Gloomy Straits

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Gloomy Straits
jɯᵝːã̠ŋ ka̠ikjo̞ː
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Location Somewhere in Mugenri, separating the Sanctuary and Devanagara

The Gloomy Straits (幽暗海峡, Yūan kaikyō) is a dark strait with gentle waves next to the Capital City. Regardless of being day or night, since it was gloomy the entire year, it was known as the Gloomy Straits. There, the light of the sky barely touches the land due to the influence of something like heavy fog or a mirage. It has a long embankment called the Fantasy Seawall. The Gloomy Sea Bridge is undergoing construction here to connect the capital with the mainland. It's the place of work of Fujiwara no Iyozane.

General Information[edit]

Fantasy Seawall[edit]

The Fantasy Seawall (夢幻堤防, Mugen teibō) is the long embankment built along the strait. Not much is known about this location.

Gloomy Sea Bridge[edit]

The Gloomy Sea Bridge (幽暗海橋, Yūan kaikyō) is a long bridge being built across the strait by Devanagara, near the capital end of the bridge is a small post town on top of the bridge, with mostly inns and shops. Suzumi's dialogue in their Brilliant Scenario implies that it's being built by Sukune Katano.

The Strait's Appearances[edit]

Pre-game Events

In the past, after Taira no Fumikado was betrayed and started losing their allies, they escaped to the Gloomy Straits. There, they met the boater Iyozane and the two become good friends, with Fumikado promising that once they became an emperor, Iyozane would be their chief advisor.

Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

Stages 3 and 4 of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle take place in the Gloomy Straits, specifically stage 3 at the Fantasy Seawall and stage 4 on the Gloomy Sea Bridge.

Additional Information[edit]

  • The Gloomy Straits and Gloomy Sea Bridge share the same Japanese pronunciation, "Yūan kaikyō".