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Yabusame's Bad Ending


At the Senri Shrine, although the sky had cleared, there was a person who still had a clouded heart.

ヤブサメ 「はぁ・・・、逃げ出せただけでも運が良かったかな・・・?」

Yabusame "Hah... I had to run away, but maybe I was lucky just to get away unharmed...?"

ツバクラ 「まったく、何という為体(ていたらく)だ・・・

Tsubakura "Good grief, now we're in quite the predicament...
You really are pitiful, running away so shamelessly."

ヤブサメ 「うるさいなー、ツバは何でも出来るから良いけど、僕は違うから逃げていいの!」

Yabusame "Shut up! You can do anything you want, Tsuba, but I can't! So it's fine if I run!"

ツバクラ 「ま、別に今回は勝手に解決してくれたからいいじゃないか

Tsubakura "Well, the incident ended up solving itself this time, so I guess it's fine.
How nice that those guys weren't actually evil."

ヤブサメ 「けど、あいつらが悪巧みを考え出したらと思うと、

Yabusame "But it's scary to think about what they could do if they did come up
with some evil plan. I mean, they have one of the imperial treasures, right?"

ツバクラ 「そん時は俺も頑張るよ」

Tsubakura "In that case, I'd just get to work."

ヤブサメ 「なら最初っからツバが行ってよ・・・」

Yabusame "Then go deal with them from the start...!"


Yabusame was somehow able to escape, but they were secretly amazed to have even managed that much in the face of an imperial treasure.


Was that really one of the three treasures, in the end?


If it was, would it really have been possible for them to escape without injury?


And that mysterious shape attached to the sword's hilt...
Could that have been...?


Yabusame looked up at the clear autumn sky,
as they thought over their many unanswered questions.


Maybe they should polish their skills a bit more before the clouds roll in again...


Yabusame affirmed their determination to themself.

To be continued...

To be continued...

ROUTE1 Bad_End...
     <次はノーコンティニューを目指してみよう! ファイト!>

ROUTE1 Bad Ending...
     <Let's try for a no-continue clear next time! Fight on!>