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This is the readme.txt that exists in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.


連縁 天影戦記 ~ Brilliant_pagoda_or_haze_castle

(c)opyright Jynx
代表兼奴隷[ Jynx ]

Len'en Ten'eisenki ~ Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

(c)opyright JynX
Doujin Circle "Trick Nostalgie"
Misc. Affairs [ JynX ]
Read Me ~ Read This First


◆1: Greetings

The following text appears in the full release.

 この度は「連縁 天影戦記(れんえん てんえいせんき)」を

 My sincerest gratitude for downloading this work,
 "Len'en Ten'eisenki".


 This game is about various folks whose genders and ways of life aren't really clear,
 doing various things for reasons we don't really get.
 A random impromptu danmaku STG that we don't really understand.
 It's just overall incomprehensible for some reason.


 There are quite a lot of elements that differ from a standard STG,
 and it's quite the large game, so take it easy and slow while enjoying the game.
 It's the 4th entry in the series, but you should be able to enjoy it just fine even without playing the first 3.


 Also, since there's so much to the game I'm sure there are many bugs that I missed,
 so if you find anything weird please keep those reports coming!


 ↓ Creator's Website ↓

 一作目[鏈縁 无現里]
( )
 二作目[鏈縁 蛇叢釼]
( )
 三作目[鏈縁 霊烈傳]
( )

 ↓ Direct Download Sites ↓
 1st Game [Evanescent Existence]
( )
 2nd Game [Earthen Miraculous Sword]
( )
 3rd Game [Reactivate Majestical Imperial]
( )

 頑張ってね! グッドラック!

 Welp, please enjoy!
 Work hard! Good luck!


 Oh, and sorry for the extremely late release~!

The following text exclusively appears in the trial versions.


 Due to the complexity of the game and the fact that it's only the trial version,
 there are still many incomplete parts
 along with other bugs and errors.
 So if you ever come across something that makes you think, "Huh, this seems strange, no?"
 Feel free to make a report!


 This is the 4th entry in the series,
 but there's no major issue with not having played the previous 3 games,
 so feel free to give it a go.


 The first three games are also available for download and free,
 so go check them out from the creator's website if you're interested! ♪


 ↓ Creator's Website ↓

 一作目[鏈縁 无現里]
( )
 二作目[鏈縁 蛇叢釼]
( )
 三作目[鏈縁 霊烈傳]
( )

 ↓ Direct Download Sites ↓
 1st Game [Evanescent Existence]
( )
 2nd Game [Earthen Miraculous Sword]
( )
 3rd Game [Reactivate Majestical Imperial]
( )

 頑張ってね! グッドラック!

 There's still a lot to do before the full version is ready, so that's about it from me...
 Work hard! And good luck!

 ※ver 0.02b以降

 ※ version 0.02b and above
 "Le04_alpha.exe" is a version for those who thought,
 "It'd sure be nice if it ran on Windows 8 as well~."
 I'm not too confident as to whether it'll run or not, it's just a test.
 It should, however, not work on XP or anything before it.

The following text appears in pretty much all versions (with varying exceptions).


◆2: This Folder's Contents

 ・Le04.exe -- ゲーム本体
 ・Le04_alpha.exe -- ゲーム本体(Win8テスト版)[a]
 ・le04_config.exe -- ゲームのコンフィグ
 ・etc_le04.txt -- キャラ設定とか[b]
 ・story_le04.txt -- ストーリーとか
 ・FAQ.txt -- なんか困ったときに見るやつ
 ・readme.txt -- 今ココ!
 ・manual -- マニュアル(中のIndexを開いてね)
 ・text_dat -- ゲーム内のテキストデータの一部
 ・text_img -- ゲーム内の文字が含まれてる画像データの一部
 ・その他 -- 色々なデータだから弄くらんといて

 ・Le04.exe -- The game itself
 ・Le04_alpha.exe -- The game itself (Windows 8 test version)
 ・le04_config.exe -- Configure the game
 ・etc_le04.txt -- Character settings and such
 ・story_le04.txt -- The story, etc.
 ・FAQ.txt -- Read this if you're troubled about something
 ・readme.txt -- You're here right now!
 ・manual -- It's the manual. (Click on the indexes within it!)
 ・text_dat -- Some of the game's text data.
 ・text_img -- Some of the game's image data with text in it
 ・Others -- They're all kinds of data, so don't mess with them and leave them be


◆3: How to Uninstall


Please just get rid of the folder the game is in.
"Boop!" In the Recycle Bin.


◆4: In Case of Confusion


 Check to see if FAQ.txt in this folder contains your answer first.
 In case it doesn't, please help yourself to contacting me directly.
 In case my lacking capabilities reach their limit before reaching a solution,
 please forgive me for my failure.
 Twitter should be the fastest way to get a response out of me, maybe?


 Let me know whatever impressions and requests you might have.
 (I probably won't be able to answer, but I'll happily oblige.)

 ||・メール <> ||
 ||・Twitter <@mugen_Jinx> ||

 ||・E-mail <> ||
 ||・Twitter <@mugen_Jinx> ||


◆5: In case nothing works


 Just give up?


 Don't give up!


◆6: Changelog

2015/05/31 Le04.exe ver 0.01a やっとのこさ体験版完成
2015/06/12 Le04.exe ver 0.02a バグや誤字修正など
2015/07/05 Le04.exe ver 0.02b 文字コードをUTF-16に変更、改変できるデータを追加[d]
2016/11/29 Le04.exe ver 1.00a 死にかけながら、なんとか完成...
2016/12/04 Le04.exe ver 1.01a 一部バグの修正や細かな調整
2016/12/06 Le04.exe ver 1.02a バグ修正と微調整、プラクティスに新要素追加
2016/12/?? Le04.exe ver 1.03a バグ修正と微調整をば
2016/12/25 Le04.exe ver 1.10a バグ修正と微調整、弾幕挑戦回数なども記録
2016/12/25 Le04.exe ver 1.10b ウッカリバグを修正
2017/09/17 Le04.exe ver 1.20a 色々と実装やら修正やら
2017/09/18 Le04.exe ver 1.20b またウッカリバグを修正
2017/09/18 Le04.exe ver 1.20c アホなミスを修正
2017/09/23 Le04.exe ver 1.20d バグなどを修正
2017/09/26 Le04.exe ver 1.20e ちょいと不具合を修正
2017/09/26 Le04.exe ver 1.20f アホな不具合を修正

2015/05/31: Le04.exe: ver 0.01a - Finally the trial version is complete
2015/06/12: Le04.exe: ver 0.02a - Various bug and typo fixes
2015/07/05: Le04.exe: ver 0.02b - Text code has been changed to UTF-16, added changeable data.
2016/11/29: Le04.exe: ver 1.00a - I almost died, but I finally made it...
2016/12/04: Le04.exe: ver 1.01a - Fixing some bug and minor adjustments
2016/12/06: Le04.exe: ver 1.02a - Bug fixes, minor adjustsments and new additions to Practice
2016/12/??: Le04.exe: ver 1.03a - Bug fixes and minor adjustments
2016/12/25: Le04.exe: ver 1.10a - Bug fixes, minor adjustsments and began recording the number of times a pattern has been challenged
2016/12/25: Le04.exe: ver 1.10b - Fixed a careless bug
2017/09/17: Le04.exe: ver 1.20a - Various additions and fixes
2017/09/18: Le04.exe: ver 1.20b - Fixed another careless bug
2017/09/18: Le04.exe: ver 1.20c - Fixed a stupid misake
2017/09/23: Le04.exe: ver 1.20d - Bug fixes and stuff
2017/09/26: Le04.exe: ver 1.20e - Did a bit of bug fixing
2017/09/26: Le04.exe: ver 1.20f - Fixed a dumb misake


  1. Exclusive feature for v0.02b.
  2. Only appeared in the trial versions, since the profiles of the playable characters were moved to appear in-game for the full release.
  3. This was a pessimistic response before becoming an optimistic one in the full release.
  4. This changelog only appeared in v0.02b, which was removed from all full releases for unknown reasons.