Dragonfly Army

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Dragonfly Army
Crest of Dragonflies.png
The Dragonfly Army's crest, the Crest of Dragonflies
Species Mostly Youkai
Location Outpost Base Camp and Dragonfly Castle

The Dragonfly Army (蜻蛉軍, Tonbogun) is an army that emerged right before the events of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, formed by members of the Youkai Alliance (妖怪連盟, Yōkai Renmei) in response to the imperial capital Devanagara's attack on the Sanctuary. The army is lead by Garaiya Ogata, with most of its soidiers being their shikigami.

General Information[edit]


Not long before the events of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, the Youkai Alliance received information from a certain source that Devanagara was planning to invade and take over the Sanctuary. In response to this, Garaiya recruited as many Youkai as possible as Shikigami and, along with their pupil Taira no Chouki, the recently awakened Para, the adopted Clause and Chouki's followers, established the Dragonfly Army, in an attempt to protect the denizens of the Sanctuary. They also set up the Outpost Base Camp as the army's main camp, while using the Dragonfly Castle as their headquarters.

After the Dragonfly Castle revealed itself to Chouki, the army adopted the Crest of Dragonflies, originally the castle's crest, as its own as well, as shown at the Outpost Base Camp.


Most of the members of the Youkai Alliance are members of the Dragonfly Army as well, with the exception of Taira no Chouki and Fujiwara no Iyozane.

Background Information[edit]

Name & Origin[edit]

The army's name, the Dragonfly Army, was based on the Dragonfly Castle, the army's headquarters.


Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle[edit]

Shortly before the events of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, Kujiru informs Garaiya that the Imperial Military was indeed headed for the Sanctuary like a certain source has informed them beforehand, they then mobilized the army's forces to meet them at the Frontline River. The river then became the main site of the war between the two factions, but the entire skies of Mugenri are filled with bullets from the conflict.
The members of the Dragonfly Army can be found as Stage enemies as well as stage Bosses. All named members of the army (except Clause), can be encountered as bosses on the Haze route, Clause is the stage 6:5 boss and a potential final boss of the Neutral route. The Fairy-like Enemies and Spirits can be found as stage enemies in all routes.


Imperial Military

The invasion of the Imperial Military on the Sanctuary was what caused the establishment of the army in the first place. The two armies are on extremely poor terms, and each wants to take the other out.