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The current banner of Trick Nostalgie
The previous banner.

Trick Nostalgie (トリック・ノスタルジー, Torikku Nosutarujī) is the name of JynX's doujin circle and the banner under which they release their work. It is a Japanese doujin game developer that specializes in shoot 'em up games and music. Its releases so far have been the Len'en Project games and arrangement albums related to the Touhou Project. Every game Trick Nostalgie has developed from its creation has been a shoot 'em up of some kind. It's unknown as to how and why JynX created the circle.


The name "Trick Nostalgie" does not have a clear meaning. "Nostalgie", an old spelling of "nostalgia", possibly references the PC-98 games of the Touhou Project as JynX is known to create remakes of them, where "trick" can reference the fact that JynX usually uploads video footage without releasing the actual games to the public, creating a type of fool. The middle dot () in the name is used in foreign names to show where the next word begins.


  • JynX — General Producer/Game Designer/Character Graphics/System Graphics/Background Graphics/Sound Effects/Script/Illustrator/Music

Just like ZUN, JynX appears to be the only member of Trick Nostalgie. In other words, JynX does the programming, art, and music entirely all alone. While this is true, Rei and Zelo are also listed as members of the circle.[1]

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Additional Information[edit]

  • Trick Nostalgie has occasionally been abbreviated as TriNos (トリノス, Tori no Su), as seen highlighted on the circle's logo at the start of many youtube videos, which is a pun on "Bird's Nest" (鳥の巣, Tori no Su).[2]


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