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The following material is hidden away from normal view to prevent spoilers.
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Tsubakura's Bad Ending

ツバクラ 「・・・・・っとまぁ、シミュレーションはこんなもんかな」

Tsubakura ".....So, well, that's how the simulation plays out."


The person clad in monochrome played out their next actions in their brain,
as they lounged around in the gap between dimensions.

ツバクラ 「とは言え、俺が何回も被弾するってのは過大評価しすぎかな?」

Tsubakura "But really, I got hit that many times? Isn't that kind of overestimating them?"

ツバクラ 「けどまぁこれぐらい頑張ってもらわないと、遊び甲斐がないからな

Tsubakura "Eh, but I should get them to put in at least that much effort. Else there's no point in playing around with 'em.
I should set my expectations high..."

ツバクラ 「そんじゃ、そろそろ行きますかね・・・・復讐にでも」

Tsubakura "Well, I guess it's about time to head out there... For my revenge."


As they stood up and said that, in an instant, their form became just like Tsubakura.

To be continued...?

To be continued...?

ROUTE2 Bad_End...
     ノーコンティニューを目指そう!  難しくっても頑張ってみてね! ごめん!![a]

ROUTE2 Bad Ending...
Aim for a no continue! I know it's tough, but please do your best! I'm sorry!!


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