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Bottle Opener Team's Bad Ending


At a certain haniwa's house...

スクネ  「だぎゃゃーーっ!! まぁた壊されたぁあのぉー!」

Sukune: "Gyaah!! They went an' smashed another ooooone!"


The house was filled with screams and the sound of clay shattering.
It was a fantastic scene of revelry.


There was a single "customer" in Sukune's house.

シオン  「違うのー・・・・、これもー」

Shion: "This won't do... Not this either..."


The uninvited guest, the ghastly newborn monster they'd met, took sculpture after sculpture, briefly looked at them, then tossed them away.
Each time, Sukune desperately leapt and dove to save their craftworks.


...Although several of them had wound up in a pitiful mess on the floor...

シオン  「んーーー? これでもないし、こっちでもないし・・・」

Shion: "Hmmmm~? Not this one, not this other one..."

ヤオロチ 「いい加減、このやかましいのを何とかできないのか?」

Yaorochi: "For goodness' sake. Can't you do something about this pesky little runt already?"

スクネ  「知らないっちゅーに! オロチンぽんも押さえつけるの手伝ってにゃ!」

Sukune: "Like I would know! Come on, Orochin-pon, help me hold them down, nyah!"

シオン  「コレも違う・・・・もうっ! どこにあるのーー!! このニオイ!!」

Shion: "This won't do either.... geeze! Where is it?! Where does that smell come from?!"

スクネ  「ぎゃーーー!! もうやめてぇじゃーーー!!」

Sukune: "Gyaaaaahhhh!! Stoppit already!!"


Yaorochi and Sukune had fled from the battle,
but Shion had proceeded to chase after them and barged into Sukune's house by force.


Shion was looking for something, but apparently it wasn't there.


...Of course, the merciless destruction did continue
for several hours until they finally realized that,


but at the time, perhaps Sukune was better off not knowing that fact.

To be continued...?

To be continued...?

ROUTE2 Bad_End...
<おつかれさん! 今度はノーコンティニューでクリアしてみてね!>

ROUTE2 Bad Ending...
Congratulations! Now aim for a no continue!