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Monochroid[Zelo] = _Type_iX02[Yabusame];
Zelo in full design
Super Android's Friend
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Species Virtual android
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Miscellaneous Works
  • Rei's body, vomitously revealed! (Cameo)
  • Androids challenges own game! Len'en Mugenri part.00
  • Updates for First 3 Len'en Games! (June 2, 2018)
  • Teaching Androids - Danmaku Beginner's Lesson Part.01
  • Zelo (ゼロ zero), officially Monochroid[Zelo] = _Type_iX02[Yabusame];, is a virtual android created by Rei. Along with Rei, Zelo gives guidance and information about the Len'en Project on various videos. They are listed as a member of Trick Nostalgie.[1]

    General Information[edit]

    Zelo-chan was originally created by Rei for them to have a friend. Initially, they had no voice implemented, so they could only make cat sounds. Eventually, with a voice box, Zelo became a helper of Rei and second commentator in future videos.


    Little is known of their personality since they are robotic. They are sometimes displaced with things that Rei says. According to their profile, they like cats, reading and sleeping.[1] They also like manga, genius people, travelling and belly rubs.[2]


    Background Information[edit]


    Their official name is Monochroid[Zelo] = _Type_iX02[Yabusame];, and their nickname is Zelo (ゼロ). "Zelo" is preferred over "Zero" in reference to Yabusame's surname: Houlen. "ゼロ" could mean the number 0, which may be related to Rei's name if read with the with the kanji "". The nickname is often appended with the Japanese honorific -chan (ちゃん).


    Their appearance resembles Yabusame Houlen. They have light grey hair, dark eyes, and a grey tail. They wear a hat that resembles a cat, having two Senri eyes rather than the traditional singular eye that Tsubakura Enraku and Tsurubami Senri have. Underneath the hat are two cat-like ears. They wear a brown top which extends far down and away from them, making their belly visible. They wear grey shorts and what appears to be grey tights.


    YouTube Videos[edit]

    Zelo initially appears in this video, only shown as a simple silhouette by Rei. They were meant to be kept a secret.

    It is here where Zelo first speaks. In their first full appearance, Zelo commentates along with Rei information about the Len'en Project. In the next video, Zelo goes through the updates that have happened on the three past games Evanescent Existence, Earthen Miraculous Sword and Reactivate Majestical Imperial.

    Zelo asked JynX to make them a game to test Rei's skills. They teach about how hitboxes work. Zelo shoots danmaku at Rei, having them trying to dodge them. They also have a theme called "Fantasy Automaton ~ Learning Chance!".



    As created by Rei, Zelo looks up to them. They like to observe them.[1]

    Yabusame Houlen

    Many aspects of Rei's character alludes to Yabusame Houlen, from their name to their design. Zelo has, however, yet to show interest in Yabusame.


    Additional Information[edit]

    • Along with Rei, Zelo transforms into a head figure for most of their video appearances. This is a direct reference to Touhou's meme "yukkuri shiteitte ne!!! Thwiki.png".
    • Prior to making his own AviUtl script for lip-syncing Zelo on 17 November 2018[3], JynX had to manually program Zelo's mouth movement for their videos, taking up to 10 hours or more.[4]


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