Mugenri Barrier

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Mugenri Barrier
mɯᵝɡ̃ẽ̞nɾi ke̞k̚ka̠i
The Mugenri Barrier in Evanescent Existence
Location All around every edge of Mugenri, the boundary between Mugenri and the Outside World

The Mugenri Barrier (无現里結界, Mugenri Kekkai) is the border between Mugenri and the Outside World. It is separated into the "outer" and "inner" barriers. The barrier was likely created by the first-generation Senri priest and reinforced by the barrier builders from the barrier shop "Azumaterasu". It was the setting of Yabusame Houlen's Extra stage boss fight of Evanescent Existence.

General Information[edit | edit source]

The inside of the barrier shown in Evanescent Existence is set on a rotating black-and-white checkerboard background (the "outer" barrier), and contains a cube with the rare kanji mu (, lit. "nothing") inside (the "inner" barrier). The cube is surrounded by torii. It is known that the "outer" barrier is managed by the Senri Shrine.[1]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Evanescent Existence

Tsubakura Enraku and their friends are spirited away to Mugenri, leaving Yabusame to find their friends. After crossing dimensions to reach the Dimensional Cave and fighting most of their friends, Tsubakura remains unaccounted for. Yabusame heads towards the Shrine Road, somewhere along which they enter the Mugenri Barrier, albeit without Tsurubami's consent. They encounter Tsurubami Senri, who explained their motives to abduct everyone, and the two fight inside the barrier with Yabusame coming out the victor.

Tsubakura was also apparently in the barrier, presumably allowed to do so by Tsurubami after their battle, although they left and entered Mugenri before Tsurubami was finished with Yabusame.

Reactivate Majestical Imperial

Apparently, the barrier was weakened after a rampaging Lumen Celeritas absorbed moonlight and started attacking everything in sight during the events of Earthen Miraculous Sword. Because of this, Tenkai Zuifeng (an Azumaterasu Barrier Shop apprentice) was appointed to repair it. Offended at their prestige, they decided to make a prank by creating a hole in the barrier, causing for a huge amount of spirits to enter the barrier, which in turn were absorbed by the Harujion, resulting in the birth of Shion.

Jinbei recognizes that Tenkai should have fixed the hole in the barrier by then and asks the heroes to chastise them. They found them in the Road Travelled by Light, while they were repairing the barrier. Despite fighting the heroes, Tenkai was repairing the barrier during the fight and repaired it before being defeated.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

  • The barrier is very likely to be based on the Great Hakurei Barrier that seals away Gensokyo.
  • world.mqo, the model used for the dark grey chequered pattern on the outer part of the barrier, has a grey texture applied to it. It doesn't show up in-game, only being a plain grey surface. However, before v1.10a, the texture did appear in-game.

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