Kaisen Azuma

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(あずま) 海仙 (かいせん)
Kaisen Azuma
a̠zɯᵝma̠ ka̠isẽ̞ɴ
Kaisen Azuma
Three-legged Moon Seeker
More Character Titles
Species Sacred animal (toad)
Abilities To gather financial fortune
Occupation Shikigami
Location Dragonfly Castle
Music Themes
  • 酔狂の舞 ~ This drunkard! (BPoHC)
Official Games
  • Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle
    • Stage 3 Haze Boss
    • Possible Stage 4+ Midboss
    • Stage 4 Haze Supporting Boss
  • Kaisen Azuma (東 海仙 Azuma Kaisen) is a frog shikigami and one of Garaiya Ogata's pets. They're the stage 3 boss of the haze route of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.

    General Information[edit]


    Kaisen is responsible and straightforward and thus, is often irritated at Kujiru's impulsiveness. They hold their master Garaiya in high regard and often picks fights with Kujiru, since both want to be favored by their master. Both shikigami have a fierce rivalry and are often seen insulting each other. Kaisen also has a complex that they are more underdeveloped compared to Kujiru.


    To collect good fortune
    To change forms

    They also have the ability to change form, as seen in Garaiya's character art. They are seen riding on their head.

    Background Information[edit]


    Their full name is Kaisen Azuma (東 海仙). "Azuma" is a common family name, used in Western Japan and the Ryukyu Islands, meaning East. While the characters for "Kaisen" mean ocean and a sage or an enlightened person respectively.


    Kaisen has short brown hair and brown eyes. They dress in grey and brown clothing with tadpole ornaments and a hat composed of numerous tadpoles. Truth be told, Kaisen has a prosthetic foot, which they try to conceal with a pair of long grey boots. In their animal form, Kaisen is a white frog as big as Garaiya's head and has five tails.


    Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

    While Taira no Chouki was training under the tutelage of Garaiya, the Dragonfly Castle appeared before Chouki, which Garaiya took as an omen acknowledging them as the New Emperor. The idealistic Garaiya wanted for the emperor to be a “hero figure” to Mugenri, but unknown to them, Chouki actually had no interest in ruling. Knowing that Fumikado will eventually come to the castle and fight for the emperor’s title, Chouki waited for them inside the castle, with the intention to kill and have revenge on Fumikado.

    Meanwhile, Garaiya sends Kujiru and Kaisen to recruit followers to their cause and monitor the Senri Shrine and its new employees. However, the reckless and overconfident Kujiru went on their own, separating them. After Kujiru and Kaisen are defeated by the heroes, they go back to Garaiya and tell them what happened. Garaiya and their pets (back into animal form) fight against the heroes in order to prevent them from reaching Chouki and the Dragonfly Castle, but is defeated easily, since Garaiya was weakened due to using most of their power to enhance Kujiru and Kaisen.


    Kujiru Kesa

    Kujiru is Kaisen's subordinate. However, they seem to have little respect for them and disobeys them, because Garaiya favors Kujiru rather than Kaisen. Because of this, Kaisen is jealous of them and both are always seen bickering or insulting each other, much to Garaiya's chagrin.

    Garaiya Ogata

    Kaisen is one of Garaiya's pets. The frog holds them in high respect and often picks fights with Kujiru in order to get their master's approval.

    Spell Cards[edit]

    Additional Information[edit]

    • Kaisen appears to be based largely on Jin Chan in Chinese mythology.


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