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Other Names Spirit World (霊界)
Location Somewhere within Mugenri
Residents Master of the Spirit World

The Netherworld (冥界, Meikai, lit. "Realm of the Dead"), also known as the Spirit World (霊界, Reikai)[1], is supposedly the land where ghosts and souls reside after death. The location was first revealed in the second interview, probably based on the Netherworld from the Touhou Project.

General Information[edit]

The Netherworld is one of the few realms outside of Mugenri which are directly accessible from it[2], likely as it is specifically the word of the afterlife for Mugenri's residents. Save for a few exceptions, one's soul will get led to the Netherworld to be judged for 49 days, where after receiving its due punishment, shall proceed to its next life via reincarnation.[3]. The Netherworld is ruled over by a master, who processes and deals with the souls of the dead.[4]


Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle[edit]

While the Netherworld did not make a direct appearance in the story of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, it was mentioned as where Chouki's soul went after taking their own life, and where they made a deal with the master of the world to remain in the living world as a ghost.[4]

Additional Information[edit]


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