Taira no Iwakado

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たいら 厳門いわかど
Taira no Iwakado
ta̠iɾa̠ no̞ iɰᵝa̠ka̠do̞
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Species Human
Age Deceased
Gender Male

Taira no Iwakado (平 厳門) was an enigmatic character known to have been Taira no Fumikado's grandfather. He was the one who raised Fumikado after their parents died during a political conflict. He also found the orphaned Taira no Chouki and raised them to become Fumikado's assistant.

General Information[edit]

Taira no Iwakado had a wish; to resurrect Taira no Masakado, the "True Emperor". As such, Fumikado sacrificed their body as an expression of gratitude to help him realize his wish. He used the body of a oni that he hunted and added to it Fumikado's blood, the vital energy and some special qualities from a lot of other living things to manufacture a new life-form and use it as a vessel. Since this new body was young and small, Iwakado transferred their own soul to it and kept stimulating, developing and training the flesh of the new life-form for many months and years. Unfortunately, when the vessel was completed, their grandfather was deceased and buried in a tomb.

Fumikado continues his plan with their fellows to become the emperor of Mugenri. He, along with the rest of his family, was close to Yago Ametsukana, who made them promise to ensure that Fumikado does become the new emperor.[1]

Background Information[edit]


His full name is Taira no Iwakado (平 厳門).[1] The hiragana character no () used here indicates a "belonging", thus the English equivalent of their name would be "Iwakado of the Taira". In ancient Japan times, it was common for aristocrats with a clan's name to have no between their clan's name and first name.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Iwakado is one of the very rare characters to have a known gender. He is referred to as sofu (祖父), which specifically means "grandfather".

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