Medias Moritake

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守武もりたけ メリヤス
Medias Moritake
mo̞ɾita̠ke̞ me̞ɾija̠sɯᵝ
Medias Moritake
Character Titles
Southern Meteor Shower
Species Emperor penguin youkai
Abilities Getting rid of friction
Occupation Soldier
Location Devanagara
Music Themes
  • エンペラーロード ~ So cute! (BPoHC)

Medias Moritake (守武 メリヤス, Moritake Meriasu) is a penguin youkai and the second stage boss of the Brilliant route of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.

General Information[edit]

They are a penguin deployed from a kingdom far to the south. Their reason for moving so far away from home was to raise money to feed younger penguin chicks.[1]


Medias is a serious and diligent soldier who tries to act mature most of the time. However, their animal instinct shows through when someone mentions fish and do not take kindly when people refer to them as a pet.


Getting rid of friction

This ability allows them to move at high speeds without the restraints of friction. This is shown in their attacks, which have them moving very quickly.

Background Information[edit]


Their full name is Medias Moritake (守武 メリヤス). Their first name Medias (メリヤス) is a kind of knitted fabric made from a technique similar to the stockinette stitch, which came from Spain and Portugal[2]. Their surname Moritake (守武) can be read as "Shou Wu" in Chinese, with the first character Shou () translating to "Keep" and the second Wu () translating to "Military", fitting with the fact that they are a member of an army. They got their surname after they were noticed by the emperor.[1]

Though the names of many Len'en characters can be linked to various bird species, Medias' name notably contains no such references, despite being a bird youkai themselves; This is explained by JynX that Medias, as a penguin youkai, is merely a flightless bird, and therefore does not have as much significance as those who have a Bird's Name[3].

In the music section of the demo version, the katakana for their first name was written as "メディアス", which appears more fitting for their English name.

According to JynX, "Medias" is written as "莫大小" in Chinese[4]. 莫大小, while not a traditional Chinese vocabulary, is a word borrowed from the Japanese to refer to the same kind of knitted fabric.


Medias has short light blue hair and eyes. They are dressed in blue and white clothing, a blue cape that resembles penguin wings and an oversized blue hat with eyes and golden ornaments that makes it resemble a penguin head. While a tail is not visible in Medias's in-game portrait, JynX stated that they are able to grow and remove their tail up to their convenience. Medias appears to be wielding a sword in their left hand, and a type of Japanese billhook (nata) in their right hand.


Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

While Yabusame Houlen and company are flying to the Capital City, they encounter Medias, who seems curious of the trio. Yabusame believes Medias is cute and wants to take them home as a pet penguin. Tsubakura Enraku refuses, since Yabusame is the type of person to dote on something and then get bored and discard it. Shion is jealous of it, since they were already established as the pet of the Senri Shrine and attacks them. After Medias is defeated, Yabusame loses interest and flies away.

Medias recognizes Taira no Fumikado as one of the rebellion leaders and ambushes them. After the penguin is defeated, Fumikado and their lackeys make fun of their appearance, not believing they are a penguin.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Medias is fond of seasonal fish, squid and shrimp.[5]
  • Medias was a soldier prior to arriving in Devanagara, although it is unclear what organization they were a part of.[5]


Spell Cards[edit]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 8
冷爪「爪先立つ鵝」 Cold Claw "Flightless Bird Standing on its Claws" BPoHC St. 2: E/N
氷爪「エンペラーダンス」 Frozen Claw "Emperor Dance" BPoHC St. 2: H/U
冷道「ペンギンロード」 Cold Path "Penguin Road" BPoHC St. 2: E/N
氷道「ペンギンハイウェイ」 Frozen Path "Penguin Highway"[a] BPoHC St. 2: H/U
冷河「氷山の爪」 Cold River "Iceberg's Claw" BPoHC St. 2: E/N
氷河「皇帝の爪」 Frozen River "Emperor's Claw" BPoHC St. 2: H
王河「皇帝の剣」 Royal River "Emperor's Sword" BPoHC St. 2: U
リ・スリル Re-Thrill BPoHC Upgrade


  1. Might be a reference to a Japanese novel Penguin Highway.

Official Profiles[edit]


守武 メリヤス
Moritake Medias





金に弱い。 金の為ならなんでもやる。



Southern Meteor Shower

Medias Moritake
Emperor Penguin
Something like getting rid of friction

A dispatch soldier from the far South.

In order to suppress the “inhuman ones”
and to establish diplomatic relationships with other nations,
the Emperor called for reinforcements from Mugenri's "distant regions"
to reinforce their military strength.

This particular penguin from the far South
participated in the dispatch to the Capital
in order to raise funds to help provide for their colleagues’ chicks.

They achieved some moderate feats of valor under the Emperor,
but it the end it was only moderate.

They're normally a dignified person from a proud tribe, but they're a sucker for cash,
and so they'll do anything for money.

They can't stand the heat, either. They'd like it better if summer wasn't a thing.

For their service in the Capital, the Emperor bestowed a Kanji name upon them.

Official Sources[edit]

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