Kaoru Kashiwagi

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柏木かしわぎ かおる
Kaoru Kashiwagi
ka̠ɕiɰᵝa̠ɡ̃i ka̠o̞ɾ̠ɯᵝ
Kaoru in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle
Character Titles
Dense Fog Standing in the Imperial City
Species Human
Abilities Manipulation of Miasmas
Location Devanagara
Music Themes
  • 死に至る絢爛 ~ Toxic gem (BPoHC)

Kaoru Kashiwagi (柏木 薫) is the captain of the "Goefu", an imperial defendant force of Devanagara. They are the Stage 4 boss on the Brilliant route of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.

General Information[edit]


They have utmost confidence in their skills, and holds great pride in the Goefu. They speak loudly and flamboyantly, to the point of sounding as if they're acting out a role in a play. They are quick to anger if they or the Goefu are insulted or mocked, and their leading rank makes them strict to uphold their code. They also seem insistent to take the lead in conversations.


Manipulation of Miasmas

Kaoru can spontaneously emit clouds of thick fog, in an array of different colors and chemicals. Their mists can be used passively (covering Devanagara in red fog during a state of emergency) and aggressively (poisoning enemies in battle).

Background Information[edit]

Name & Origin[edit]

Their full name is Kaoru Kashiwagi (柏木 薫). Their first name Kaoru () can literally mean "aroma", "fragrance", "scent" or "smell", and their surname Kashiwagi (柏木) literally means "oak-tree". The name "Kaoru" also has the trait of being a common Japanese name that's also gender-neutral.

Their name and concept is also based from The Tale of Genji (源氏物語, Genji Monogatari). The main character's wife has an affair with his nephew, named Kashiwagi. She then birthed a son, and named him Kaoru. It was said that Kaoru always had a pleasant aroma.



Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle[edit]

Kaoru appears as the stage 4 boss of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle on the Brilliant route.


Fujiwara no Shirogane no Sanra

Despite them both being in military service, it's implied that Kaoru and Sanra have low opinions of each other. Sanra belittles the Goefu frequently and ultimately sees them as useless, to the dismay and frustration of Kaoru.

Ooama no Ake no Mitori

Although they take issue with their budget being cut, they still serve Mitori loyally. However, this could simply be because they're unable to do anything about it.

Suzumi Kuzu

Kaoru is particularly disliked by Suzumi, to the point where not only did Ardey almost told Hamee to kill Kaoru before they rewind with Trace, but they had to be much more hard towards Hamee to avoid getting Kaoru killed as suggested by the dialogue in the secret team's Brilliant Pagoda scenario.

Spell Cards[edit]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 11
連射「毒霧の蛇」 Rapid Fire "Snake of Toxic Fog" BPoHC
St. 4: E/N
速射「ヘラクレスの矢」 Quick Fire "Arrow of Hercules" BPoHC St. 4: H/U
毒矢「瘴気の矢」 Poison Arrow "Miasma Arrows" BPoHC St. 4: E/N
毒霧「毒蛇の息」 Poison Fog "Poison Viper's Breath" BPoHC St. 4: H
毒夢「ヒュドラの血」 Poison Dream "Blood of Hydra" BPoHC St. 4: U
侵風「猛毒の風」 Eroding Wind "Wind of Lethal Poison" BPoHC St. 4: E/N
熱風「シムーン」 Heated Wind "Simoom" BPoHC St. 4: H/U
毒牌「ケミカルアロー」 Poison Card "Chemical Arrow" BPoHC St. 4: E/N
侵牌「バイオアロー」 Erosion Card "Bio Arrow" BPoHC St. 4: H
「血狼煙」 "Bloody Signal Flare" BPoHC St. 4: U
瘴気弾 Miasma Bullet BPoHC Upgrade


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