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Haniwa Team's Good Ending 1
Haniwa Team's Good Ending 2
Haniwa Team's Good Ending 3
Haniwa Team's Good Ending 4


In the Senri Shrine's kotatsu room...

ツバクラ 「意気揚々と行ったようだが・・・それで、異変は解決できたのか?」

Tsubakura: "You sure seemed full of yourself when you headed out... But were you able to resolve the incident after all?"

ヤオロチ 「・・・ご覧の通り」

Yaorochi: "...Well, have a look."


Despite Adagumo no Yaorochi and Sukune Katano's valiant efforts,
the shrine grounds were still filled with souls singing an eerie chorus.

スクネ  「ダメだったぎゃ〜」

Sukune: "It was a total bust, gyah!"

ツバクラ 「だと思ったよ、甲斐性ない役立たずどもめ」

Tsubakura: "As I thought. You're a couple of useless good-for-nothings."

ヤオロチ 「一日中こんな堕落空間でぬくぬくしてた奴に言われたくないわ!」

Yaorochi: "I don't want to hear that from someone who stayed snug and warm in this depraved, slothful space all day!"

ヤブサメ 「オロチンさんは短気なの」

Yabusame: "You sure have a bad temper, Orochin-san."

ツバクラ 「苦労してんだな、ハニワ」

Tsubakura: "I pity you for putting up with them, haniwa."

スクネ  「理解者がいてくれて助かるにゃ・・・」

Sukune: "I'm so glad that someone finally understands, nyah..."

ヤオロチ 「くっ・・・・何で俺がのけ者にされるんだ!」

Yaorochi: "Ghh... Stop talking about me as if I'm not even here!"

ツバクラ 「ほーら、また怒った」

Tsubakura: "See? You're fired up again."

シオン  「怖い人なんだね、ヘビの人」

Shion: "That snake person sure is scary."

ヤオロチ 「だいたいなんで貴様までここにいるんだ?」

Yaorochi: "And just what are you doing here, anyway?"

ツバクラ 「なんなんだ、そいつは?」

Tsubakura: "Yeah, uh, who's that?"

スクネ  「花のところに居て、勝手に付いて来たぎゃ〜」

Sukune: "They were over where the flower was and decided to follow us back, gyah."


Yaorochi: "They were too strong for me to hold back against them. ...Although I may have overdone it a little."


Sukune: "But they came back ta' life right away, cha!"


Shion: "It was thanks to the Harujion! Having a human body is awesome. ♪"


Tsubakura: "So they're a living ghost, huh. Having a ghost body must be awesome."


Yabusame: "So what's lil' Shion-from-the-Harujion doing way over here?"

シオン  「なんかほんのりといいニオイがしたからさぁ、

Shion: "There was this faint, but nice smell coming from over in this direction...
And I was just interested! ♪"

ヤブサメ 「いいニオイって、玄鳥のニオイかなぁ?」

Yabusame: "A nice smell... do you mean Tsubakura's smell?"

ツバクラ 「濡れ衣を着せるな」

Tsubakura: "Don't frame me for this."

シオン  「いや、君のニオイだったよぉ、

Shion: "No, it was your smell!
Honestly, it smells suuuUUUUuuuper gooOOOOOoood~..."

ヤオロチ 「悪臭も特定できたな、

Yaorochi: "Okay, we've identified the stench.
We'll be taking our leave now, if you don't mind..."

ツバクラ 「おい、忘れもんだぞ」

Tsubakura: "Hey. HEY! You're forgetting something!"

スクネ  「その子はツバにゃんにあげるにょ♪」

Sukune: "Don't worry, Tsuba-nyan! They're all yours now, nyoh. ♪"

ヤブサメ 「わぁ! やったね! 仲間が増えるよツバツバ!」

Yabusame: "Wow! Hooray! We've got more friends now, Tsuba-tsuba!"

シオン  「えへへ〜、魂吸い尽くしてあげるね〜♪」

Shion: "Eheheh~. I'll eat your soul aaall up~. ♪"

ヤオロチ 「本人のご所望なんでね、よろしくしてやれ」

Yaorochi: "It seems that they want to stay with you, too. Take good care of them."

ツバクラ 「ここは児童養護施設じゃないんだぞ・・・」

Tsubakura: "This isn't an orphanage...!"

スクネ  「けど、その子が異変の原因じゃなかったんじゃにょー」

Sukune: "But the kid wasn't the cause of the incident in the end, nyo~."

ヤオロチ 「寒さの原因をまた探さないといかんな」

Yaorochi: "So we still have to go search for the cause of this cold."

ヤブサメ 「大変だね〜、ハニワちゃんも」

Yabusame: "That sure sounds tough~. For you too, haniwa."

スクネ  「だぎゃ〜」

Sukune: "That's right, gya~."

ツバクラ 「そんじゃまかせたぜ〜ぃ」

Tsubakura: "A'ight, then. We leave the rest to yooou."

シオン  「がんばってね〜」

Shion: "Do your best out the~re!"

ヤオロチ 「・・・こいつらは...」

Yaorochi: "...You guys..."


Somehow or another, despite their efforts,
Yaorochi was languishing with no results to show.


But when they looked at these layabouts, languishing even harder than they were,
they felt a sense of responsibility. They had to work hard, if nobody else would.


Yaorochi, bearing that one-sided sense of determination, went out to search for their next destination.


If anybody knew the cause of the uproar,
it would have to be the ones who were planning the Emperor's revival.


———First, they'd find that group's location...
No, maybe they should just hang around here a bit longer...


In the end, even Yaorochi didn't want to leave the kotatsu.


Today, too, this slovenly bunch was living as slovenly as ever.

To be continued ---- EXTRA_STAGE...

To be continued in the Extra Stage...

<シオン撃破おめでとう! よかったらEXの隠しボスでもいかが?(EXへ続く?)>

<You've defeated Shion, congratulations! If you'd like, why not challenge the EX stage's hidden boss? (Continue to EX stage?)>


  1. These and the next four lines were added in v1.10a.