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NiLU in Book of the Cafe
Species Monochroid

NiLU (ニル, Niru) is mysterious person tasked with collecting information on Mugenri along with Tom C. Zemlja.

General Information[edit]

NiLU was first on a teaser image titled "do Not, I Love U" on 6 October 2019.[1] Their full character was revealed for Len'en's 6th Anniversary, which indicated their inclusion to Book of the Cafe.


Nothing is known about their personality yet except for the fact that they really love food.[2]

Background Information[edit]


Their only known name is NiLU, which seems to be an abbreviation of the phrase "(do) Not, I Love U", as seen from a teaser of the character from JynX's Twitter.[1] Their Japanese name, ニル, may also mean "nil", which along with Rei, Zelo and Lin points to the number 0.


JynX attempted several designs for the character before their first teaser.[2] They have a white cloth that covers over their eyes, but they have Eye of Senri on their left eye. They wear a black cloak, with collars coloured white, purple then black.


Book of the Cafe

NiLU is the main protagonist of Book of the Cafe.[2] Along with Tom C. Zemlja, they are tasked with collecting information on Mugenri while running a "café", although it is unclear who gave them the task.


Tom C. Zemlja

NiLU and Tom C. Zemlja are partners on their mission to collect information on Mugenri, although any relationship beyond this is unclear.

The Shitodo Siblings

It is noted that NiLU's collar resembles that of the Shitodo Siblings, although any further relationship beyond this is unclear.


Official Sources[edit]