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Humans (人間, ningen) are a species of mammal scientifically known as Homo sapiens that have spread across the world for around 200,000 years. Their success relies heavily on intelligence, unlike other previous dominant species like the dinosaurs, or the ancestors of mammals who relied mainly on their biological weaponry. While the intelligence of humans is an advantage over other animals, they are considerably weaker in physical strength compared to other species of similar size and weight. While success of humans has often had negative influence to the natural world, other intelligent creatures like the crow have benefited and are often seen near cities and other urban areas.

Humans in Len'en[edit | edit source]

In the Len'en Project, humans from the land of Mugenri are physically similar to humans in the outside world, but are remarkably different in terms of abilities and their dominance over the land. Having been separated from the rest of humanity and oppressed by the priest of the area, the Mugenri humans live in fear and ignorance. The population of humans greatly outnumbers youkai. Known human settlements include the Human Village and the capital Devanagara, but a few live in other notable locations.

Artificial Humans[edit | edit source]

Artificial humans are biologically more or less human, although they may have various parts that are different from humans as well. Artificial humans in the Len'en Project include Kurohebi, an artificial human created to be imperceptible to most creatures and machines in any way but by sight; and Para, a homuncular soul that was transferred into a human body.

Outsider[edit | edit source]

The term "Outsider" refers to anyone from the Outside World who managed to get across the Mugenri Barrier and enter Mugenri. Since youkai are rare in the Outside World (but not unheard of), most outsiders are human. Thus the term, "Outsider", typically refers to humans when used by natives of Mugenri.

While magic and other supernatural abilities are supposed to be almost extinct outside of Mugenri, there are few exceptions like Yabusame Houlen, who is capable to cross dimensions, along with Aoji Shitodo and Hooaka Shitodo. The rest of the outsiders acquired abilities only after arriving at Mugenri.

Characters that are this species[edit | edit source]

Note: "outsider" refers to any human originating from the Outside World, whether or not they still live there.

Len'en Project[edit | edit source]

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