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Kuroji's Bad Ending


At the Senri Shrine. In contrast to the sunny skies, a human with a clouded heart
was letting both complaints and dried persimmons fall from their mouth.

クロジ  「まったく、なんなんだあいつは?」

Kuroji: "Ugh, honestly. What the hell was WITH them?"

ツバクラ 「先方も全く同じ感想だろうな」

Tsubakura: "Your opponent is probably thinking the same thing right now."

クロジ  「人を馬鹿にしておきながらノウノウと生き延びて、礼儀のなってない奴」

Kuroji: "The nerve. Making a fool out of someone, and then going and surviving? Completely lacking in courtesy."

ヤブサメ 「あはは〜、流石は黒巫鳥さんだね」

Yabusame: "Ahaha~, that's our Kuroji-san!"

クロジ  「言っておくが、お前に功績を譲ってやったわけじゃないからな、玄鳥!」

Kuroji: "And just so you know, Tsubakura, I'm not forking this accomplishment over to you!"

ツバクラ 「藪雨も居るのになんで俺限定なんだよ・・・いちいち突っかかる奴だな」

Tsubakura: "Yabusame's here too, so why am I the only one you're shouting at...? You're so bad-tempered."

クロジ  「私を馬鹿にしていいのは、百歩譲ってこの世でお前だけだからだ!」

Kuroji: "I'm telling you, the only one in the whole world who's allowed to make a fool out of me is you!"

ツバクラ 「話に脈絡を持たせようという意思すら感じない」

Tsubakura: "It doesn't feel like you're even trying to give this conversation a coherent through-line."

ヤブサメ 「ん、頬赤とアオキ君が来たみたいだよ?」

Yabusame: "Oh, it looks like Hooaka and Aoki-kun are here now."

クロジ  「丁度良い、荷物持ちが欲しかったところだった」

Kuroji: "Perfect. I did need someone to carry this luggage."

ツバクラ 「〜 堂々と ウチから柿を 持ち出すな 〜 <季語:『柿』>」

Tsubakura: " ~ For the love of god / Quit stealing our persimmons / Seriously now. ~ (Seasonal phrase: persimmons)"

クロジ  「〜 金が成るなり 妖怪退治 〜」

Kuroji: " ~ Once we make some money from / youkai extermination. ~ "

ツバクラ 「巧くてもダメだ」

Tsubakura: "Even for good poets, the answer's still no."


Kuroji had managed to escape somehow, but that didn't mean they'd
accepted the true power of Yaorochi or the sacred sword.


Like hell they'd lose to someone so irritating! They'd definitely get them back for this.


Kuroji had already come up with at least 3 or so sickeningly evil plans...

To be continued...?

To be continued...?

ROUTE3 Bad_End...
     <次はノーコンティニューを目指してみよう! ファイト!>

ROUTE3 Bad Ending...
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