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This article describes the story of Reactivate Majestical Imperial in detail.

Prologue[edit | edit source]

At the Senri Shrine, Jinbei tells Yabusame and Tsubakura that there's an abnormal winter and it must be an incident, but the humans are idling in the kotatsu and refuse to go. Shortly after, Yaorochi and Sukune visit the shrine, with the orochi scolding them for not doing anything and explaining that the long winter is because of a sudden affluent of spirits and somebody is causing it. Jinbei insists that someone should go to resolve the incident. Meanwhile, Saragimaru is observing Yaorochi in a clump of bushes nearby. They are spotted by Kuroji, who forces the orochi to help them with a quest to recollect spirits, since they read it in a signboard in the Capital City and blackmailed to tell Yaorochi that the younger orochi has been stalking them if Saragimaru refuses the offer. With no other choice, Saragimaru agrees to help Kuroji.

Main Story[edit | edit source]

The three teams set out and follow the flow of spirits to their destination, defeating anyone who tries to get in their way, including the other teams. They learn that Taira no Fumikado and their subordinates were trying to take advantage of the sudden influx of spirits to revive Taira no Masakado to help them take over the capital and crown him as the "True Emperor". However, their plan was foiled as something else was attracting the spirits. The heroes defeat Fumikado and continue on to find the Harujion in the Withered Grove. It is revealed that the Harujion was the one attracting all the spirits and used its resurrecting powers to use the spirits to create a chimera soul, who Yabusame gave the name "Shion" to. In the Shrine Team and Bottle Opener Team's scenarios, Shion threatens to eat the heroes' souls and they fight. In the Slaver Team's scenario, Kuroji attempts to cut down and sell the Harujion to make a profit, and Shion attacks in retaliation.

Suzumi, specifically Hamal Cine and Arde, set out to collect information regarding this incident and the people involved in it. Notable encounters include that with Fumikado, who recognises Suzumi as the informant who provided them with information regarding the influx of spirits, which was the basis of their plan; as well as that with Shion, who oddly showed no interest in their scent or eating their soul, and only wanted to "play" with them.

Endings[edit | edit source]

Spoiler Warning: The following details consist of spoilers.

Bad Endings[edit | edit source]

Shrine Team's bad ending, involves Yabusame bringing the unconscious Tsubakura home, while Shion follows them. Jinbei declares Tsubakura "lost in action" and jokingly comments about making a funeral ritual for them. When Tsubakura wakes up, Shion appears and proceeds to eat some of their lifespan.

Bottle Opener Team's bad ending involves Shion sensing the smell of spirits in Sukune's house and causing a ruckus there. Shion breaks all of Sukune's craftworks in an attempt to look for those souls, much to the haniwa's horror.

Slaver Team's bad ending involves Shion wandering around the Shrine Road, sensing the smell of souls. Saragimaru tells them that at the end of the road, they'll find the Senri Shrine. Still upset upon losing, Kuroji sarcastically praises Saragimaru for being obvious.

Hidden Team's bad ending involves Suzumi running away to a forest after their lost, where Arde chides Hamal Cine for losing and running away. They slump down beside a tree and both resolve to get stronger and win the next time. Whether this particular Suzumi died and they were counting on another Suzumi to finish their work, or if they rewound time to try again was left ambiguous.

Good Endings[edit | edit source]

The variation between the Good Ending A and Good Ending B depends on whether the heroes were able to defeat Shion without running out of souls.

Shrine Team's good ending has Shion following Yabusame and Tsubakura back to the shrine. Since Shion has gotten attached to Tsubakura, they decide to adopt Shion into the household, much to Jinbei's chagrin. Shion brushes their concerns by saying that they only require souls to eat, and eats some of Tsubakura's lifespan. While Yabusame cheers for their new "pet", Tsubakura complains that their burdens are increasing.

Bottle Opener Team's good ending has Yaorochi and Sukune bringing Shion to the shrine with them. Yaorochi berates Tsubakura and Yabusame for staying in the kotatsu all day and doing nothing, but they ignore the orochi and make fun of their short temper. Shion is interested in consuming Tsubakura's soul and stays, much to Tsubakura's horror.

Slaver Team's good ending has Kuroji and Saragimaru bringing Shion to the shrine with them. Kuroji refuses to tell Yabusame and Tsubakura about how they defeated Shion or how they "befriended" Saragimaru, but agrees to tell them about Shion. While Kuroji decides to sell the souls they had been recollecting, Saragimaru decides to keep an eye on Kuroji, afraid that they will continue doing more amoral things for the saké of profit.

Hidden Team's good ending has Suzumi return to their house in the capital city, where Benny and Arde explain the next steps in their plans to Hamal Cine. They decided to rewind time once again, much to Hamal Cine's chagrin. While commenting that since they have reached the Mugenri of this particular branch of history, their plan was finally starting to come to fruition, but they also remark that they would probably meet many more hardships in the future.

Extra Backstory[edit | edit source]

A few days after the events of the main story, Fumikado ends up at the Senri Shrine with the protagonists (except Saragimaru, who wanted to avoid Yaorochi). They confess that they only took advantage of the affluence of spirits coming through a hole in the Mugenri Barrier, but were not responsible for said hole. The actual cause was Lumen Celeritas, who damaged the barrier with a giant laser while drunk some time ago. Jinbei complains that despite the protagonists having defeated Shion and Fumikado, the weather is still cold. They tell them that a few months ago, they asked a friend and skilled barrier builder, Tenkai Zuifeng, to repair the barrier. Jinbei would like to check Tenkai's progress on the repairs, so they ask the heroes to regroup and consult with them.

Extra Story[edit | edit source]

Yabusame and Tsubakura head out to relay Jinbei's message to Tenkai, Tenkai decides to fight them in order to test their powers to see if they are worthy of being Senri Shrine priests. Tenkai is defeated but had fixed the barrier while they were fighting. Tenkai leaves but not before warning the two about the potential dangers that may emerge now that Tsurubami has left Mugenri.

Yaorochi and Sukune head out to find Tenkai, as Yaorochi wants to tell them off for working so slowly. Tenkai retaliates by reminding Yaorochi how poor of a job they did with the Tasouken, this aggravates them and they fight. Tenkai loses but had fixed the barrier while they were fighting, leaving Yaorochi impressed.

Kuroji sets off, with Saragimaru in tow, to stop Tenkai from repairing the barrier, as they still believed the souls could be sold to Iyozane to make money. Kuroji lied to Tenkai that they defeated Tsurubami while they were disguised as Tsubakura and Tenkai fought them to test their power. Tenkai loses and Kuroji orders them to stop fixing the barrier, but they had already fixed the barrier while they were fighting.

Suzumi goes to collect information on Tenkai, provoking them to initiate a fight, although their reason for doing so is unclear. Tenkai loses and Hamal Cine wanted to order them to kill themself, but was stopped by Arde. So they simply pulled a prank on Tenkai instead.

In all four scenarios, the heroes encounter Sese on their way back, who absorbed all the souls they've collected and used them to power up. They challenge the heroes to a fight in order to test their new-found power but was ultimately defeated. The souls leaked out of Sese's body and they became weak again. The protagonists leave with the exception of the Slaver Team, in which Kuroji ordered Saragimaru to retrieve the souls that leacked out of Sese.