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This page lists other documentation in regards to Evanescent Existence.

Information[edit | edit source]

Various Translations[edit | edit source]

This section lists miscellaneous translations that do not fit anywhere on the wiki.

Freem! Description[edit | edit source]

「連縁 无現里(れんえん むげんり)」は性別不明な奴等がてんやわんやしてる



2018/06/02 Le01 ver1.20a ゲームレベル[Basic]と[Light]の追加、その他微調整
2017/10/14 Le01 ver1.10a 新バージョン公開
2017/10/19 Le01 ver1.11a 一部の不具合の修正や調整

"Len'en Mugenri ~ Evanescent Existence" is a bullet hell STG game
where folks of unclear gender go do this and that.

This is an updated, easier version of that, to be more precise!
The difficulty as a whole is adjusted, so newbies to the series will like it. (Maybe?)
Aside from that, there's a hidden playable character and story added, so veterans to the series will hate it. (I think?)

"Welcome to the entrance to the world of unreality....."

2018/06/02 Le01 ver1.20a Added "Basic" and "Light" Level; some minor adjustments
2017/10/14 Le01 ver1.10a New version released
2017/10/19 Le01 ver1.11a Bug fixes and adjustments

Stage Titles[edit | edit source]

There are six main stages and an extra stage in the full version of the game.

Stage 1 次元洞窟 ~D-Cavern Dimensional Cave ~D-Cavern~
Stage 2 時空の渦 ~Emancipation of Time Spacetime Whirlpool ~Emancipation of Time~
Stage 3 介入者と収穫者 ~Curious_encounter The One who Interferes and the One who Harvests ~Curious Encounter~
Stage 4 上下する存在 ~Air Master! Fluctuating Existence ~Air Master!~
Stage 5 陽を娩む塔餤らう塔 ~Creation and Destruction The Tower that Births the Sun, the Tower that Consumes the Sun ~Creation and Destruction~
Stage 6 影を放つ暘鳥 ~And the opponent dies The Bird of Sunrise that Casts a Shadow ~And the Opponent Dies~
Extra Stage 現では无い里 ~To the End of Time... The Land Outside Reality ~To the End of Time...~

Staff Roll[edit | edit source]

連縁无現里 ~ Evanescent Existence Len'en Mugenri ~ Evanescent Existence
Various Things: JynX
(Okay, so you take 5 pitchers and...)[a]
Special Thanks
(And now, two liters of your finest shōchū, please.)[b]
DX Library Copyright(C)2001-
Takumi Yamada
DX Library - All rights reserved
DX Library Copyright(C)2001-
Takumi Yamada
(Link dead)
and You...
Thank you for playing!

Unlock Screens[edit | edit source]

“燕楽 玄鳥”


On the character selection screen,
"Tsubakura Enraku"
can now be selected.

Please enjoy
another tip of the iceberg
of the story's complete picture.

國主 雀巳


Suzumi Kuzu
is now available for

The reverse shall be clarified...



The Extra Stage
is now accessible.

The unreality
continues just a
little bit further.


” 馬鹿げてる”



is now accessible.
"This is ridiculous!"

*Clearing this mode
will not unlock anything.

Differences Between Versions[edit | edit source]

Title screen differences


Trial Differences[edit | edit source]

The trial version had a number of differences compared to the final release (v1.01a). Most notably, the trial version shared the same file directory and data with the trial version of Earthen Miraculous Sword, getting seperated for the full release.

  • The difficulty in general was harder than the full release, needing more balancing. For example on Easy Mode, the enemies would shoot more direct bullets and at a alarming rate, something that normally only happens on higher difficulties.
  • Enemies on stage 3 appeared to drop more items.
  • The bullet grazeboxes are tinier.
  • There was only one 1-up available: a single score extend at 10 million. No pop-up "Extend" text appeared.
  • The deathbomb window was considerably shorter.
  • The text graphics on the title screen were different.
  • The spell-count for how many spells a boss has left was not present.
  • Bug: Kurohebi's spell background was lower, showing the dimensional cave behind.
  • A bug where there was very minor input lag.

v1.01 and v1.10 Differences[edit | edit source]

Apart from a secret playable character being implemented, there were also some significant changes to the game between the previous v1.01a and v1.10a.

  • The biggest difference is that danmaku and spell card patterns throughout the game have been re-worked on, and some are considered simpler compared to the original.
  • A flash bomb system was implemented into the game, upgrading it to the standard of the rest of the series.
  • In the main Japanese title, the complex-looking kanji "" in "Len'en" has been converted to the simpler-looking "" throughout most of the game. This is to update the standard kanji JynX is currently using with Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.
  • The graphics on the title screen and the gameboard have been re-worked on, one reason being the point mentioned above, along with a unique gameboard for the hidden playable.
  • The alternate full-screen mode from Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle has been added to the configuration program.
  • All text-related files are now open-source outside the dat.led file in accordance to Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, making it easier for one to customise them.
  • The player starts with three lives rather than two on lower difficulty modes.
  • The character selection screen has been re-arranged to scroll up and down rather than left and right, to fit the new third playable character.
  • Dialogue boxes now have a grey bar over the speaker's name.
  • Very trivial graphic fixes.

v1.10 and v1.20 Differences[edit | edit source]

  • A new selection screen has been implemented into the game, where the player can select Basic or Light mode. Basic mode has everything defaulted from before, whereas Light mode simplifies gameplay by giving the player maximum amount of lifes, doubled item drops, and starting the game with 2.50 power.
  • The shot sheet has been updated to that from Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.
  • Music from the Music Room will now still play when the game is hidden.

Unused Material[edit | edit source]

  • A lot of the data from the game's sequel, Earthen Miraculous Sword, is present in the game files, such as character portraits and sprites, as well as the graphics for their titles. Sound effects for the flash bomb are also present (although later used in v1.10a), as well as sound effects used in Sukune Katano's spell cards. This is due to both games being developed and released simultaneously.
    Le full power.png
  • There is a sprite of a yellow circle with an "S" in the centre (also present in Earthen Miraculous Sword). This would later be used in Reactivate Majestical Imperial as a full powerup item.
  • There are two unused enemies in the game: a black T-shaped enemy with a green eye in its center, and a grey-and-black enemy that resembles a snake with wings. JynX stated that both of these enemies were intended to be Tsurubami Senri's shikigami, but were cut from the game due to this not being obvious.[1] Both sprite sheets are also present in Earthen Miraculous Sword and Reactivate Majestical Imperial. One of them was later introduced in BOOK of the CAFE as the Ink Bird unit.
  • There was an unused player sprite of Tsubakura. The design appears different, which may be an early prototype. It was removed in v1.10a.
    An unused sprite of Tsubakura
  • There is a sheet named staff_roll_moji.png, which appears to be an earlier version of the staff roll. It is possible that a more standard scrolling credits sequence was intended, as opposed to the final version's more animated Touhou-esque sequence. JynX's name is erroneously spelled as "JINX". It was deleted in v1.10a.

Glitches[edit | edit source]

This is a list of known glitches, bugs or other unusual capabilities that aren't supposed to be part of the original gameplay.

  • When playing as Suzumi fighting against Tsurubami Senri as Tsubakura Enraku on stage 3, the spell card background will show Yabusame Houlen's silhouette instead of Tsubakura's.
  • In v1.10a, Tsurubami's final spell card "Non-existent Seal [Empty Being]" bugs out when playing as Tsubakura or Suzumi. When switching phases, Tsurubami will not shoot any bullets and stay still, taking an extremely long time to begin the next phase. This was working in earlier versions, but fixed on v1.20a.
  • Various sound effects, such as the menu select and cancel sounds, as well as player shooting sounds and enemy destruction sounds, are too quiet.
  • On Hard, Tsubakura's opening boss nonspell does not have knife bullets emit from the initially-fired bubble bullets, and their penultimate spell card Mysterious Card "Monochrome Storm" bugs out and does not fire the diamond-shaped bubble bullets in a consistent pattern.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This is likely a reference to Amakasu Barley Tenji's first spell card from Uwabami Breakers, Ritual "Anyway, You Take Two Pitchers, and..." (儀式「とりあえずピッチャー二つで」).
  2. Shō () is an old Japanese unit of measurement for liquids approximately equivalent to 1.8 liters.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Interview with JynX (2017): Development and Design Decisions, Question 102