Kaisen Azuma

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あずま 海仙かいせん
Kaisen Azuma
a̠zɯᵝma̠ ka̠isẽ̞ɴ
Kaisen Azuma
Character Titles
Three-legged Moon Seeker
Species Sacred Animal (Toad)
Abilities Gathering financial fortune
Occupation Shikigami
Location Dragonfly Castle
Music Themes
  • 酔狂の舞 ~ This drunkard! (BPoHC)

Kaisen Azuma (東 海仙 Azuma Kaisen) is a sacred toad and one of Garaiya Ogata's shikigami. They're the third stage boss of the haze route of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.

General Information[edit]


Kaisen is responsible and straightforward and thus, is often irritated at Kujiru's impulsiveness. They hold their master Garaiya in high regard and often picks fights with Kujiru, since both want to be favored by their master. Both shikigami have a fierce rivalry and are often seen insulting each other. Kaisen also has a complex that they are more underdeveloped compared to Kujiru.


Kaisen's overall power is considered significant due to their high strength and knowledge in Taoist arts. They also have a certain degree of clairvoyance, although its accuracy is rather low.[1]

Gathering financial fortune

Kaisen is able to bless those who are lucky, with fortune and happiness, upon other things, which may be a manifestation of this ability.[1]

Changing forms

As a shikigami, they also have the ability to change into a human form. Their true form is seen in Garaiya's character art, where they are seen to be a toad riding on their master's head.

Background Information[edit]


Kaisen is largely based on the Japanese interpretation of the Chinese mythological creature Jin Chan (金蟾), lit. golden toad, which is known in Japan as Seia-jin or Chinwa-jin (青蛙神), lit. green frog god. It has three legs, two front legs and one hind leg, which is positioned like a tadpole's tail at the back of the toad. Jin Chan was said to be able to spew treasure from its mouth and that if it shows up in front of your house, the family will receive financial fortune and happiness, which is referenced in Kaisen's ability.

Kaisen also has their origins with the Chinese Daoist and legendary immortal Liu Haichan, whose first name translates to sea toad, and is considered an embodiment of the Chinese God of Wealth, particularly in charge of financial fortune. In a particular Chinese legend, one of Liu's relative was a corrupt official who had been reincarnated into a malevolent three-legged toad and cast into a "sea of filth" after his death. Liu then tamed the toad which became Jin Chan, and it was henceforth the immortal's companion. Kaisen's relationship with Garaiya may be a reference to this myth.

Liu Haichan further inspired Gama-sennin (蝦蟇仙人, Lit. "Toad Daoist Immortal"), a similar Daoist immortal who is said to command Jin Chan. He appears in the legends surrounding Taira no Yoshikado (平 良門), who, while not known to have actually existed, is said to have been Taira no Masakado's secret eldest son who was entrusted to his sister Nyozou-ni (如蔵尼) to be raised in secret. After he grew up and learnt of his origins, he is said to have learnt "toad magic" from Gama-sennin, and set out to avenge his father.

In the 17th century yomihon novel series "The Tale of Utou Yasutaka's Loyalty" (善知安方忠義伝) by Santō Kyōden, the teacher figure is instead a 3000-year old toad spirit named Nikushi-sen (肉芝仙) who lived on Mount Tsukuba (筑波山) and taught toad magic to Yoshikado's sister as well, later possessing her to transform her into Takiyasha-hime (滝夜叉姫), whom Taira no Chouki is based on. This would explain Kaisen's presence on Chouki's side of the war in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, as well as their spell cards that reference Mt. Tsukuba.

A possibly-related legend also depicts a three-legged toad living on the moon, whether this toad is Jin Chan is unclear, as some other legends also have the toad as a transformation of Chang'e after she flew to the moon. This might be what Kaisen's title, "Three-legged Moon Seeker", is a reference to.


Their full name is Kaisen Azuma (東 海仙). "Azuma" is a common family name, used in Western Japan and the Ryukyu Islands, meaning East. While the characters for "Kaisen" mean ocean and a sage or an enlightened person respectively.


Kaisen has short brown hair and brown eyes. They dress in grey and brown clothing with tadpole ornaments and a hat composed of numerous tadpoles. Truth be told, Kaisen has a prosthetic foot, which they try to conceal with a pair of long grey boots. In their animal form, Kaisen is a white toad as big as Garaiya's head and has five tails.


Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

While Taira no Chouki was training under the tutelage of Garaiya, the Dragonfly Castle appeared before Chouki, which Garaiya took as an omen acknowledging them as the New Emperor. The idealistic Garaiya wanted for the emperor to be a “hero figure” to Mugenri, but unknown to them, Chouki actually had no interest in ruling. Knowing that Fumikado will eventually come to the castle and fight for the emperor’s title, Chouki waited for them inside the castle, with the intention to kill and have revenge on Fumikado.

Meanwhile, Garaiya sends Kujiru and Kaisen to recruit followers to their cause and monitor the Senri Shrine and its new employees. However, the reckless and overconfident Kujiru went on their own, separating them. After Kujiru and Kaisen are defeated by the heroes, they go back to Garaiya and tell them what happened. Garaiya and their shikigami (back in animal form) fight against the heroes in order to prevent them from reaching Chouki and the Dragonfly Castle, but is defeated easily, since Garaiya was weakened due to using most of their power to enhance Kujiru and Kaisen.


Kujiru Kesa

Kujiru is Kaisen's subordinate. However, they seem to have little respect for them and disobeys them, because Garaiya favors Kujiru rather than Kaisen. Because of this, Kaisen is jealous of them and both are always seen bickering or insulting each other, much to Garaiya's chagrin.

Garaiya Ogata

Kaisen is one of Garaiya's shikigami. The toad holds them in high respect and often picks fights with Kujiru in order to get their master's approval.

Taira no Chouki

Despite the Dragonfly Castle's revelation to Chouki, Kaisen does not trust them and thinks that Garaiya was wrong for siding with them.[2]

Additional Information[edit]

  • Kaisen, along with Kujiru, lacks a common phrase in their theme that most people associated with the Youkai Alliance have, this is because they were bound by their shikigami contacts to Garaiya, and did not join on their own accord.[3]


Spell Cards[edit]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 7
奇術「蝦蟇雨あられ」 Strange Art "Toad Downpour" BPoHC St. 3: E/N
蛙術「月に有るカエル」 Frog Art "The Frog on the Moon" BPoHC St. 3: H/U
跳薬「筑波の蝦蟇油」 Leaping Medicine "Tsukuba Toad Oil"[a] BPoHC St. 3: E/N
酔踊「ぴょんぴょん酔狂道化」 Drunken Dance "Eccentric Boing Boing Antics" BPoHC St. 3: H/U
「シロクのガマ」 "Shiroku Toad"[b] BPoHC St. 3: E/N
霊獣「青蛙神の欲」 Spirit Beast "Desire of Qīng Wā Shén"[c] BPoHC St. 3: H/U
筑波のガマ油 Tsukuba Toad Oil[a] BPoHC Upgrade


  1. 1.0 1.1 A local cure-all from Mount Tsukuba.
  2. A rare toad said to live around Mount Tsukuba, named for its four (, shi) and six (, roku) toes.
  3. Qīng Wā Shén (lit. "The Frog God") is in reference to a Chinese short story by Pu Songling.

Official Profiles[edit]


東 海仙
Azuma Kaisen





Three-legged Moon Seeker

Kaisen Azuma
Sacred animal (toad)
Something like gathering financial fortune

A shikigami serving the same master as Kujiru.
They've had their shiki activated in preparation for battle,
and have thus taken on a humanoid form.

Since it took longer for them to activate than Kujiru,
they're still not in top form and are lagging behind a little.
Their own toad shikigami are still in tadpole form
and are basically of no use at all,
just sitting on top of Kaisen's head.

Judging by individual power, they're stronger than Kujiru,
but because Kujiru has a wider variety of more convenient
abilities, they're jealous of how everyone fawns over Kujiru.

One of their legs is actually a prosthetic,
which they try to conceal by wearing weird boots.

Official Sources[edit]

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