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Lumen Celeritas[1]
ke̞ɺ̠e̞ɾita̠sɯᵝ ɾ̠ɯᵝːmẽ̞ɴ
Lumen Celeritas
Character Titles
Carelessly Converging Ray of Sunshine
Other Names Celeritas Lumen
Species Sunlight youkai
Abilities Taking and bundling light
Location Unknown, somewhere in Mugenri
Music Themes
  • プリズミックアクセル (EMS)
  • プリズミックドライブ (BPoHC)

Lumen Celeritas (ケレリタス・ルーメン, Kereritasu Rūmen) is a lazy youkai who claims that they were a hero long ago. If they absorb moonlight, they become very destructive. They are the third stage boss and Extra stage midboss of Earthen Miraculous Sword, the second game of the Len'en Project.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Because Lumen is a sunlight-youkai, they're usually only active during the day. They're famed as one of the "Three Lights", and resolved a certain incident long ago. However, if they end up absorbing moonlight, they become very violent and destructive, but they don't realize it, not even the fact that they have destroyed entire villages with their power.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lumen has a hopelessly calm disposition. During the daytime, they doze in the sunlight, and at night they sleep beneath a tree. They talk and act very childishly, but it's because they're always sleeping defenselessly in the middle of the road. When they absorb moonlight, they go berserk and start saying random words and throwing rays of light everywhere.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Taking and bundling light

Lumen can physically take sunlight and bundle it up, seen in their EMS stage 3 portraits, which they eat and sustain themself with. They can also absorb moonlight which makes them agitated, violent and incapable of controlling themself. They're so powerful during these rampages that they can break mountains, melt the earth and even tear a hole into the Mugenri Barrier.

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Name[edit | edit source]

Their full name is Lumen Celeritas (ケレリタス・ルーメン), which implies a Western origin. The name has been confirmed to actually be in Japanese naming order,[1] so "Lumen Celeritas" is the Western name order. The middle dot () in the middle of their name is just something used in foreign names to show where the next word begins, and this doesn't affect the naming order.

Their given name "Lumen" is Latin for "light". Their surname "Celeritas" is the Latin word for "speed" or "swiftness", which is often explained to be the origin of the notation c, the universal notation for the speed of light in a vacuum, as popularized in Albert Einstein's famous equation "E = mc²". JynX has stated that the name itself is an "inherently weird name".[1]

Design[edit | edit source]

Lumen has short, white hair and their eyes are the same color. Their hair is decorated with ofuda on each side of their head, with the phrase "Are you an idiot?" (阿呆加) visible on the right slip. They have a red shell on their back, possibly a part of their seal. In their crazy mode (EX-Lumen), their shell and the talismans on their head are broken, with the word "Idiot" (阿呆) seen on the right slip. They wear a sleeveless white haori and a short black skirt.

In Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, Lumen's clothes are covered in more ofuda and they wear a shimenawa and kadomatsu on their head, presumably in order to prevent them from absorbing moonlight again. Their ofuda has various phrases on them, such as "Idiot Hero" (馬鹿偉人), "Big Idiot" (弩阿房), "Happy (New Year)" (謹賀) and "No sunlight please" (日光結構). Their shell seems to have been removed.

It is unknown where Lumen's seals come from, except that it does not come from the Senri Shrine.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Earthen Miraculous Sword
Lumen Celeritas
Lumen in EMS, with their Ex form

As a sunlight-youkai, the cloudy incident is problematic for Lumen, so they go searching for the culprit, but run into the heroes instead, believing them to be the culprits. Frustrated and hungry after being defeated, they go to sleep, but by now the heroes have defeated the real culprit and the sky is clear once again. A sleeping Lumen ends up absorbing moonlight, and their violent and destructive persona emerges, attacking the protagonists again for little reason.

After escaping from the Unlost Woods, Yabusame realizes they are lost. They encounter Lumen, who gets offended after being called an idiot by the human. They engage in a nonsensical conversation about food, which concludes with Lumen accusing Yabusame of being the culprit behind the clouds incident after watching them eat a bag of raw salt. Lumen is defeated and asks who the real culprit is, while Yabusame realizes that defeating Jun Amanomiya before didn’t solve anything, and goes to find the real culprit. After Yabusame defeats the real mastermind, Lumen absorbs moonlight and goes berserk. Yabusame notices that Lumen looks different from their last fight, but they defeat them again.

Lumen accuses Kuroji of being the culprit, because they are a suspicious flying black human, despite Kuroji saying that Tsubakura is black as well. Upon Lumen's defeat, Kuroji advises them not to make conclusions based on other people’s appearances. After the heroes defeat the real mastermind, Lumen absorbs moonlight and becomes berserk. They go to take revenge on Kuroji for defeating them before, but they lose again. According to Kuroji, the fight was so fast that even they didn't notice it.

Reativate majestical imperial

Lumen doesn't appear in this game, but they were the one who damaged the Mugenri Barrier and dug down the Road Traveled by Light, after they absorbed moonlight and went berserk during the Extra Stage of Earthen Miraculous Sword. This resulted in the sudden affluent of spirits and the birth of Shion.

Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

After the events of the previous games, Lumen was resealed once again with more ofuda, in order to prevent them from going on another rampage and presumably as punishment for damaging the barrier.

While Yabusame and company are doubting about "The Heaven divides the mirror" Lumen appears, complaining about how uncomfortable the ofuda are. Tsubakura asks them if they were the one who created the rumor in order to lure them out. Lumen doesn’t deny it, so they fight. After they are defeated, Shion says that Lumen is not related to the incident in any way. When confronting Lumen about it, they say that they didn’t defend themself because they would have attacked them anyway.

Fumikado and their lackeys encounter Lumen. They recognize them as a famed hero who resolved an incident long ago. However, upon seeing Lumen’s appearance, they start doubting if they are actually a hero. Offended, Lumen fights them and is defeated. Fumikado praises them anyway.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Tenkai Zuifeng

Lumen seems to be acquainted with Tenkai Zuifeng, and is thankful to Tenkai for repairing the damage they did to the Mugenri Barrier. Tenkai also seems to have known Lumen for a while, knowing that they've been the way they are even before Lumen's seals were increased.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

  • They're the first character that has a more powerful form for the Extra Stage, seconded by Sese Kitsugai.
  • Lumen has twice claimed that they are somehow rejected from the afterlife, having both been "cast out from the cycle of reincarnation" and "deported from the Netherworld".[2]

Spell Cards[edit | edit source]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 24
断罪「光彩陸離」 Conviction "Dazzling Radiance" EMS St. 3: E/N
発牌「十字放火」 Shot Card "Crossfire" EMS St. 3: H
放牌「クロスふぁいえる」 Release Card "Cross Fiyah"[a] The Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle upgrade is simply titled Cross Fiyah (クロスふぁいえる). EMS
St. 3: U
光牌「ハロー効果の光り物」 Light Card "Shining Object of the Halo Effect"[b] EMS St. 3: E/N
光牌「ちんちくりんレーザー」 Light Card "Stubby Laser" EMS St. 3: H/U
束牌「増幅レール」 Bundle Card "Amplifying Rail" EMS St. 3: E/N
神牌「玉と線」 God Card "Orbs and Lines" EMS St. 3: H/U
咎人「十字架後光」 Criminal "Cross Halo"[c][d] EMS St. 3: E/N
咎人「廻る十字架を背負う者」 Criminal "The One Burdened with the Spinning Cross"[c] EMS St. 3: H/U
光焔「サブリミナルフラッシュ」 Shining Flame "Subliminal Flash" Bomb & Flash Bomb EMS
St. 3: E/N
「フラッシュスパーク」 "Flash Spark" EMS St. 3: H
「ファイナルフラッシュ」 "Final Flash"[e] EMS St. 3: U
光冠「ミラージュストリクチャー」 Corona "Mirage Stricture" EMS St. 3: E/N
太極「光風霽月」 Taiji "Tranquil as a Breeze in Daylight, as the Moon After Rain"[f] EMS St. 3: H
須弥「狭窄する一大三千大千世界」 Sumeru "One Great Constricting Universe of One Billion Worlds"[g] EMS St. 3: U
輝牌「きらめき流星群」 Shining Card "Sparkling Meteor Shower" EMS
St. Ex
St. 3: H/U
光惨「レーザーチェーンソー」 Bright Disaster "Laser Chainsaw" EMS
St. Ex
St. 3: H/U
「とつげきスパーク」 "Blitz Spark" EMS St. Ex
眩牌「きらぴか流星」 Faint Card "Glittering Meteors" BPoHC St. 3: E/N
「フラッシュ・クロス」 "Flash Cross"[h] BPoHC St. 3: E/N
「ファイナル・クロス」 "Final Cross" BPoHC St. 3: H
「フェイタル・クロス」 "Fatal Cross" BPoHC St. 3: U
光斬「レーザーソード」 Bright Slash "Laser Sword" BPoHC St. 3: E
光斬「レーザーブレード」 Bright Slash "Laser Blade" BPoHC St. 3: N
略式 Abbreviation Shared with (Omitted) Clause (Omitted) [EE] BotC Inherent Trait

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Spelled in a phonetic way to capture the hiragana spelling of the word "fire".
  2. The Halo Effect is a psychological concept in which a person's entire character is judged mainly by a specific trait.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Likely a reference to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
  4. It is also notable that the Japanese word translated as "halo" (後光, lit. "back light") refers almost exclusively the light emanating from or behind buddhas and bodhisattvas, rather than that of Christian figures.
  5. Reference to one of Vegeta's signature attacks from Dragon Ball.
  6. "Taiji" is a Chinese philosophical concept referring to the ultimate principle of the universe.
  7. "Sumeru" is the name of the mountain at the center of the world in Buddhist cosmology. Mt. Sumeru is surrounded by several concentric rings of alternating mountains and oceans which form the world. The entire land where humans live is just an island in one of the outer oceans. The Universe of One Billion Worlds is a space containing one billion of these worlds, each with it's own Mt. Sumeru at its center.
  8. It was confirmed in the second interview that Lumen stole the spell's name from Yabusame Houlen's spell card Intersection "Flash Cross".

Official Profiles[edit | edit source]

Official profiles
 〇3面ボス 無頓着に収束する恩光

  Celeritas Lumen














〇 Stage 3 Boss — Carelessly Converging Ray of Sunshine

Lumen Celeritas

Species: Youkai
Ability: Something like taking and bundling light together

They're able to collect the light that shines down on them and bundle it up.

They have a hopelessly calm disposition.
During the daytime, they doze off in the sunlight, and at night they sleep beneath a tree.

Unlike other youkai, they use sunlight to sustain themself.
Thus, they're usually only active during the day (although they're just basking in the sun).
However, if they end up absorbing moonlight, they become agitated
and unable to control their excited, violent self.
It's said that once, before they even realized it, they reduced an entire village into a burning field.

Afterwards, after many twists and turns, they had their power and knowledge mostly sealed,
and now sleep beneath trees or in caves at night.

They're a hero who solved a certain incident a very long time ago.
They're famed as one of the "Three Lights",
but if you look at their usual lifestyle,
no one would ever believe it.
They talk and act very childishly,
but it's because they're always sleeping defenselessly in the middle of the road.

They had been thinking that recently there had been an unusual number of exceptionally cloudy days.
And the clouds were focused on their turf (or what they called their turf).
Or at least they thought something like that.

At this rate, they were going to starve to death without any sunlight.
As they were getting hungrier, they went about looking for what was causing all the clouds.

Then, they came across a strange human.

They declared a challenge,

and lost.

Losing their nerve, they returned to their home.

That night, while sleeping under a tree as usual, their stomach began growling loudly.
Actually, tonight is the clearest night there's been in quite a while...

 〇EX面中ボス  無頓着に収束する恩光

  Celeritas Lumen



〇 Extra Stage Midboss — Carelessly Converging Ray of Sunshine

Lumen Celeritas

Species: Youkai
Ability: Something like taking and bundling light together

They're the idiot hero, going all night in a fever.


Celeritas Lumen




Carelessly Converging Ray of Sunshine

Lumen Celeritas
Something like taking and bundling light together

Said to be one of the "Three Lights", a group of heroes
who contributed to the resolution of a great incident
that occurred in Mugenri long ago.
Perhaps because their power has been sealed due to various things,
they hardly look heroic at all.
During the events of a previous incident, their seals
came off slightly, and they went on a huge rampage.
So they now have even more seals put on them than before.

This time, as usual, they were trudging along at a steady pace
while leisurely soaking up the sun's rays.

Official Sources[edit | edit source]

Official sources

References[edit | edit source]

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