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天宮あまのみや じゅん
Jun Amanomiya
a̠ma̠no̞mija̠ d͡ʑʲɯ̃ᵝɴ
Jun Amanomiya
Character Titles
Raincoat Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Species Rain youkai
Abilities Controlling the rain
Occupation Swindler
Music Themes
  • カラクレナイ乃ナガグツ (EMS)
  • 韓紅に水は括る ~DYE~ (BPoHC)

Jun Amanomiya (天宮 潤, Amanomiya Jun) is a courteous and polite youkai who sells umbrellas and is Shou Amanomori's best friend. A running gag in the Len'en Project is that they always get attacked by the heroes for no reason just for being there.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Jun is the first stage boss of Earthen Miraculous Sword and Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, the second and fourth game of the Len'en Project respectively. Rain youkai are apparently rare in Mugenri[1], making Jun rather valuable due to this rarity.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jun is generally friendly towards others. Despite being a rain youkai, they don't like rain and moisture because it gets their rain gear wet. Jun likes to sing their own songs, but is embarrassed if they're seen singing by other people. Shou Amanomori is very fond and protective of Jun and similarly, Jun is protective of Shou too and the two are often seen together (not in-game, but according to Sese Kitsugai).

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Controlling the rain

Because they're related to a rain god, they have the ability to make it rain. It's said they make it rain in order to sell their rain gear, but if they don't make the rain fall then they can't make a living. Like actual rain, their ability is affected by the area's temperature and humidity.[3]

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

Jun may be loosely based on the Amefurikozou (雨降小僧, lit. "rain-bringing apprentice"). They are depicted as children wearing an umbrella on their heads, which can be seen in Jun's design; and are said to be subservient to the Chinese rain deity Yu Shi (雨師, lit. "rain master/teacher"), this is referenced in Jun's official profile in EMS, where it states that they are related to a rain god. The relationship between Yu Shi and the Amefurikozou may also be comparable to that between Jun and Shou Amanomori, in which Jun is the one with control over the rain while Shou is the one who makes it rain via Jun's ability.

Name[edit | edit source]

Their full name is Jun Amanomiya (天宮 潤). Their given name, Jun (), is written with the kanji that means "wet", but can also be read to mean "profit". Their family name, Amanomiya (天宮, lit. "shrine of the heavens"), is a real Japanese surname as well as the name of an actual shrine, although the kanji is read as "amenomiya" instead in the latter.

Design[edit | edit source]

Jun has short hair in a bob cut and blue-grey eyes, but black eyes in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle. They use raingear as headwear, even for sunny days. They wear pink and red clothing, with a blue cape with polka-dots, as protection for the rain.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Earthen Miraculous Sword
Jun in EMS

In Earthen Miraculous Sword, they get attacked by the heroes just for being there. Because they related Jun's powers to the incident, believing them to be the culprit and attacked them. After their defeat, Jun's friend Shou Amanomori goes to avenge them, but they're unsuccessful.

Jun introduces them-self to Yabusame Houlen and tries to sell some raingear, but the human believes they were being eavesdropped. Realizing that Yabusame wasn't paying attention, Jun introduces them-self again, letting it slip that they are a rain youkai. Yabusame accuses Jun of being the culprit and attacks them. After Jun is defeated, Yabusame is surprised that Jun is still alive, ignoring the condition of youkai in general.

Tsubakura Enraku encounters Jun and both talk about how problematic is the rain. Because of the little umbrella on Jun's head, the human recognizes them as a rain youkai. Tsubakura accuses Jun of being the culprit and attacks them. After Jun is defeated, Tsubakura is relieved that they beat the culprit and the incident is solved. Jun tries to say that they aren't related to the clouds incident at all, but Tsubakura ignores them and flies away.

Kuroji Shitodo encounters Jun, who is surprised to see a flying human and comments the times have changed. Jun also recognizes Kuroji as one of the humans spirited away by Tsurubami Senri. Kuroji realizes Jun is a rain youkai and accuses them of being the culprit. Jun doesn't deny this, but decides to fight against Kuroji, believing that because they are a human, young and inexperienced, it will be easy to defeat them. That doesn't turn out to be the case and Jun is defeated.

Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

Once again in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, Jun is at the wrong place at the wrong time and because the incident is related to weather, the heroes believe Jun to be the culprit and is attacked pointlessly. Jun will appear randomly as the Stage 1 Boss if the player takes the neutral route, and can appear randomly as a midboss anywhere from stage 2 onwards.

Jun is flying idly above the sky as they sing a song about rain. Yabusame Houlen and company overhear Jun, much to Jun's embarrassment. Tsubakura Enraku concludes that because they're a rain youkai, they're the culprit, despite Jun's warnings. After their defeat, Shion consumes their soul, but since Jun is a youkai, they find it painful but doesn't die. When Shou Amanomori goes to avenge Jun's defeat as usual, Tsubakura reveals that they knew Jun wasn't guilty and just attacked Jun for the heck of it.

Jun runs into Taira no Fumikado's group and introduces them-self as a rain youkai. Fumikado concludes that if they can control rain, they can control the skies as well, despite Jun saying that it's not the case. In order to prove that they're the rightful New Emperor and everything belongs to them even the skies, Fumikado and their lackeys attack the youkai, Jun is defeated again.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Shou Amanomori

Shou Amanomori is their best friend. They stay close to Jun, because as a slug-youkai, they love rain and Jun is a rain youkai, so Shou can induce their ability on them to make rain. Everytime Jun gets attacked for no reason, Shou goes to take revenge on the ones who attacked them. According to Sese Kitsugai, the two are always seen together and similarly, Jun is very protective of Shou.[1]

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Spell Cards[edit | edit source]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 8
番傘「傘対地砲撃」 Bangasa "Umbrella Air-to-Ground Bombardment"[a] EMS St. 1: E/N
傘爆「アマツバメクラスター」 Umbrella Bombing "Amatsubame Cluster"[b] EMS St. 1: H/U
星傘「サテライトパラソル」 Star Umbrella "Satellite Parasol" The Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle upgrade is simply titled Satellite Parasol (サテライトパラソル).
Bomb (BotC)
St. 1: E/N
St. 1: E/N
「雨の宮、風の宮」 "Shrines of Rains, Shrines of Winds"[c] EMS
St. 1: H/U
St. 1: H/U
水難「雨に沐い風櫛る」 Hardship in Water "Shower in the Rain, Comb Hair with the Wind"[d] EMS
St. 1: E/N
St. 1: E/N
雨難「櫛風沐雨」 Hardship in Rains "Striving through the Wind and Rain"[e] EMS
St. 1: H
St. 1: H
嵐難「地ハ力也、水ヨリモ濃ク」 Hardship in Storms "Earth is Power, Thicker than Water"[f] EMS
St. 1: U
St. 1: U
雨傘 Umbrella BotC Inherent Trait

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Bangasa is a type of Japanese umbrella made of coarse oil paper.
  2. Amatsubame is a kind of bird, the Pacific Swift.
  3. A Japanese phrase that can refer to:
    a) The literal rain and wind.
    b) To the many auxiliary shrines of the Ise Grand Shrine where gods of rain and wind are enshrined.
    c) The large amount of offertory money they earn, used as a metaphor for great expenditures.
    d) The people who cause such great expenditures.
  4. A Japanese expression which means to strive to make the best of the situation even in hardships.
  5. Another form of the expression, meaning the same thing.
  6. Possibly a play on the phrase "blood is thicker than water", as both "earth" and "blood" can be pronounced chi in Japanese.

Official Profiles[edit | edit source]

Official profiles
 ○1面ボス 進退両難あまがっぱ

  天宮 潤(あまのみや じゅん)
  Amanomiya Jun





◯ Stage 1 Boss — Raincoat Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Jun Amanomiya

Species: Youkai
Ability: Something like controlling the rain

Because they're related to a rain god, it seems they have the ability to make it rain.

Although they are a swindler who makes it rain
in order to sell their rain gear, they claim that
they don't like rain and moisture because it gets their clothes (rain gear) wet.
They're stuck between a rock and a hard place, having to make it rain to make a living yet hating the rain.
Why do all this when you can just eat some random human...?

When you see them with their umbrella out even on sunny days,
they're apparently treating raingear as a type of fashion.


天宮 潤
Amanomiya Jun




Raincoat Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Jun Amanomiya
Something like controlling the rain

A youkai of rainfall.

They love rain... or, more accurately, rain gear.
In fact, they actually hate to get their rain gear wet,
so you'd have to say they really don't like the rain.
But various people keep asking them to make it rain,
so they do so as they can't say no.

This time, they were attacked while merrily humming a tune
and casually strolling down the road with an umbrella in hand.

Official Sources[edit | edit source]

Official sources

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