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Suzumi's Bad Ending


Inside a room of some building somewhere.


The otherwise-dim room was pierced by a weak ray of light,
informing Suzumi that dawn had come.


Slowly getting up from a sleeping position, they opened the window by a hand's breadth,
and caught a small whiff of the smell of metal and gas.


Afterwards, they realized they'd sweated a lot during the night,
so they headed for the sink to wash their face two or three times.


After drying themself off with a towel,
they went to the fridge and retrieved some cold milk.


Filling a glass with the beverage, they gave it a sip,
savoring the sensation of the cold liquid traveling down their esophagus and into their stomach.


They placed the glass on the table and went to lie face-down on the bed
when their face shot up suddenly and they mumbled:

スズミ 「負けちゃダメじゃない」

Suzumi: "Wait, duh. I wasn't supposed to lose! "

To be continued...?

To be continued...?

ROUTE4 Bad_End...
     <次はノーコンティニューを目指してみよう! ファイト!>

Route 4: Bad End...
Try not to use continues next time! You can do it!