Haiji Senri

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千理せんり 牌示はいじ
Haiji Senri
sẽ̞nɾi ha̠id͡ʑi
Haiji Senri
Haiji in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle
Character Titles
Fad-following Spell Collector
Species Human
Abilities Manipulating cards
Occupation Spell collector

Haiji Senri (千理 牌示, Senri Haiji) is a human spell collector who admires the Senri Shrine. They are the Extra stage boss of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle on the Brilliant route.

General Information[edit]


Haiji is a spell collector. As such, they do it as a hobby where they run a spell card shop. They admire the spells they've collected by beating opponents in spell card duels over them, though some people have likened it to Haiji "stealing" their cards.


It's said that Haiji is an endlessly irresponsible person.


Manipulating cards

Haiji is able to manipulate cards. As such, they are capable of copying other people's spells and making them their own. The ability has some resemblance to Tsurubami's "raising poultry".

Background Information[edit]


Their full name is Haiji Senri (千理 牌示). Their first name Haiji (牌示) means "showing cards". Their surname Senri (千理) is pronounced the same as Tsurubami Senri's surname Senri (闡裡), but with different kanji. The first kanji sen (千) in their surname means "thousand", while the second kanji ri (理) means "logic" or "reason". The surname was copied from the Senri clan, but modified slightly. As such, it is unknown what their original surname was.



Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

Haiji is an Extra stage boss in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle on the brilliant route.


The Senri clan

Haiji appears to admire the Senri Shrine and the Shinto priests from here. As such, they are a huge fan of the founder of the spell card system to Mugenri, the second-generation priest of the Senri Shrine.

Tsurubami Senri

Haiji frequently hung around the shrine, and they were one of several people who got a close look at the course of Tsurubami's conquest of Mugenri. Haiji is Tsurubami's biggest fan and idolizes them. On their side, Tsurubami considers them a nuisance.

Tenkai Zuifeng

Haiji seems to be jealous of Tenkai for being Tsurubami's best friend and close confidant. On their side, Tenkai considers them an annoyance.

Spell Cards[edit]

Since Haiji is a spell collector, they admire spell cards a lot. They are also a huge fan of who introduced the spell card system to Mugenri, the second-generation priest of the Senri Shrine. However, most of Haiji's spell cards are directly based on the spells used by various characters from the Touhou Project, mainly final and extra bosses.

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 10
「何色の无現里」 "Something-Colored Mugenri" Based on Scarlet Gensokyo from Remilia Scarlet BPoHC St. Ex
QEF「500年ぐらいの波紋」 QEF "Ripple of About 500-or-So Years" Based on Q.E.D. "Ripples of 495 Years" from Flandre Scarlet BPoHC St. Ex
霊曲「ナンチャラ・オブ・ヒロカワ」 Spiritual Melody "Whatchamacallit of Hirokawa" Based on Subtle Melody "Repository of Hirokawa -Divine Spirit-" from Yuyuko Saigyouji BPoHC St. Ex
式光「犬猿人間レーザー」 Shikigami's Light "Dog-Monkey Human Laser"[a] Based on Shikigami's Radiance "Fox-Tanuki Youkai Laser" from Ran Yakumo BPoHC St. Ex
魍魎「神社に棲む胡蝶」 Sinister Spirits "Butterfly Lurking in the Shinto Shrine" Based on Evil Spirits "Bewitching Butterfly Living in the Zen Temple" from Yukari Yakumo BPoHC St. Ex
密術「天文殺法術」 Secret Art "Astronomical Killing Art" Based on Esoterica "Astronomical Entombing" from Eirin Yagokoro BPoHC St. Ex
王宝「ライフオータムリミテッド」 Royal Treasure "Life Autumn Limited" Based on Divine Treasure "Life Spring Infinity" from Kaguya Houraisan BPoHC St. Ex
惣菜「フッジッサーンヴォルケイノ」 Side Dish "FU-JI-SAAAAAN! Volcano"[b] [c] Based on Hourai "Fujiyama Volcano" from Fujiwara no Mokou BPoHC St. Ex
崇牌「ミシャミシャさま」 Worship Card "Mishamisha-sama" Based on Scourge Sign "Mishaguji-Sama" from Suwako Moriya BPoHC St. Ex
白牌「オリジンカード」 White Card "Origin Card" BPoHC St. Ex
スペルコレクター Spell Collector BPoHC Upgrade


  1. "Dog and monkey" is an idiomatic phrase referring to people who get along poorly. (ex. "fighting like cats and dogs")
  2. souzai (惣菜): pun on the similar-looking kanji Hourai (蓬莱).
  3. Reference to the Japanese internet meme "Fu-ji-saaan" (/^o^\フッジッサーン), originating from the Denki Groove song "Fuji-san".

Additional Information[edit]

  • When JynX was asked if Haiji has been to Gensokyo to copy Touhou spell cards in the second interview, they replied that it's "up to your imagination".
  • Just like Tsurubami and Tenkai, when Haiji moves around, their sprite becomes black and white. JynX has stated that this is because they are copying Tsurubami.[1]
  • While Haiji is a fan of the Senri clan, their clothes are based on their own fashion sense, according to JynX.


Official Sources[edit]

Official sources


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