Shitodo House

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Shitodo House
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Creator Kuroji, Hooaka & Aoji Shitodo (Original building)
Location A forest clearing near the Human Village
  • Earthen Miraculous Sword (Prologue)
  • Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle (Neutral Ending)
  • The Shitodo House is a log cabin located in a clearing within a forest a slight walk away from the Human Village, separate from the Unlost Woods.[1] This is the home of Kuroji Shitodo and their younger siblings Aoji Shitodo and Hooaka Shitodo.

    Shitodo House's Appearances[edit | edit source]

    Earthen Miraculous Sword

    Having just arrived in Mugenri with no means of income, the Shitodo siblings settled at the clearing, building a crude log cabin with lumber gathered from the woods. It was crudely made and seemed like it was ready to fall apart at any minute, with even the table and chairs being logs cut in half.

    The house was the main setting for Kuroji's prologue, where Aoji and Hooaka had been lazing the day away. Kuroji returns with an idea on how to make some money - to build a schoolhouse in the Human Village and teach the children there. Kuroji decided that they needed to improve their reputation in order to secure the villagers' trust, so the three agree to set out and resolve the incident of the gathering clouds, which had gotten the villagers quite worried.

    Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

    Having gathered more than enough money to build a schoolhouse in the Human Village[2], Kuroji invested some of their surplus money into building a better log cabin made of logs and plaster, which was completed several days before the events of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.[3] The Shitodo now own some pottery made by Sukune Katano, which Aoji bought.

    The house was the setting for the Scoundrel Team's Neutral Ending, where the siblings return to after a fruitless day of wandering Mugenri in search of treasure.

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