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片埜かたの 宿禰すくね 
Sukune Katano
ka̠ta̠no̞ sɯᵝkɯᵝne̞
Sukune Katano
Character Titles
Pure and Genius Haniwa
Species Youkai Haniwa
Abilities Modelling things into shapes
Occupation Artisan
Location Unknown, but can be occasionally seen at the Human Village
Music Themes
  • 埴輪相撲 〜 End_of_immolation (EMS)
  • ただ空五倍子に、ただ一筋に (RMI, shared with Adagumo no Yaorochi)
  • スーパーハニーワ ~ NEXT FORM!! (BPoHC)

Sukune Katano (片埜 宿禰, Katano Sukune) is a friendly yet quirky haniwa youkai that is famed as a talented artisan. They're the stage 5 boss and final stage midboss of Earthen Miraculous Sword, as well as a playable character in Reactivate Majestical Imperial and Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sukune has an energetic, positive personality, yet they're also a bit eccentric. They talk in a weird speech that they have invented themself for the sake of being creative, adding lots of verbal tics to their speech, such as "gyuu" and "nyo". Sukune is also described as a kindhearted simpleton by many people.

Despite being a talented artisan, they're secretly displeased with their creations. Because of it, they're easily manipulated by Adagumo no Yaorochi to transfer the essence of the Tasouken into a clay model.

They despise people not appreciating art or not being taken seriously. They attack the protagonist in Earthen Miraculous Sword in a fit of despair when they comment that they don't care about art or find their creations uninteresting. They're displeased with everyone finding the Ritual Site to have an eccentric design, being a haniwa-shaped building.

Despite Sukune being a light drinker who rarely drinks alcohol, they really love to open sake bottles. If you drink together with them, they'll say that they won't drink, but they'll end up "opening" a whole ton of sake bottles, and be warned that you'll be left "emptying" most of them by yourself. Plus, they usually carry around a staff that includes a bottle opener. They also like to put bottle openers in their creations, even to clay pots or weapons. Yaorochi realizes too late when in the end of Earthen Miraculous Sword, Sukune puts a bottle opener in the Tasouken.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Modelling things into shapes

Sukune can form dirt into any shape without using any tools, and have been shown to use this ability on other substances as well, such as ice in Reactivate Majestical Imperial. Sukune's creations are technically perfect vessels for housing spirits. However, because they are able to make any shape they imagine in a flash, they lack emotional attachment and affection towards their creations and are thus unable to imbue them with their own artisan's spirit. While incapable of imbuing them with an innate spirit, Sukune also lacks the knowledge and skills to imbue a spirit into them after creation. Unable to get a spirit to dwell within their creations, Sukune believes them to be incomplete, ignorant of the fact that they are perfect vessels for housing divine spirits, such as the Tasouken.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

One day, Adagumo no Saragimaru requested Sukune to make a clay sword similar to the Tasouken, but afraid of Adagumo no Yaorochi's rejection, they never went to pick it up. Yaorochi found the clay sword anyway and was entranced by it. It was then that Yaorochi feigned to be a holy servant. They lied and said that they were able to make any object house a spirit.

At the prospect of their creations becoming "complete", the haniwa immediately agreed without asking the orochi about their motives. And so, Yaorochi of course chose the sword to borrow. They couldn't actually make anything house a spirit just to transfer the energy of the original Tasouken into the clay sword. In order to transfer the soul without losing it's power, they required a "vessel". And so as a place to perform the ritual Yaorochi had Sukune prepare a huge clay "vessel". While Yaorochi prepared the ritual, they asked Sukune to wait outside, not wanting the haniwa to notice the lie. Outside, the sky was enveloped by gathering clouds, so the heroes went to fight against them in order to stop the cloudy weather.

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

Sukune is slightly based on Nomi no Sukune (野見宿禰), a legendary noble from the Kofun period who served under the equally legendary Emperor Suinin. He is said to be the one who first suggested the use of haniwa in burial ceremonies for Emperor Suinin's empress. This is likely where Sukune's association with haniwa comes from.

He is also said to have invented sumo wrestling when ordered to test his strength against Taima no Kehaya (当麻蹴速), this connection to sumo is referenced in Sukune's EMS theme "Haniwa Sumo ~ End of immolation". For winning his match against Kehaya, Nomi no Sukune was given a plot of land in the region of Katano (片埜) in his homeland of the Izumo Province (出雲国). There Nomi established the Katano Shrine (片埜神社), where the ancestor god of Izumo, Susanoo-no-Mikoto (素盞嗚尊), is enshrined. Notably, Susanoo is credited with slaying Yamata no Orochi, on who Orochi, Adagumo no Yaorochi & Saragimaru's ancestor, is based on.

Name[edit | edit source]

Their full name is Sukune Katano (片埜 宿禰). Their given name Sukune (宿禰) literally means "dwelling in an ancestral shrine" and is shared with Nomi no Sukune. It's also an archaic for a "lord", an honorific title of respect for nobility, as well as the third highest of the eight hereditary titles, designated by Emperor Tenmu in 684 CE. Their family name Katano (片埜) is an actual name in Japanese that literally means "one side of the field", and references the shrine of the same name.

Design[edit | edit source]

Sukune is shown to be short in height. They have short red hair and red eyes. They dress in a blue kimono and a brown hakama with an apron. They often wear clay ornaments, such as a clay helmet (as seen in all their appearances) and even clay wings. In various Earthen Miraculous Sword endings, they're depicted with black, hollowed eyes and mouths like a traditional haniwa.

The hammer that they carry around at times has the kanji kon (坤 こん) written on it, which is one of the Eight Trigrams, and is associated with the earth, likely a reference to Sukune's job as an artisan who mainly works with clay.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Sukune in EMS
Earthen Miraculous Sword

Sukune was tricked by Adagumo no Yaorochi into transferring the essence of the Tasouken into a clay sword, but said process made the weather in Mugenri very cloudy. Sukune didn't pay much mind to it, believing the clouds to be a secondary effect of the ritual. The heroes enter into the Ritual Site created by Sukune. The haniwa attempts to stop them, as Yaorochi instructed them to let no one interrupt the ritual. After Yaorochi is defeated, the Tasouken attacks on its own but eventually subsided thanks to a magical inscription on the clay replica used to seal its power.

After everything was cleared, Sukune reveals to them that the back of the sword acts as a bottle opener. The orochi was devastated at first, but in the end they decided that they didn't mind at all because they had the sword in their possession after centuries and it was all that mattered to them. Meanwhile, Sukune invites Yaorochi and the heroes to a sake party.

Reactivate Majestical Imperial
Sukune in RMI

There's a long, out-of-season winter due to a sudden flow of spirits. This bothers Yaorochi, who wants to find out who's responsible for it. They bring Sukune along to the Senri Shrine for answers, but after finding nothing, they decide to head out themself to resolve the incident.

Following the flow of spirits, they reached a frozen cavern along the river, where they encounter Kuroji Shitodo and Adagumo no Saragimaru. The latter doesn't want Yaorochi to recognize them, so Kuroji helps conceal their identity. Offended after Sukune casually mentions their money problem, Kuroji attacks them and forces Saragimaru as well. After defeating them, they continue their way along the river, where they find Taira no Fumikado, who was trying to collect spirits in order to resurrect the vengeful spirit Taira no Masakado and store him in their homunculus body. After defeating them, they find out that all the spirits are attracted to a certain location. Finally, they end up in the Withered Grove, where they find the chimera soul Shion, who is the avatar of the soul-eater flower Harujion. Threatened by Shion's attempt to eat their soul, the duo retaliates.

In the end, Yaorochi and Sukune arrive at the Senri Shrine, bringing Shion with them. Shion indicated that they were attracted by the essence of the shrine and stays there.

It's revealed that the spirits came to Mugenri because of a hole in the Mugenri Barrier that separates the land from the Outside World. The hole was caused by Lumen, during the Clouds Incident and Tenkai Zuifeng was tasked to repair the hole, but is taking too long. Angry for putting Mugenri at risk, Yaorochi and Sukune go to chastise Tenkai. After finding out that Tenkai is actually an apprentice, Yaorochi mocks them, only for Tenkai to remind them about the failed Tasouken ritual. On the way back home, they are ambushed by Sese Kitsugai, a youkai they had defeated at the beginning of the story. Sese absorbs the spirits the heroes had been recollecting. After Sese is defeated, the spirits leave Sese's body.

Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle
Sukune in BPoHC as a boss

Tenkai Zuifeng is worried about the upcoming war between the Dragonfly Army and the Imperials. They go to warn Yabusame and Tsubakura about it, but the two were already gone. On the way to the shrine, Tenkai encounters Sukune and Sese Kitsugai, who were plotting revenge on Yabusame and Tsubakura, and now they want Tenkai to help them. The barrier builder finds themself dragged by the two youkai around Mugenri, as they find out more about the war and what caused it.

In all routes, it's revealed that Tsurubami and Tenkai were either feared, hated or respected due to being the dictators of Mugenri and their immense power. Sukune doesn't understand much about what's going on and just attacks any person they consider "bad". At the end of the Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle routes, Sukune and Sese don't care much about the war between the Dragonfly Army and the Imperials. In the end, they meet Suzumi Kuzu, the one responsible for the words about the "The mirror of Heaven shall split" in order to lure Tsubakura. Suzumi reveals their intention to make Tsubakura's life a living hell and after a hard fight, Suzumi erases their memories again (with Tenkai being the only one who vaguely remembers).

Relationships[edit | edit source]

As an artisan, Sukune is very sociable and knows a lot of people around Mugenri.

Adagumo no Yaorochi

During the events of Earthen Miraculous Sword, Yaorochi manipulated Sukune into transferring the essence of the Tasouken into a clay sword (requested by Saragimaru to make Yaorochi happy) by posing as a holy servant. Despite caring about nothing but the sword and willing to hurt and manipulate people for its sake, Yaorochi did feel guilt about using Sukune. Even after discovering that Sukune revealed that said clay sword was actually a bottle opener, the two became good friends and Yaorochi forgave Sukune for the misunderstanding.

Yaorochi is a loner by nature who despises humans and weak youkai, but is friends with Sukune and after the clouds incident, both live together in Sukune's house. Despite Yaorochi's immense power, dialogue with Yabusame implies that Sukune is the more dominant in their relationship and Yaorochi acts mildly towards the haniwa.

Tenkai Zuifeng

Sukune is one of the few Mugenri natives who doesn't fear or hate Tenkai for being one of the dictators of Mugenri. Both are in cordial terms and Sukune looks up to the barrier builder because of their strength. In Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, it's revealed that Sukune and their peer group had the habit to nickname them the "Melon of Death" due to their clothing's color combined with their abilities.

Tsubakura Enraku and Yabusame Houlen

Like many other, Sukune doesn't really think Tsubakura and Yabusame are doing their job as Senri Shrine priests, by being inclined towards doing things as they please instead of doing it the traditional way. Despite that and antagonizing them a few times, Sukune is still in cordial terms with Tsubakura and Yabusame and visits them at the Senri Shrine.

Adagumo no Saragimaru

Saragimaru is the one who requested Sukune to make a replica Tasouken with clay sword in order to transfer the sword's essence into and make Yaorochi happy, Saragimaru also instructed Sukune to add a certain magical inscription onto the sword in order to restrict its power. Sukune can't remember Saragimaru's face or name and doesn't know about them being Yaorochi's sibling.

Fujiwara no Iyozane

Iyozane once commissioned a replica Saeda from Sukune and despite defeating Fumikado and ruining Iyozane's chances to become a chief advisor, they're still on good terms.

Sese Kitsugai

Sukune and Sese became friends after the events of Reactivate Majestical Imperial. Both teamed up in order to defeat Tsubakura and Yabusame once.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

  • Sukune is the first Len'en character to have ever been revealed (excluding Haru and Hoojiro Shitodo's appearance in the Critical Point Bidding its Last Farewell music video) in this tweet on 19 January 2013, before even Evanescent Existence and EMS's trial versions were released on 12 September 2013.
  • The F.A.E.B in Sukune's bomb "F.A.E.B. 'Haniwa Bomb'" stands for Fuel-Air Explosive Bomb, a type of thermobaric weapon.
  • Sukune is one of JynX's favorite characters.[1]
  • Their shot type is possibly an homage to Marisa's first shot type from Subterranean Animism. Both have similar spreads, where the unfocused variant is stronger and more concentrated than the focused, which is unique among shot types.
  • Sukune has recently been making a living by selling toys they made for children in the Human Village.[2]
  • Sukune's home is known to partially be a studio.[3]
  • Sukune's theme from Earthen Miraculous Sword, Haniwa Sumo ~ End of immolation, is based on a song JynX composed in December 2010 titled "Haniwa's Martyrdom" (埴輪の殉死, Haniwa no Junshi).[4]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Spell Cards[edit | edit source]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 30
建造「サモンクレイ」 Construction "Summon Clay" EMS St. 5: E/N
造成「ピスタージュハニワ」 Production "Pistachio Haniwa" EMS St. 5: H/U
構築「ニードネンド」 Structuring "Knead Clay" EMS St. 5: E/N
研磨「グラインダーアース」 Grinding "Grinder Earth" EMS St. 5: H/U
創造「埴輪分身」 Creation "Haniwa Duplication" EMS
St. 5: E/N
St. 5: E/N
創生「土偶オートマトン」 Formation "Dogū Automaton" EMS
St. 5: H/U
St. 5: H/U
火山「泥舟艦砲射撃」 Volcano "Mud Boat Bombardment"[a] EMS St. 5: E/N
針鼠「宜う候最大戦速」 Hedgehog "Going Steadily on a Swift Onslaught" EMS St. 5: H/U
突撃「アタックハニーワ」 Blitz "Attack Haniwa" EMS
St. 5: E/N
St. 5: E/N
棍砲「フォックスフォー」 Pillar Cannon "Fox Four"[b] EMS
St. 5: H/U
St. 5: H/U
結界「四聖埴輪」 Barrier "The Four Haniwa Sages" EMS St. 6: E/N
護陣「ヘロカルウスの守護神」 Guard Formation "Herokaruusu's Protective Deity"[c] EMS St. 6: H/U
FAEB「埴輪爆弾」 F.A.E.B.Fuel Air Explosive Bomb "Haniwa Bomb" Bomb RMI
「ロストトーラス」 "Lost Torus" Flash bomb RMI
『スクーネアーム』 "Sukuuuune Aaaaarm"[d] RMI Standby Skill
泥団子「土偶人形」 Mud Ball "Dogū Dolls" RMI St. 4: E/N
泥塊「土偶戦士」 Mud Cluster "Dogū Warriors" RMI St. 4: H/U
突撃「アタックハニーワ・アイス」 Blitz "Attack Haniwa -Ice-"[e] RMI St. 4: E/N
突貫「アタックハニーワ・クリスタル」 Charge "Attack Haniwa -Crystal-"[e] RMI St. 4: H/U
斬調「土偶剪定・グロウ」 Pruning "Dogū Shearing -Grow-"[f] Co-owner with Yaorochi RMI St. 4: E/N
掘削「ハニーワ・カッター」 Excavation "Haniwa Cutter"[f] RMI St. 4: H/U
坤砲「強化型埴輪砲」 Earth Gun "Reinforced-Model Haniwa Cannon" BPoHC St. 5: E/N
弩偶「土偶イド・エス」 Crossbow Dogū "Dogū Id-Es"[g] [h] BPoHC St. 5: H/U
戦闘土偶「ネオ・ハニーワ」 Combat Dogū "NEO HANIWA" BPoHC St. 5: E
巨大土偶「スーパー・ハニーワ」 Giant Dogū "SUPER HANIWA" BPoHC St. 5: N
機動土偶「ウルトラ・ハニーワ」 Mobile Dogū "ULTRA HANIWA" BPoHC St. 5: H
合体土偶「デラックス・ハニーワ」 Fusion Dogū "DELUXE HANIWA" BPoHC St. 5: U
ハニーワケージ Haniwa Cage BPoHC Upgrade
ハニーワハンド Haniwa Hand BPoHC Upgrade
ハニーワナックル Haniwa Knuckle Upgraded flash Bomb BPoHC

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. A reference to the story Kachi-kachi Yama.
  2. A possible reference to the Fox brevity code, which purportedly once contained a fourth code word for air-to-air or air-to-surface cannon fire.
  3. Named after the "Herokaruusu Remains" (ヘロカルウス遺跡) in Tomari, Hokkaido.
  4. Likely a reference to Nitori Kawashiro's spell card Kappa "Exteeeending Aaaaarm" (河童「のびーるアーム」).
  5. 5.0 5.1 A variation on Sukune's stage 5 final spell card in Earthen Miraculous Sword.
  6. 6.0 6.1 A variation on Yaorochi's fourth spell card in Earthen Miraculous Sword.
  7. Doguu (弩偶): pun on doguu (土偶, figures) and do or ooyumi (), which means "crossbow". "" is also used in the superlative "弩級/ド級" ("do-level"), which originated as a shortening of "dreadnought-level" referring to dreadnought boats.
  8. A reference to Shion's spell card "Id=Es".

Official Profiles[edit | edit source]

Official profiles
 〇5面ボス  無垢なる天才埴輪

  片埜 宿禰(かたの すくね)
  Katano Sukune




  物には魂が宿る。 先天的には大自然の恩恵や職人の魂、








〇 Stage 5 Boss — Pure and Genius Haniwa

Sukune Katano

Species: Monster Haniwa
Ability: Something like modeling things into shapes

They can form dirt into any shape without using any tools.

When a spirit dwells within an object, it is influenced by the object's shape.
Even a divine spirit will lose its special nature if it dwells within a crude object.
Conversely, if some nameless spirit comes to dwell within a more dignified object,
that spirit may exhibit strength above its regular limits.
For a spirit to dwell within an object,
that object has to be inhabitable for the spirit.
Basically, if the dwelling fits the spirit, then the spirit will also be happy.
Thus, when a spirit dwells in an object, if the dignity of the object isn't compatible,
the spirit's essence won't come out.
...Or at least that was Sukune's opinion.

Spirits dwell within objects. Innate spirits are those of an artisan or the blessings of nature,
whereas imported spirits are those like the spirits of gods and vengeful spirits.[a]

However, because Sukune was so skilled at crafting shapes,
they end up creating any shape they imagine in a flash.
Lacking affection and emotional attachment, the innate spirit of an artisan does not dwell within their creations;
while they were also not equipped with the knowledge or skill to import a spirit into their creations.
In other words, there were no "complete" examples among Sukune's creations.
They were all "empty".

Thus, Sukune didn't even realize the real worth of their own ability.
They themself called their creations "failures" and discarded them,
without even realizing that they were such perfect vessels for housing divine spirits.

One day, Sukune encountered a person who called themself a holy servant.
Apparently, this person was able to make objects house spirits.
Sukune became hopeful of the holy servant's ability, and showed them their creations.
The holy servant borrowed one of their creations, saying they would make it house a spirit.

What kind of object they borrowed, Sukune didn't know.
That object rivaled the sacred treasures, no,
could even become a sacred treasure itself, although Sukune never knew it.
Sukune, at the prospect of their creation becoming "complete",
had frenzied thoughts whirling through their head.

Sukune did exactly as the holy servant had said.
They felt that they had found the ultimate partner.

On a completely different note, although Sukune can't really drink alcohol,
they really love to open saké bottles.
If you drink together with them, they'll say that they can't drink,
but end up "opening" a whole ton of saké bottles,
and be warned that you'll be left "emptying" most of them by yourself.[b]
Also, they usually carry around a bottle opener,
always within arm's reach.
For that purpose, they frequently stick a "bottle opener" onto their creations.
Be it clay pots, weapons or anything else.

Perhaps to foster creativity, they don't speak like any normal person.


  片埜 宿禰(かたの すくね)
  Katano Sukune





〇 Pure and Genius Haniwa

Sukune Katano

Species: Monster Haniwa
Ability: Something like modeling things into shapes

A childish genius in pottery-making.
Using clay, they can mold anything into a particular "shape".
For the sake of creativity, they don't speak like a normal person.

They can fly without wings but decided to make some anyway.

They like their nabe served in an earthenware pot.


片埜 宿禰
Katano Sukune





Pure and Genius Haniwa

Sukune Katano
Monster Haniwa
Something like modelling things into shapes

A youkai that can make any object's shape from soil without using any tools.

They have a connection to the two priests of the Senri Shrine,
and really want to give 'em a piece of their mind.
But they've realized that it's impossible to face them head-on with their current power,
and are vigilantly keeping watch for a good opportunity
together with their recent acquaintance, "Sese Kitsugai".

Even though can't drink much saké, they love bottle openers.

Recently, they're really into making and selling
earthenware toys aimed at children.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The Japanese text describes the two different kinds of spirits as "innate" (先天的) and "imported" (後天的). The two Japanese terms refer to something that's an inherent feature, and to something that's an acquired feature, respectively.
  2. "Opening" and "emptying" here are pronounced the same way, they're even technically the same word, so it's a pun.

Official Sources[edit | edit source]

Official sources

References[edit | edit source]