see Iyozane alive and well. Mitori also apologized for killing Iyozane's father, but insisted it was something that needed to be done. Iyozane doesn't seem to hold any grudge against Mitori for this event either.[7]

Kunimitsu Ooya

The two met after Mitori heard of Kunimistsu and hired them[17], probably when they were still young, as Iyozane also appears to have known them before they were killed[18]. Mitori is appreciative of Kunimitsu's swordsmanship and cooking skill and while Kunimitsu refused to become an exterminator for the empire, they often accept Mitori's favors since they know each other. Apparently, Kunimitsu was an accomplice in the emperor's assassination.[19]

Fujiwara no Shirogane no Sanra

Mitori and Sanra both are siblings from the Fujiwara clan. Before the coup d'état, Sanra was already collaborating with Mitori[8], and probably was on pretty good terms with them. Currently, Sanra is one of Mitori's most loyal allies. Mitori and Sanra had apparently been "walking the same path since they were young"[20] and both went to military school.[21]

Kaoru Kashiwagi

After Mitori rose to power, they ordered for the Palace Guard's sources and budget to be reduced, considering them unnecessary for the Capital. Kaoru is one of those guards and clearly is not happy about Mitori's decision, but can't do anything about it. Even so, Kaoru is still fiercely loyal to Mitori.

Suzumi Kuzu

Suzumi Kuzu has been Mitori's informant and most trusted source since the events of RMI, as suggest their knowledge about Fumikado's plan in their dialogues with the New Emperor team.[7] They could also have possibly contributed greatly to the political manoeuvrings behind toppling the old government, as implied by answer 298 in 2021's interview with JynX[4].

Additional Information[edit]

  • It is possible that Mitori's character may have been influenced by Chinese history as well, although it's unclear how, based on a tweet from JynX that reads "Mitori, Chinese history of 3000 years".


Spell Cards[edit]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 15
跳矢「鏡面矢」 Jumping Arrow "Arrows on a Mirror's Surface" BPoHC St. 6: E/N
反射「ミラーシュート」 Reflection "Mirror Shoot" BPoHC St. 6: H/U
五芒「桔梗印砕き」 Pentagram "Bellflower Seal Crush"[a] BPoHC St. 6: E/N
下克「ダビデ弾き」 Submission "David Barrage"[b] BPoHC St. 6: H/U
「レインアロー」 "Rain Arrow" BPoHC St. 6: E/N
朱牌「鮮血の雨」 Vermillion Card "Fresh Blood Rain" BPoHC St. 6: H
「朱い千鳥」 "Vermillion Plover" BPoHC St. 6: U
「ミラーブラインド」 "Mirror Blind" BPoHC St. 6: E/N
心牌「急所に立つ一矢」 Heart Card "Arrow Stuck in a Vital Point" BPoHC St. 6: H/U
「瞬きの隙」 "Blink of an Eye" BPoHC St. 6: E/N
「刹那の閃き」 "Split-Second Flash" BPoHC St. 6: H/U
射牌「確殺の矢」 Archery Card "Arrow of Certain Death" BPoHC St. 6: E/N
血牌「ブラッドアロー」 Blood Card "Blood Arrow" BPoHC St. 6: H
朱牌「ルルゥッディルラ」 Vermillion Card "Rudhira"[c] BPoHC St. 6: U
キャンセルアロー Cancel Arrow BPoHC Upgrade


  1. The Bellflower Seal was said to have been created by the onmyōji Abe no Seimei to seal away youkai, and was shaped like a pentagram.
  2. A reference to the Star of David.
  3. Rudhira (रुधिर) is Sanskrit for "blood", and is the name of Mitori's bow.

Official Profiles[edit]


大天 朱 壬鳥
Ooama no Ake no Mitori

兼 皇御軍大元帥。






















The Throne Dyed in Vermillion

Ooama no Ake no Mitori
Something like governing the heavens and subjugating the earth

The present emperor of Devanagara,
as well as the Imperial Military's grand field marshal.

They were originally third in line to succeed the throne,
but spearheaded a coup-d'etat and now sit as the Emperor.

Prior to taking the throne, they were the Imperial Military's field marshal.
After taking the throne, they refused to inherit the old dynasty's legacy,
dubbed themself "Ooama" after throwing away their old surname "Fujiwara",
and declared the foundation of a new dynasty.
They also abolished the position of "Imperial Emperor",
establishing the position of "Heavenly Emperor" as the highest position of power.

When Mitori was still young, they secretly climbed up to the Heavenly Mausoleum,
and saw the great mirror that was located there.
The emperor's lineage and history were displayed upon the mirror,
but Mitori couldn't find themself anywhere in it.

It was there that Mitori realized, for the first time, that the parents
they had so despised were not their true parents at all.

The previous emperor had been continually lying to the public,
passing off all the children born of his many lovers – that is,
illegitimate children – as true heirs.
(Included amongst these claims were cases, for example, where the empress allegedly
produced 5 legitimate heirs in a single year. Much to the public's exasperation.)

Thanks to such events,
and the empress's usual disposition towards them,
Mitori did suspect that she wasn't their real mother...
but they had hardly considered that their father was also a sham.

However, a part of their heart was also greatly relieved.
Because this proved that not a drop of their parents' sullied blood
had ever run within their veins.

And, to an even greater extent,
they came to see the more dubious parts of the world as ridiculous.

The people around them were all sycophants trying to curry favor,
wearing smiles that were only skin-deep.
They didn't bow their heads out of
respect or reverence for Mitori,
but out of terror towards Mitori's blood.

The Imperial Military was the same.
They turned their power towards the civilian populace, who they were originally
meant to protect, and oppressed them.
To Mitori, they only looked like pigs, using the Imperial bloodline's authority
as a shield while they tormented the weak and grew fat.

———It was just too absurd. Too idiotic.
"A farce" was the only way to describe it.
Sycophants mocking the weak and dancing atop the stage,
and despicable rulers watching and laughing vulgarly
from the audience seats.

...Yes, it was nothing more than a farce. A comedy.

But if this world were a comedy...

Then they would be sure to bring it to a happy conclusion.

Both the world and Mitori's own existence were coated in lies,
but at the very least... even if the entire world was beyond them,
at the very least, they wanted to make just this city into something that wasn't false.

To Mitori, this city was the one place left to them where they belonged.
To make that capital city into something
far larger, and far more wonderful...
That was Mitori's dearest wish.

Though Mitori had the potential to be a conqueror,
the fact that they came to think like one
may have been a necessity of history.

○Imperial Bow [Rudhira]

The weapon that Mitori uses.
A bow that fires its wielder's own blood as arrows.
The more people there are who hold that blood in high esteem,
and the stronger those feelings are, the more powerful it becomes.

It's one of the few weapons among the
old dynasty's treasures that Mitori actually likes.
When Mitori uses it, it's the most powerful weapon
out of everything in the entire capital.

Mitori makes sure to use it whenever they're engaged in real combat,
even though all their chief administrators get extremely mad at them for it.

Official Sources[edit]

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